Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Big Girl

Look at this girl, isn't she cute...Today is the first day of school here in Austin and some other states. Time flies very fast without knowing that other year has come. We'll just embrace it and enjoy every single day of the year. Have fun everyone, keep safe! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Church Birthday

Today as I'm seating down in the office, I suddenly think of the coming days that I'm going to be off and plan on how it will turn out adventurous. I requested off those days for the reason of attending the newly born church in our place. It's going to be fun and a very big momentous event for all of us here in Austin. Oneof our frind surprising us by showing us an affordable lee oskar harmonica replacement reeds at m123 that we can use middle of nxt month. I know I cannot contribute much wirth regards to music so what I am preparing is the foods that I'm going to bring that day. Well I have some hints already but too early to tell as of now. So see u then and have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Few Days More

Just like my daughter having her own countdown when the school begins and so I am have my own countdown that this box will ship to Philippines. I don't know why but I feel more happier knowing that I shared and letting others happy. I'm not selfish kind of person and in fact I don't usually buy for my own except for my child. Hopefully, this box will be full sooner as we think so that we can deliver this to the courier as early as possible.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Plan Ahead

As to compare with our spiritual values before I think there is a big change with the new group that we are into now for almost a year. Since the group is just new our leader is asking everyone to help and share to buy a good traktor z2 at musicians friend in benefit for our church. If only I have huge extra amount of course I will help because aside from my husbands talent in music, and aside from that we could be as lively every weekend with our fellowship knowing that we are using the best mixer. Hopefully, we could come up the certain amount that we hope for so that before Christmas celebration we can buy the new mixer.

Wish I Could

Just wanting to tell the whole world that until now I am not losing hope that someday all my dreams and wishes do come true. I am not materialistic as what other woman do. I don't buy expensive clothes, bags, jewelries, expensive trips and other unnecessary things in life. Sometimes, I told myself that even a little I think I should provide for myself as well. I keep on working everyday but it only goes for all bills and important things. Today, I suddenly pause for awhile staring outside glass windows and said,''hopefully someday it will come true''. Best example of my dreams are just simple for everyone like to have a nice house that I can call as my own here and in my hometown abroad. I think everyone dream to own a property especially women and I count myself for that. I don't know why until now I don't have any. Yes, I'm not materialistic type but yet if I will be given a chance and instantly have huge money firstly and foremost I will help my family abroad, grant my promises and buy my own property at no time. And of course I will buy jewelries, bags, clothes that depriving me for a long time. Hoping someday it will come to and end just like a happy ending... ^_^