Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer is Here

I feel the heat and humid breeze during daytime. As of today I have a headache and my daughter suffer low grade fever. We are both anxious on why were sick is it because of the weather or allergies are just around the corner. I love to see my kids playing outside so we are going to build  playsets in woodbridge va so that they will get exercise and enjoy at the same time. Playing inside the house all the time is quiet boring for them. I know they will all enjoy and looking forward it will happen really soon. Happy Summer Everyone!


It's almost there! Yes, finally I'm going to visit my hometown soon as early as first week of July. Of course I am so excited and I don't know it's kinda mixed of emotions deep inside. One thing for sure I'm going to see my mama and the whole family real soon. Can't wait to hug and smile at them personally. Goodluck and God bless to our coming trip. 

Vacation Soon!