Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Proud!

Congratulation's to my awesome daughter. I cannot think of a unique word that I can perfectly described for her. She is the best of everything for us. I always thank our God for giving this wonderful gifted child as talented as her dad. Hoping that He will protect and bless my daughter always.

Monday, March 11, 2013

For Sale

I have a long and awesome conversation with my aunt yesterday evening. Finally, after almost thirty years of  living to survive as a nurse in profession she's tired and want to retire. For that she decided to enhance her house. First she have to do some replacement windows in virginia beach so that sooner she can place for sale. At her age she doesn't like to do a lot of responsibilities anymore than to enjoy the remaining years of her life. I strongly agree with her for that. How I wish we live closer each other so that aleast I can assist her in remodeling or shall I say enhancing her beautiful house.


Oh yeah, I'm definitely talking about my hubby who is the big spoiler of our baby girl. Way back when she's little it's kinda cute begging a lot of stuff from her dad to buy at the store. Now that she's six years old, I can say that we have to change a little bit because she used to have what she wants and sometimes not listening at all with what I say. Though she easily understand when I am only around with her but when the dad is there tantrums will takes place.
My Life + My Everything = My Daughter
Goodnight everyone and be safe all the time!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Moving

People in different continent doesn't stop dreaming for an American dream. I understand that why they think of it. Even us before We don't stop hoping that someday we will be here and there you go here we are. Last month my hubby's cousin just came by and they are going to settle down in  Holden Beach NC real estate. Hopefully, they can adjust right away in terms of weather and environment. I don't know when can I get my own dream house. It's never too late I guess as long as I dream to have one someday with all of our hardworks. Life is great!


Just like my ordinary days after my work I never forget an hour to set back and relax for my favorite teleseries in Philippines. Today I feel a whole lot of fun and giggles while watching the movie. I remember when I was young during high school that full of fun and excitement in every activities. I want my daughter feel the same excitement as I do. How I wish my daughter can experience atleast one year education in my hometown. Of course if my baby will stay there for one year I myself would be the luckiest mom and chaperone wherever she may go. That's what I wish since then that I can have a long vacation in my hometown. I don't really know when would it be, just crossing my fingers who knows if God permits.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Second One

It's amazing that we able to buy a very affordable and the lightest loudbox as the second loudbox we had at home. Looks like someday our house will become a music store. Who knows my hubby will pursue his another career of being a music teacher. As long as it will never affect any schedule we have now I don't think it's a problem. Every paycheck my husband see to it that he saves a little bit for future use of musical instruments that we can grab by sale time.

Sweet Daughter

This six year old lovely girl is my life and inspiration. She always lift me up whenever I have problems. I don't need anything much as long as I have my daughter beside me. Everytime I come home from work she really takes an effort to pick me up at the bus stop. Same with me she wants me to be around her as much as I can. I know what she feels being alone in the living room while her daddy is sleeping for night's duty. Well, that's what it is and just embrace it with open arms.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love It

It's been almost a year that I love to shop instruments together with my partner. The feeling is priceless by the time the item is handed over to me. I find it as an investment in our family collecting music instruments. Aside being musically inclined and I know someday something will return. Buying an audio is what I did last week during my days off. Now  realized how important music must have in our lives. It creates fulfilment as I take my life one step at a time. I appreciate all the good things happened to me and for the coming blessings.

My Off Today

I'm glad that finally my boss felt what I wanted to have for days off. So relax today that nothing to worry much except my dental appointment later of the day. I know sooner or later the dentist will really encourage me to to take out my wisdom tooth as soon as I wish. Well I'm kinda scared of course because of the surgery that will takes place. I just hope for the best and if I do agree, I have it taken off this spring break so that I can mingle my baby girl as well or maybe another week after sem break maybe. I will just take my time and I know God will guide through all the way.