Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Thoughts

Guess who is exceptional happy today apparently not me but my hubby is. While I'm busy doing my routine job in the hotel my hubby called me at the phone and saying that he got an exceptional guitar. Well, I'm not surprised at all since it's not in my line but for him it make his day fully wonderful. He just want to tell me that he spend a little bit for his guitar and most especially it's important since it made him happy.


My baby when she was one year old and that was six years ago...

Monday, October 28, 2013


My daughter is vey excited for their upcoming science fair project investigatory this coming winter break. Though we still have to count months and weeks yet she is vey ready about the project she is going to make. Now she slowly collect some tools that must be needed as well as  toggle to be used in the project since we don't have it. Anyway I agree with her better prepare the materials now than later so that we can come up a nice result. Goodluck to us and right now we are thing much wiser on what would it be.

Too Relax

Last Saturday afternoon my daughter compete in taekwondo tournament held in Hutto, TX. She won second in sparring and third in form. My husband was a little bit dismayed with the result and I understnd on him as well maybe because we expect much on that tournament but anyway atleast we got home a trophy and it wasn't bad at all I guess. All I know is that my daughter did her very best and that's the most important part of the game. Congrat's to my baby girl and more luck next time and be prepared.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Safety First

Today as I inspect one of my assigned rooms it's has a funny smell that I never enountered everyday. Of course I bring our machine to absorb the bad odor but unluckily after three hours of that deodorizer the odor was still present so my boss ordered me to use the defogger for ten minutes atleast and I enjoy a lot wearing my 3m dust mask while observing the defogger. It's fun doing it and tense at the same time because of the noise it created. Hopefully tomorrow and for the next few days the room will be back in normal status. We have to sell all the rooms because we are sold out until this coming December.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


It's been almost three weeks I started couponing and yeah it saves a lot. One thing I like with thia couponing is I can share it with my family and friends in Philippines through sending them in the huge boxes sooner or later. Looking for more savings from now and forward. Hopefully God will grant my wishes that someday my dreams and wishes do come true. Crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I remember the first time I came here in US when I feel like shy and kinda don't belong at all. Apparently, I'm wrong with the feeling I had because I am a legal immigrant but normally it's just nothing when I realized how huge undocumented people roaming around. Eventually , I do understand them and of course there's advantage and disadvantages later of their stay that is why had to consult abogados de inmigracion to fix everything that later on they will live here freely. I can't imagine at all on how they managed their situation but one thing I know is they do it for there family waiting from home. I can say that living in this world is not easy anymore as to compare many decades ago. All we have to do now is manage our lives wisely and help our family to grow healthy.