Thursday, December 26, 2013

His Wishlist

This season is not merrier for my family here and abroad. We are in the midst of crisis but so far still surviving. I'm so happy that from what we went through my hubby understands the present situation that one thing in his wishlist is not possible this season to have a nice guitar. I know how he wanted to have it but yet I promised him maybe this coming IRS returns sometime in February or earlier than that. I'm not against of anything as long as we are in the right track in budgeting our daily needs. Hoping we will get better soon with our crisis right now and I'm just crossingmy fingers.

So Sad

Hello everyone, I know it's Christmas but so sorry to tell that I am not as active to share some poecause of my father's situation. Few days ago my brother texted me that they to bring my father in the hospital and few days after they have to transfer another hospital and now and then my father wa ICU last night. How fast it was right, honestly I'm so scared if what if something happened to him. The most important thing is that we need big amount of money for all laboratories, series of test and medicine. Being sick in Philippines is not a joke because if you don't have money they will not treat you at all unlike here in USA. Please my dear friends please help me to pray for my fathers recovery and hopefully we can sustained his needs in the hospital. In my case all my savings has nothing left anymore right now I don't know what to do. I just trust the Lord for everything that somehow there will be magic.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Banner

Feels like yesterday when we celebrate my daughter's seventh birthday and few months from now she will become 8th years old. Time flies so fast just like a blink of our naked eye. We are planning to order a small banner for her birthday and order at printing services nyc . I saw their birthday banner samples already and I like it just the way it used to be. Printing service business is great way to start with a smaller capital yet promising at the very beginning. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


Finally this coming Saturday my fellow friends decided to pursue our gathering at my friends house. Thanks God it's going to ba a nice weather this weekend. It's not too much cold I hope the predict weather temperature will stay as is. I'm a bit excited as well since we have our own secret santa giving , foods, games and some treats for kids to enjoy. Looking forward for the said affair and hope eveything will just be fine.