Monday, January 28, 2013

Belt Testing

One week more and my little taekwondo girl is going to test for another belt. I know she could do it more than she do. My daughter is very sporty just like her dad. Hopefully one day I could see her in one of the prestigious tournment in the country and even dreaming for the olympics. It's free to dream anyway and who knows one day. Good luck to my unica hija and may God grant her wishes to be true.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something New

Holidays are fun to celebrate especially when special people are there to hang on. I'm looking forward for the next holiday season. I still have ten months to think and be unique. I want something new especially in gift giving. This coming holiday me and my hubby are going to give custom ceramic mugs to our close friends and relatives. Hopefully it will turn out a great memories for holidays. So excited already for the pictorial. Have a nice evening everyone.

Little Fundraiser

At the age of six my daughter is actively participating in her school fundraising project. Everytime her teacher give us some leaflets to read she always wants us to sign-up to join. She's very responsible at her young age though we parents are the once to pay for everything of course. This morning her dad warn us that next time we will not get the chocolate box because it's too much already and a bit expensive knowing that we don't have any relatives around. No choice but to embrace it as our own consumption. Lessons learn, next time we can join but not this chocolate box at all.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Little Fashionista

Looking at my daughter's appearance makes my day complete. Yes, of course I am her designer, manager and mother at the same time. Regardless of my own style is my least priority. All I want is my one and only daughter to be look sassy and cute all the time. I can say that she grows faster now than ever when she ask us to buy a Stacy Adams Fedora Hats that fitted on her new outfit. I couldn't believed it though that she's a little fashinista nowadays. Well, as a parent I am just right beside her supporting what she wants best for her life.

Monday, January 21, 2013

So Cool!

Back when I was young I love dancing and even now. Sometimes there are moments that I really love to dance whatever the beat was. Now, I am glad that my daughter slowly absorb my talents as well. Just thie evening I tried to record her dancing skills through dancing the Gangnam Style which is now very famous in the whole world. I can say that my only child is far better a great dancer that her mother. She moves nice and cool. She has her own taste like the swag move which I don't have ever since. Hopefully she could develop it more until we can finally say that dancing runs in her blood. Goodnight.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Great Quality

It's been a great for my family last year. I thank God for all the blessings that has bestowed by us. I couldn't believed that her in my new place I was able to buy what I want. It means that I saved more compare a year ago. It sounds great and we have a great choice in settling down this place. Last week before my daughter returns to school we are shopping for a new bag. I want something new and best in quality. Lucky enough I found backpacks that perfect and very sturdy in terms of quality at it's best. By next year before we will go to vacation in my hometown, I will surely buy some for my nephews in Philippines and neices as well. I always thank God for the blessings and I also share what I have to others also.