Friday, August 2, 2013

Wish I Could

Just wanting to tell the whole world that until now I am not losing hope that someday all my dreams and wishes do come true. I am not materialistic as what other woman do. I don't buy expensive clothes, bags, jewelries, expensive trips and other unnecessary things in life. Sometimes, I told myself that even a little I think I should provide for myself as well. I keep on working everyday but it only goes for all bills and important things. Today, I suddenly pause for awhile staring outside glass windows and said,''hopefully someday it will come true''. Best example of my dreams are just simple for everyone like to have a nice house that I can call as my own here and in my hometown abroad. I think everyone dream to own a property especially women and I count myself for that. I don't know why until now I don't have any. Yes, I'm not materialistic type but yet if I will be given a chance and instantly have huge money firstly and foremost I will help my family abroad, grant my promises and buy my own property at no time. And of course I will buy jewelries, bags, clothes that depriving me for a long time. Hoping someday it will come to and end just like a happy ending... ^_^

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