Friday, October 17, 2014

My Wishes

I am just an ordinary person before and now that I am married. I told myself that someday I could marry a man who will probably fulfill my dreams in life. Just like an ordinary girl wishes to walk in an isle going to church altar yet in my case it didn't happened and not longing for it anymore.                  Now that I have a daughter my priorities change and more wishes than usual. I never lose a hope that someday I can have my own house that I can call mine. I don't care if either I will build here in USA or in the Philippines as long as my very own. Aside from good health wishes and successful lives of my family, I really do hope that God will standby our side all the time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guitar Lesson

It's been two weeks that my daughter play or doing her guitar lessons. We're so glad that God give us a smart and talented girl. Our house is almost full of musical instruments nowadays. Every week my hubby visited pro tools 11 in store during his off days. I don't have any complained about their musical finances but yet sometimes I feel terrified because I'm not into music. Anyway, from the very beginning until the end I will support them and that's what family is all about.


Just wanna share to my friends that someday somehow before I retire I'm hoping that I can own a small pastry shop in my hometown in Philippines. I'm not losing hope and crossing my fingers that all my wishes will do come true.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moving On

Since we've back from our long vacation our family decided that my daughter will move on to music as her extra curricular activities. Right now we cannot forced her to sing, dance or anything as long as she will try different areas and learn how to play musical instruments. Good thing is that          musciansfriend there to help for our best decision. I'm so glad with our daughter she's really a talented person. Whatever she wants in her life rest assured that we parents are just around the corner to help and support her.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Oh yes, I'm officially back in my pages through now and then. I was gone for quiet sometime and visit my family for months since I didn't see them for almost 6 years to summed up. Aside from that I am mourning with the death of my beloved father and I just move up and accept what happened. I miss all updates here since I don't have time doing it while out of the country . The most important is I am here now and back to where I miss the most doing online.