Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Boring Day!

It' been my off today but it looks like I just came from sick days, though I'm not. How I wish I'm in Philippines doing just the normal routine of my life sorrounded with my family. I don't wish to live far away from them if the result is just like this. Yes, I'm happy because I'm having with my daughter but aside from that I cannot expound any further at all. If only God permits that some of my dreams and wishes will come true I would definitely reside in my hometown and enjoy my remaining years on earth with positive vibes, family and friends around me. I believed that ''the present situation is not my final destination'', hoping it will change for the better. Have a great day everyone...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby Photo

Isn't she's cute?! You bet definitely she is as gorgeous as her mom. Last night me and my daughter doesn't have much quiet to do so we decided to replace my social sites profile photo from her baby picture. I so love this photo, my little baby is now a young lady. Looking forward to browse more pictures and of course I'll post it for sure in my pages.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reason To Celebrate

First thing in the morning I heard a great news from my cousin in California. Just like her I am teary eyed because of the success that she's seeking for almost long period of time. No more worries, no pain and no hassle at all. The family celebrates for this big news and luckily they got an excellent employment attorney in san diego ca that able to hadle her case very well. Now I really do believed that somehow in all trials there will be rainbows at the very end and that's success. Now she can do what she wants and free what she wannna be in her life. It's quite worth the wait no matter how long it is.