Thursday, February 28, 2013

Make Her Smile

My new friend at work is going to celebrate her birthday. She invited me to go out together with the group. Honestly,  am not comfortable to hang out with them for the reason that I'm not used to go out at night. Pretty funny but true and this is who really am. I am thinking to buy dutch master cigars as my presents for her. I surely know that she will love it since I know a little bit of her passion in life. Though I don't want to go out with them but atleast I made her smile by giving this gift of mine

Busy Like A Bee

In my workplace I am so busy everyday whether we are fully booked or not. It is because our department is preparing for the coming inspection in the hotel. Feels like everytime I go to work I am too much occupied that even hard to go to the bathroom in a couple of minutes. Well that's part of the job and hopefully time will come that my assigned room is fully prepared when the inspection takes place. Good luck to the team!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Trimming Down

Five months ago, I am so happy seeing my body at the mirror. Those days are gone in the glimpse of my eyes knowing that I'm gaining more which is not good enough. Even myself couldn't believed it but it is obviously right. I need to do something for myself and wanted to trim down so badly. Two days from now I am going to buy the best selection theraband that I can use in my workout. Hopefully I can do this, it's the benefit for my health and body. I know I can enjoy my workout plan and wishing for best results at the end. So help me God for my will to trim down.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Heart's Day!

Hello everyone! Today as we going to celebrate valentine's day, may we continue to love and care for each other each and everyday of the year. Showing our love is very important to our love one's. We don't know what our future may bring so live with it and enjoy a whole lot. Whatever the case let us all enjoy the day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's going to be exciting next week. I heard from one of the reliable source that my hubby has a big surprise for me. Pretty funny but I have an idea already since his bestfriend give me an idea since last year. In that case I still feel special and love much from him. Proudly say that he got one of my wishes to have a new cobalt to add my jewelry collections. It's great to end my weekdays and welcome the weekend I guess. I can't wait anymore the moment he will give it to me. Goodluck everyone.

Not Good Enough

Today is our time to file our tax return. It's not quiet a great time for us especially with my hubby. He is more dismayed than to compare myself. Well, there's nothing we can do with and that's what it is. The best thing happened is we don't owe from IRS anyway. Sometimes I realized that it's better not to expect much so that in the end you will not feel bad. Two weeks from now we are going to received the little refund for us and it's going to be set aside to add in buying a new car. Just hoping for the best of everything and hoping it will be fine. God is good all the time.