Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Perfect Presents

Now is the time to repay my mom's hardship, I didn't say I can repay everything but atleast some of it through giving her precious bracelet at the boutique. The love of my mother is nothing compare to anybody out there. Now that I am a mother, I feel the pain and sufferings that mothers do to their children. I may not be a perfect daughter but rest assured that I did my best all the time. I hope my mom will like my gift for her smile is enough to brighten my day. Good night everyone.

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Wishes

I am just an ordinary person before and now that I am married. I told myself that someday I could marry a man who will probably fulfill my dreams in life. Just like an ordinary girl wishes to walk in an isle going to church altar yet in my case it didn't happened and not longing for it anymore.                  Now that I have a daughter my priorities change and more wishes than usual. I never lose a hope that someday I can have my own house that I can call mine. I don't care if either I will build here in USA or in the Philippines as long as my very own. Aside from good health wishes and successful lives of my family, I really do hope that God will standby our side all the time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guitar Lesson

It's been two weeks that my daughter play or doing her guitar lessons. We're so glad that God give us a smart and talented girl. Our house is almost full of musical instruments nowadays. Every week my hubby visited pro tools 11 in store during his off days. I don't have any complained about their musical finances but yet sometimes I feel terrified because I'm not into music. Anyway, from the very beginning until the end I will support them and that's what family is all about.


Just wanna share to my friends that someday somehow before I retire I'm hoping that I can own a small pastry shop in my hometown in Philippines. I'm not losing hope and crossing my fingers that all my wishes will do come true.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moving On

Since we've back from our long vacation our family decided that my daughter will move on to music as her extra curricular activities. Right now we cannot forced her to sing, dance or anything as long as she will try different areas and learn how to play musical instruments. Good thing is that          musciansfriend there to help for our best decision. I'm so glad with our daughter she's really a talented person. Whatever she wants in her life rest assured that we parents are just around the corner to help and support her.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Oh yes, I'm officially back in my pages through now and then. I was gone for quiet sometime and visit my family for months since I didn't see them for almost 6 years to summed up. Aside from that I am mourning with the death of my beloved father and I just move up and accept what happened. I miss all updates here since I don't have time doing it while out of the country . The most important is I am here now and back to where I miss the most doing online.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer is Here

I feel the heat and humid breeze during daytime. As of today I have a headache and my daughter suffer low grade fever. We are both anxious on why were sick is it because of the weather or allergies are just around the corner. I love to see my kids playing outside so we are going to build  playsets in woodbridge va so that they will get exercise and enjoy at the same time. Playing inside the house all the time is quiet boring for them. I know they will all enjoy and looking forward it will happen really soon. Happy Summer Everyone!


It's almost there! Yes, finally I'm going to visit my hometown soon as early as first week of July. Of course I am so excited and I don't know it's kinda mixed of emotions deep inside. One thing for sure I'm going to see my mama and the whole family real soon. Can't wait to hug and smile at them personally. Goodluck and God bless to our coming trip. 

Vacation Soon!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Moving On!

 MY DEAR BELOVED PAPA!You will be remembered forever my dear beloved papa...Go ahead and don't worry your children because we are all grown-up and all it's because of you. Honestly, until now I couldn't believed it that I cannot see you no more. The pain I have inside is incomparable and I know it will heal slowly at the right time. You are more closer to God now papa and I beg you to help us pray to Jesus that He will protect us wherever we go, always in good health and in good shape. I love you so much papa, 'til we meet again in God's time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keep Insured

Sometimes I think of quitting in paying our insurance every month. I know it doesn't make sense since it's for our own good especially for our one and only daughter. I believed in the saying it's better be practical and wise nowadays for we don't know what tomorrow may bring. Thanks to don allred insurance burlington nc for always there and feel us more secure everyday. My hubby told me that this coming June we are going to buy another insurance for myself this time. No more second taught and this would be final. I don't see any problem anyway, so I go for it though another payment every month. Have a nice evening!

Full of Colors, Full of Life

I pick up my daughter from our friends house and suddenly struck this beautiful flowers in the garden. Can't resist but take photos not just one but three. So cute right?Or shall I say it's pretty indeed.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


In a coming year I will definitely convince my hubby to change a different firm to handle our taxes. It's been five we trust our previous agent but suddenly I feel something not good anymore. Good thing our friend from work recommend charlotte accounting firms to go next. Well, it was known for many already so I think we will do it next time around and hoping to get some good results. I know it's hard to trust somebody but so far our friend assured us their eligibility so we will try.

Special Day For Mom's

God bless us all mother's across the globe. May the Lord will strengthen our mind and spirit to live our life to the fullest as we enjoy our life being a mother. Today and for the coming years ahead God bless us all!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Allergy

It's my first time since we moved here in Austin. I'm suffering cough and colds two weeks ago and then healed and after a week there you go again. As for now I have allergy, I have a nonstop sneezing and stuffy nose. It is very annoying yet I don't have nothing else to do than just try to take some vitamins and natural remedies. It comes on circles now in the family, the three of us are suffering the same. Well, I think we'll just wait until it will go out in our house. So sad and annoying sometimes. Hope we will get better soon. 
A  L   L   E   R   G  Y

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So Excited!

I'll be home soon my beloved father to care and give you hugs all throughout my vacation days in Philippines. I know that it would going to be dramatic in our family with regards on your condition. Whatever it may be, everything will be okay with the love of our Lord. We love you so much!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Dad!

So happy today, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant at the mall. Right after the dinner me and my daughter go to accessory section. I remember my dad loves to collect watches. Finally, I saw it and just like my dad I also like to have it and as soon as possible I will buy it for my father. I miss him so bad, if only I have plenty amount of money I can give him everything he needs for treatment. God knows how much I love him. Just wishing all the best and more years to live.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Early morning today before heading to work me and my daughter had a little bond at the tennis court. She loves to play tennis while I'm just there as her opponent though I don't know how to play it nicely. Yet, the most important is she likes it and I am there whenever she needs me. It's priceless a s a mom thyou give what your daughter wishes for in a simple day. I thank God for the gift of life today and for the coming days ahead. Happy Sunday night everyone.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Support All The Way

My husband has a great news this afternoon. I don't recall if he told me about this couple of months ago. Well, they're you go we are going to join a religious conference in Corpus Christi sometime in June of this year. Since they will play their instruments he has to have a new strings to sound even better as compare the old buddy he had. It's just right and he deserves anything he feel to have as a reward of his own hardwork.  Lots of things to look forward this year and one of it is our grand vacation this coming July in Philippines.God is so good all the time.

Still Cold

I taught last week is the start of warm weather here in Austin but I was wrong. Honestly, I'm not used of cold weather anymore and tired of it for seven years in New Jersey. Looking forward for coming weeks ahead. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

She Wants More

My daughter started her taekwondo since when she was 4 years old in New Jersey and until now that she is 7th. She doesn't have plans to quit or anything but instead to add one activity. Even before I told myself that I wanted my daughter to follow his dad's footsteps as a pianist. She likes it as well and finally we decided that she will enroll a piano lesson sometime in August of this year. Aside of the lesson we are going to purchase another keyboard just for my daughter. Actually, we have keyboard at home yet my hubby wants something new for her one and only child. Looking forward to become a stage mom of my baby girl during piano recitals. Goodluck and Godbless everyone.

So Happy

So happy excited for our incoming vacation trip in Philippines this coming summer. Lots of reasons why I have to be happy. First and foremost I can see my ill father whom I didn't see for almost five years already. I'm just opening my possibilities that maybe this would be my last time seeing him alive with regards of his health conditions. I promise myself to enjoy and be with him to the fullest. I love my father very much and he is the reason why I'm alive and graduated in college. Just hoping that we sill have lots of time to bond with each other. God is good all the time and I entrust Him everything. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Got It

Now I know on why is that people in USA doesn't like to have more children. Aside from raising a child is very expensive especially if you have great plans on her future. Just like exactly my daughter she told me a lot of stuff on what she wanna be in the near future. Same like his dad she also likes to try any musical instruments especially wind instruments.  think everytime she saw somebody performing she's also eager to try for her own. Last time when we watch a concert she keeps on staring this stuff that has been used by one of her schoolmates. She is also interested to learn this new thing for he life. Well if there is enough money for another extra activity then why not as long as she keeps on prioritizing her academics in school. 

I Feel The Heat!

This was the temperature few days ago...I think I feel the heat of summer already. I'm looking forward for summer but not the super hot atleast. Hoping that it will just as mild as last year.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Lifetime Commitment

My friend will soon tie a knot to his long time boyfriend. I know it's going to be amazing but believe me it's not easy especially with all the plannings and preparations. One thing I am very interested to be part with is the reception area. I think I am awesome in this area because I love to be busy under this challenging roles. Finally, we come up to get the best wedding dj in north carolina. I heard them among my fellow friends and so far I hear lots of good things from them. Wedding is a celebration of love and marriage to a very special person so be it a give a blast to the celebration.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Figure Skating

Me and my daughter enjoyed a lot watching on television the Olympics Figure Skating held in Russia. We too wowed the performance of a fifteen years old Russian. She's the best and even got in 1st place. Congratulations to all contenders especially our very own USA figure skater AshleyWagner. You did a great job and God bless you.  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Moves

Here we come again I remember eight years ago when my promise ring lost in my friends house. Come to think of it I just realized when months passed by already, so rediculous but theres nothing more I can do. Since tomorrow is the first day of love month I tried to recall with my hubby on what I like to have is just the same I told him before. None other than the promise rings for her and hopefully I could get it as soon as possible before this year will ends. Well if not I will understand still since I know what's our priorities as of now. Just crossing my fingers hope all or some of my wishes come true.

Love Month

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of love month. Actually, for me everyday is love month whether it falls on february or any month of the year. The most important thing is that love is always present in between for lovers, friends, family and special partners. Love, love, love 'till the end...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Life

Today as I visiting some  social sites I landed on my long lost friends page. I'm surprise on how she managed to face her difficult trials inspite of what happened last years typhoon. Their house was totally vanished and they slowly recover now by building another house in different place. I wanted to help yet as of now I don't have enough as well but atleast I can find a sewage pump for her to be used. She is looking a pump since last week that hoping not to rent but just to borrow. We'll with that small favor I can be a good instrument among others that it doesn't matter how big or small as long it comes from the heart.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Hope

End of 2013 wasn't great with my mily in Philippines. Almost a month up to now my father is still in the hospital and recently his legs got amputated. Trials may come and go but the most important is my family is intact to solve the problem together. I just hope for the best of everything that God is going to bestowed in my family.