Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Keep Well All The Time

Few days ago I made mention to my hubby about my plan to purchased some vitamins and supplements to keep my body well. At first I am so eager to do it yet later on, my mind change and leading to not order at all. I don't know maybe because nobody used among my friends or simply not convinced at all. Until they're you go hubby wants something for himself to try pure amygdalin to keep his body well. We'll there's no second taught thanbuy it and enjoy the benefits of having it. We'll see after couple of months if it really works for him and successful I'll rather follow his advice.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

But Cry

Right now my countrymen in Philippines are suffering too much pain from the strong typhoon. This is the first time I heard that hundred thousands of people dead and millions of family become homeless. I can't help but cry everytime I watch the television. Seeing people asking for help and they ae in need of foods and shelter they don't know where to go and what to eat. Last night when me and my daughter pray, I ask God that iever I win a lotto I would probably go personally in Philippines and give them on what they need. Poor people this is too much for them. God will heal them soon aI know that. Aside from what happened I'm still thankful that my family in Philippines were safe nobody hurt on them. God bless Philippines... 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just A Dollar

Oh yes, now I totally feel what couponing is all about. I'm just so happy seeing the receipt that I only pay $2.94 for everything and take note they also give me a $2.00 extrabucks so meaning feels like the total is only $0.94 cents including tax. Hopefu I can find more great deals like these because I'm planning to share these stuff to my family and relatives in Philippines sometime next year. Feel so blessed together with my family.