Thursday, December 26, 2013

His Wishlist

This season is not merrier for my family here and abroad. We are in the midst of crisis but so far still surviving. I'm so happy that from what we went through my hubby understands the present situation that one thing in his wishlist is not possible this season to have a nice guitar. I know how he wanted to have it but yet I promised him maybe this coming IRS returns sometime in February or earlier than that. I'm not against of anything as long as we are in the right track in budgeting our daily needs. Hoping we will get better soon with our crisis right now and I'm just crossingmy fingers.

So Sad

Hello everyone, I know it's Christmas but so sorry to tell that I am not as active to share some poecause of my father's situation. Few days ago my brother texted me that they to bring my father in the hospital and few days after they have to transfer another hospital and now and then my father wa ICU last night. How fast it was right, honestly I'm so scared if what if something happened to him. The most important thing is that we need big amount of money for all laboratories, series of test and medicine. Being sick in Philippines is not a joke because if you don't have money they will not treat you at all unlike here in USA. Please my dear friends please help me to pray for my fathers recovery and hopefully we can sustained his needs in the hospital. In my case all my savings has nothing left anymore right now I don't know what to do. I just trust the Lord for everything that somehow there will be magic.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Banner

Feels like yesterday when we celebrate my daughter's seventh birthday and few months from now she will become 8th years old. Time flies so fast just like a blink of our naked eye. We are planning to order a small banner for her birthday and order at printing services nyc . I saw their birthday banner samples already and I like it just the way it used to be. Printing service business is great way to start with a smaller capital yet promising at the very beginning. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


Finally this coming Saturday my fellow friends decided to pursue our gathering at my friends house. Thanks God it's going to ba a nice weather this weekend. It's not too much cold I hope the predict weather temperature will stay as is. I'm a bit excited as well since we have our own secret santa giving , foods, games and some treats for kids to enjoy. Looking forward for the said affair and hope eveything will just be fine.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Keep Well All The Time

Few days ago I made mention to my hubby about my plan to purchased some vitamins and supplements to keep my body well. At first I am so eager to do it yet later on, my mind change and leading to not order at all. I don't know maybe because nobody used among my friends or simply not convinced at all. Until they're you go hubby wants something for himself to try pure amygdalin to keep his body well. We'll there's no second taught thanbuy it and enjoy the benefits of having it. We'll see after couple of months if it really works for him and successful I'll rather follow his advice.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

But Cry

Right now my countrymen in Philippines are suffering too much pain from the strong typhoon. This is the first time I heard that hundred thousands of people dead and millions of family become homeless. I can't help but cry everytime I watch the television. Seeing people asking for help and they ae in need of foods and shelter they don't know where to go and what to eat. Last night when me and my daughter pray, I ask God that iever I win a lotto I would probably go personally in Philippines and give them on what they need. Poor people this is too much for them. God will heal them soon aI know that. Aside from what happened I'm still thankful that my family in Philippines were safe nobody hurt on them. God bless Philippines... 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just A Dollar

Oh yes, now I totally feel what couponing is all about. I'm just so happy seeing the receipt that I only pay $2.94 for everything and take note they also give me a $2.00 extrabucks so meaning feels like the total is only $0.94 cents including tax. Hopefu I can find more great deals like these because I'm planning to share these stuff to my family and relatives in Philippines sometime next year. Feel so blessed together with my family.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Thoughts

Guess who is exceptional happy today apparently not me but my hubby is. While I'm busy doing my routine job in the hotel my hubby called me at the phone and saying that he got an exceptional guitar. Well, I'm not surprised at all since it's not in my line but for him it make his day fully wonderful. He just want to tell me that he spend a little bit for his guitar and most especially it's important since it made him happy.


My baby when she was one year old and that was six years ago...

Monday, October 28, 2013


My daughter is vey excited for their upcoming science fair project investigatory this coming winter break. Though we still have to count months and weeks yet she is vey ready about the project she is going to make. Now she slowly collect some tools that must be needed as well as  toggle to be used in the project since we don't have it. Anyway I agree with her better prepare the materials now than later so that we can come up a nice result. Goodluck to us and right now we are thing much wiser on what would it be.

Too Relax

Last Saturday afternoon my daughter compete in taekwondo tournament held in Hutto, TX. She won second in sparring and third in form. My husband was a little bit dismayed with the result and I understnd on him as well maybe because we expect much on that tournament but anyway atleast we got home a trophy and it wasn't bad at all I guess. All I know is that my daughter did her very best and that's the most important part of the game. Congrat's to my baby girl and more luck next time and be prepared.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Safety First

Today as I inspect one of my assigned rooms it's has a funny smell that I never enountered everyday. Of course I bring our machine to absorb the bad odor but unluckily after three hours of that deodorizer the odor was still present so my boss ordered me to use the defogger for ten minutes atleast and I enjoy a lot wearing my 3m dust mask while observing the defogger. It's fun doing it and tense at the same time because of the noise it created. Hopefully tomorrow and for the next few days the room will be back in normal status. We have to sell all the rooms because we are sold out until this coming December.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


It's been almost three weeks I started couponing and yeah it saves a lot. One thing I like with thia couponing is I can share it with my family and friends in Philippines through sending them in the huge boxes sooner or later. Looking for more savings from now and forward. Hopefully God will grant my wishes that someday my dreams and wishes do come true. Crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I remember the first time I came here in US when I feel like shy and kinda don't belong at all. Apparently, I'm wrong with the feeling I had because I am a legal immigrant but normally it's just nothing when I realized how huge undocumented people roaming around. Eventually , I do understand them and of course there's advantage and disadvantages later of their stay that is why had to consult abogados de inmigracion to fix everything that later on they will live here freely. I can't imagine at all on how they managed their situation but one thing I know is they do it for there family waiting from home. I can say that living in this world is not easy anymore as to compare many decades ago. All we have to do now is manage our lives wisely and help our family to grow healthy.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Boring Day!

It' been my off today but it looks like I just came from sick days, though I'm not. How I wish I'm in Philippines doing just the normal routine of my life sorrounded with my family. I don't wish to live far away from them if the result is just like this. Yes, I'm happy because I'm having with my daughter but aside from that I cannot expound any further at all. If only God permits that some of my dreams and wishes will come true I would definitely reside in my hometown and enjoy my remaining years on earth with positive vibes, family and friends around me. I believed that ''the present situation is not my final destination'', hoping it will change for the better. Have a great day everyone...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby Photo

Isn't she's cute?! You bet definitely she is as gorgeous as her mom. Last night me and my daughter doesn't have much quiet to do so we decided to replace my social sites profile photo from her baby picture. I so love this photo, my little baby is now a young lady. Looking forward to browse more pictures and of course I'll post it for sure in my pages.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reason To Celebrate

First thing in the morning I heard a great news from my cousin in California. Just like her I am teary eyed because of the success that she's seeking for almost long period of time. No more worries, no pain and no hassle at all. The family celebrates for this big news and luckily they got an excellent employment attorney in san diego ca that able to hadle her case very well. Now I really do believed that somehow in all trials there will be rainbows at the very end and that's success. Now she can do what she wants and free what she wannna be in her life. It's quite worth the wait no matter how long it is.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Big Girl

Look at this girl, isn't she cute...Today is the first day of school here in Austin and some other states. Time flies very fast without knowing that other year has come. We'll just embrace it and enjoy every single day of the year. Have fun everyone, keep safe! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Church Birthday

Today as I'm seating down in the office, I suddenly think of the coming days that I'm going to be off and plan on how it will turn out adventurous. I requested off those days for the reason of attending the newly born church in our place. It's going to be fun and a very big momentous event for all of us here in Austin. Oneof our frind surprising us by showing us an affordable lee oskar harmonica replacement reeds at m123 that we can use middle of nxt month. I know I cannot contribute much wirth regards to music so what I am preparing is the foods that I'm going to bring that day. Well I have some hints already but too early to tell as of now. So see u then and have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Few Days More

Just like my daughter having her own countdown when the school begins and so I am have my own countdown that this box will ship to Philippines. I don't know why but I feel more happier knowing that I shared and letting others happy. I'm not selfish kind of person and in fact I don't usually buy for my own except for my child. Hopefully, this box will be full sooner as we think so that we can deliver this to the courier as early as possible.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Plan Ahead

As to compare with our spiritual values before I think there is a big change with the new group that we are into now for almost a year. Since the group is just new our leader is asking everyone to help and share to buy a good traktor z2 at musicians friend in benefit for our church. If only I have huge extra amount of course I will help because aside from my husbands talent in music, and aside from that we could be as lively every weekend with our fellowship knowing that we are using the best mixer. Hopefully, we could come up the certain amount that we hope for so that before Christmas celebration we can buy the new mixer.

Wish I Could

Just wanting to tell the whole world that until now I am not losing hope that someday all my dreams and wishes do come true. I am not materialistic as what other woman do. I don't buy expensive clothes, bags, jewelries, expensive trips and other unnecessary things in life. Sometimes, I told myself that even a little I think I should provide for myself as well. I keep on working everyday but it only goes for all bills and important things. Today, I suddenly pause for awhile staring outside glass windows and said,''hopefully someday it will come true''. Best example of my dreams are just simple for everyone like to have a nice house that I can call as my own here and in my hometown abroad. I think everyone dream to own a property especially women and I count myself for that. I don't know why until now I don't have any. Yes, I'm not materialistic type but yet if I will be given a chance and instantly have huge money firstly and foremost I will help my family abroad, grant my promises and buy my own property at no time. And of course I will buy jewelries, bags, clothes that depriving me for a long time. Hoping someday it will come to and end just like a happy ending... ^_^

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Look Another Way

Just like other individual I am just human who felt so tired paying too much bills every paycheck. As soon as possible I wanted to get out of it and looking some alternatives how that it won't affect my credit score badly. My hubby and I are looking forward for free consultation bankruptcy sometime next month. We want to know how it works and what are those instances that would likely to improve our current standing in todays living. Hopefully it will help as much as we want it to be. Hoping for great news later of this month.

Monday, July 29, 2013

She Is A Past Learner

 Having fun with her swimming lesson...
Looks like a small baby girl wearing her swim cap...
It's been three days to be exact that my daughter was having her swimming lesson. Just to up to date she is now a certified little swimmer the big opposite of her mom believed it or not. Sound so funny but swimming is not my type or maybe scared in the water I think. We'll just what it is and I will just support my daughter along the way of her training. God bless her.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

School Year

My nieces and nephews were all busy for the coming school year. Everyone knows that college is tough. I'm glad to know that they help their parents how to save a little through borrowing or rent textbooks. It means a lot nowadays because school supplies cost is not a joke anymore and it's more than we could ever imagine. I remember the scenarios because I do the same when I'm still at school  and look at me now proudly say that I am a professional in my own little way through hardwork. God bless to all children whose ready to be at school this coming semester.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bonding Time

The three of us have a little celebration last week at 4th of July. We've been at the park grilling some pork chops. It was indeed great and looking forward for more grilling moments...

Monday, June 24, 2013


Today is what I called a tiring day for me. Though it's my day off yet I have to go overtime just for a half day work since we are very busy in the hotel. I couldn't afford to say no since I love my job and I have a big heart for it. Luckily my hubby pick me up afterwork, we headed out for lunch and we bought guitar just right close at the restaurants were we dine at. We love great deals u know no matter what it is especially if it's music instruments. Sometimes I wonder if someday I will build my own music store in my hometown. Just crossing fingers, we don't really know what will tomorrow may bring in our lives.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet The Chefs

I never failed a day to cherish and share moments to ponder on with my child. Everytime I have off I see to it that my day will not turn into a boring day. Hopefully my daughter will follow some of my footsteps  as a cook, a fine young lady, and very helpful individual to everyone.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Seems Like Yesterday

I cannot stop myself for thinking few months from now. It seems like yesterday that me and my daughter are busy decorating our cute christmas tree. Well, I feel it now and believe it my family is planning some decorations to make for a change of ambiance. So excited to see and buy some radko christmas ornaments at christmas place anytime sooner. Aside from celebrating the birth of our savior on Christmas, this season is the best of celebrations all year round. I can't wait anymore but three months from now is the beginning of beautifying houses anywhere around the world.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spurs or Heat

Actually, I love the two team. I don't really care who will win in the championship because I look at them individually. It's just part of the game as what they say. Win or lose no worries for me. Everytime they have playoffs our unit is full of noise. My daughter is against in the ther team and vice versa with my hubby. Looks like they are beating each other also but fun while looking at them. I just wish all the luck for the teams and may God bless them with peace whoever will win. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Once

People around the world dream at once in their lives that they can met someone who will settle down with them for the rest of time. I think it's normal especially to all woman out there it's their dream to be with somebody and so am I. The other day when I'm cleaning my jewelry box I found out that my hubby's ring wasn't there anymore. We decided to oreder or buy another one instead at the mall at an affordable cost. Since the cost is good for two so we get two rings instead. Though we don't have plans anymore to have a church wedding we will just renew our bond through purchasing a new ring. Quiet amazing I guess.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Tomorrow is another day to enjoy and create more fun. Finally another long days off is here and the three of us is very excited already. Yepey, I can't wait to wake  up and prepare all the stuff first thing in the morning. Of course lots of preparations to do but I just take it easy and manageable, no rush and no hassle at all. I can't resist but tell my friends how greatful I am having my family who is very supportive in the whole preparations. So, for now I got to rest and enjoy the sweet starry night. 

Friday, June 7, 2013


This year will be impossible for us to move to two bedroom unit for financial reasons. Life nowadays are so tough. Eventhough how hard and pressure my work is but still I have to work because our financies soar high like a plane. Since we are not yet moving I am planning to buy flat screen mounts deals for extra protection of my child at home. I have an attitude just like others where we have to grab those amazing deals to save even more. Anyway, time will come that I would need it without knowing and atleast I will not take out any money from my pocket anymore. Just being wise sometimes.

Lucky Seven!

Looking through the appearance of my child makes my eyes teary a little bit. Nobody could stop it anymore than accept that she is growing now like a little young lady I guess. So many questions came from her that left unanswered of course, just like a series of questions that should not be ask at her young age. There's nothing I could ask for more than her good health, safety and success in life. I love my family so much!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Name it and everything I have in my place. In my age right now I'm still eager to collect and save little tingy in my own pace. Everytime my hubby need something, I am there right away to provide what he wants. Just try to imagine a small hiding place of mixed stuff from bookstore. In my extra time I love to hang out in the store where clearance sale is a big thing. Just like other day I bought wholesale envelopes perfect for mailing important documents and for personal use as well. Believed it or not I am always a girl scout with lots of something in a bag from snacks to water, to emergency kit and personal things that can everyone would benefit if they need it. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Young Violinist

What else could I ask for than nothing anymore. We are so lucky having this young talented girl in our lives. The greatest gift that nothing could ever compare. She just started her violin lesson two weeks ago. It's good because thru this she will get more busy during summer especially where no class at school. Aside from being regular in Takwondo this is additional payment every month. Well, of course as a parent we should be the first one to support and guide her all the way to success.Goodluck to my young violinist.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cool Stuff

School year is going to an end anytime soon. My daughter wants something new this summer. She wanted to add wireless microphone so that she will not feel bored while at home. I know it's hard on her part especially when my hubby is going to rest during the day to prepare at night's duty. We'll that's life here and just embrace it with a big smile to relieve work stress. I like it thogh for she can practice snging at home. Just like her dad, she have a talent in singing as well. Hoping she will enjoy the summer break at her own pace while mommy is busy working five days a week.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Just like yesterday when my baby was having so much fun on her birthday and now she's another year older. Time flies that I don't recognized that my little girl is turning seven next month. Well, normally we don't pay much attention to numbers and everyday we let our daughter feel that no matter what she is our one and only baby forever. Most importantly I just wish her good health of course, successful in life with the choosen career someday and all he wishes do come true. Hoping that more blessings to come with my family. God knows how much I love to help my family and distant relatives in Philippines financially. I never tired crossing my finger that maybe one day opportunity and blessings come that it's a turing point that I can give a boost to help others.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Time Off

So happy that my days off are consecutive for two days. What a great days to rest and relax for a while. Tomorrow is not gonna be relaxing since my family are going to attend two birthdays celebration at my daughter's friends in school. Pretty sure it's going to be fun of course and looking forward for that. Luckily this coming Monday and Tuesday will be my off again and more time to rest at home while my daughter at school.It's kinda rewarding as well especially that last Friday I received a memorandum that I am now a supervisor in our department. Cheers for me and more blessings to come in the near tomorrow.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Storage Space

The smell of fresh summer breeze is finally here. Though sometimes the weather get's weirder as expected by many. Just like anyone out there it's the perfect time to redecorate the living room. I love to transform my daughter's study table into heavy duty drawer slides for easy storage of books. Atleast, I find a perfect deal of drawers nowadays. Actually, I still love to buy more for my kitchen utensils where I can grasp stuff as easy as I get. I know it's not going to be easy yet have to put mor time to complete my project before the season kicks off..

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Wherever my daughter goes, we see to it that the three of us are together. It's one of our motto in the family to support one another. No matter how busy we are , family is still the best and priority of all.

 1st grade trip at Inner Space Caverns, Georgetown TX

enjoying inside the cave....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Proud!

Congratulation's to my awesome daughter. I cannot think of a unique word that I can perfectly described for her. She is the best of everything for us. I always thank our God for giving this wonderful gifted child as talented as her dad. Hoping that He will protect and bless my daughter always.

Monday, March 11, 2013

For Sale

I have a long and awesome conversation with my aunt yesterday evening. Finally, after almost thirty years of  living to survive as a nurse in profession she's tired and want to retire. For that she decided to enhance her house. First she have to do some replacement windows in virginia beach so that sooner she can place for sale. At her age she doesn't like to do a lot of responsibilities anymore than to enjoy the remaining years of her life. I strongly agree with her for that. How I wish we live closer each other so that aleast I can assist her in remodeling or shall I say enhancing her beautiful house.


Oh yeah, I'm definitely talking about my hubby who is the big spoiler of our baby girl. Way back when she's little it's kinda cute begging a lot of stuff from her dad to buy at the store. Now that she's six years old, I can say that we have to change a little bit because she used to have what she wants and sometimes not listening at all with what I say. Though she easily understand when I am only around with her but when the dad is there tantrums will takes place.
My Life + My Everything = My Daughter
Goodnight everyone and be safe all the time!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Moving

People in different continent doesn't stop dreaming for an American dream. I understand that why they think of it. Even us before We don't stop hoping that someday we will be here and there you go here we are. Last month my hubby's cousin just came by and they are going to settle down in  Holden Beach NC real estate. Hopefully, they can adjust right away in terms of weather and environment. I don't know when can I get my own dream house. It's never too late I guess as long as I dream to have one someday with all of our hardworks. Life is great!


Just like my ordinary days after my work I never forget an hour to set back and relax for my favorite teleseries in Philippines. Today I feel a whole lot of fun and giggles while watching the movie. I remember when I was young during high school that full of fun and excitement in every activities. I want my daughter feel the same excitement as I do. How I wish my daughter can experience atleast one year education in my hometown. Of course if my baby will stay there for one year I myself would be the luckiest mom and chaperone wherever she may go. That's what I wish since then that I can have a long vacation in my hometown. I don't really know when would it be, just crossing my fingers who knows if God permits.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Second One

It's amazing that we able to buy a very affordable and the lightest loudbox as the second loudbox we had at home. Looks like someday our house will become a music store. Who knows my hubby will pursue his another career of being a music teacher. As long as it will never affect any schedule we have now I don't think it's a problem. Every paycheck my husband see to it that he saves a little bit for future use of musical instruments that we can grab by sale time.

Sweet Daughter

This six year old lovely girl is my life and inspiration. She always lift me up whenever I have problems. I don't need anything much as long as I have my daughter beside me. Everytime I come home from work she really takes an effort to pick me up at the bus stop. Same with me she wants me to be around her as much as I can. I know what she feels being alone in the living room while her daddy is sleeping for night's duty. Well, that's what it is and just embrace it with open arms.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love It

It's been almost a year that I love to shop instruments together with my partner. The feeling is priceless by the time the item is handed over to me. I find it as an investment in our family collecting music instruments. Aside being musically inclined and I know someday something will return. Buying an audio is what I did last week during my days off. Now  realized how important music must have in our lives. It creates fulfilment as I take my life one step at a time. I appreciate all the good things happened to me and for the coming blessings.

My Off Today

I'm glad that finally my boss felt what I wanted to have for days off. So relax today that nothing to worry much except my dental appointment later of the day. I know sooner or later the dentist will really encourage me to to take out my wisdom tooth as soon as I wish. Well I'm kinda scared of course because of the surgery that will takes place. I just hope for the best and if I do agree, I have it taken off this spring break so that I can mingle my baby girl as well or maybe another week after sem break maybe. I will just take my time and I know God will guide through all the way.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Make Her Smile

My new friend at work is going to celebrate her birthday. She invited me to go out together with the group. Honestly,  am not comfortable to hang out with them for the reason that I'm not used to go out at night. Pretty funny but true and this is who really am. I am thinking to buy dutch master cigars as my presents for her. I surely know that she will love it since I know a little bit of her passion in life. Though I don't want to go out with them but atleast I made her smile by giving this gift of mine

Busy Like A Bee

In my workplace I am so busy everyday whether we are fully booked or not. It is because our department is preparing for the coming inspection in the hotel. Feels like everytime I go to work I am too much occupied that even hard to go to the bathroom in a couple of minutes. Well that's part of the job and hopefully time will come that my assigned room is fully prepared when the inspection takes place. Good luck to the team!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Trimming Down

Five months ago, I am so happy seeing my body at the mirror. Those days are gone in the glimpse of my eyes knowing that I'm gaining more which is not good enough. Even myself couldn't believed it but it is obviously right. I need to do something for myself and wanted to trim down so badly. Two days from now I am going to buy the best selection theraband that I can use in my workout. Hopefully I can do this, it's the benefit for my health and body. I know I can enjoy my workout plan and wishing for best results at the end. So help me God for my will to trim down.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Heart's Day!

Hello everyone! Today as we going to celebrate valentine's day, may we continue to love and care for each other each and everyday of the year. Showing our love is very important to our love one's. We don't know what our future may bring so live with it and enjoy a whole lot. Whatever the case let us all enjoy the day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's going to be exciting next week. I heard from one of the reliable source that my hubby has a big surprise for me. Pretty funny but I have an idea already since his bestfriend give me an idea since last year. In that case I still feel special and love much from him. Proudly say that he got one of my wishes to have a new cobalt to add my jewelry collections. It's great to end my weekdays and welcome the weekend I guess. I can't wait anymore the moment he will give it to me. Goodluck everyone.

Not Good Enough

Today is our time to file our tax return. It's not quiet a great time for us especially with my hubby. He is more dismayed than to compare myself. Well, there's nothing we can do with and that's what it is. The best thing happened is we don't owe from IRS anyway. Sometimes I realized that it's better not to expect much so that in the end you will not feel bad. Two weeks from now we are going to received the little refund for us and it's going to be set aside to add in buying a new car. Just hoping for the best of everything and hoping it will be fine. God is good all the time. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Belt Testing

One week more and my little taekwondo girl is going to test for another belt. I know she could do it more than she do. My daughter is very sporty just like her dad. Hopefully one day I could see her in one of the prestigious tournment in the country and even dreaming for the olympics. It's free to dream anyway and who knows one day. Good luck to my unica hija and may God grant her wishes to be true.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something New

Holidays are fun to celebrate especially when special people are there to hang on. I'm looking forward for the next holiday season. I still have ten months to think and be unique. I want something new especially in gift giving. This coming holiday me and my hubby are going to give custom ceramic mugs to our close friends and relatives. Hopefully it will turn out a great memories for holidays. So excited already for the pictorial. Have a nice evening everyone.

Little Fundraiser

At the age of six my daughter is actively participating in her school fundraising project. Everytime her teacher give us some leaflets to read she always wants us to sign-up to join. She's very responsible at her young age though we parents are the once to pay for everything of course. This morning her dad warn us that next time we will not get the chocolate box because it's too much already and a bit expensive knowing that we don't have any relatives around. No choice but to embrace it as our own consumption. Lessons learn, next time we can join but not this chocolate box at all.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Little Fashionista

Looking at my daughter's appearance makes my day complete. Yes, of course I am her designer, manager and mother at the same time. Regardless of my own style is my least priority. All I want is my one and only daughter to be look sassy and cute all the time. I can say that she grows faster now than ever when she ask us to buy a Stacy Adams Fedora Hats that fitted on her new outfit. I couldn't believed it though that she's a little fashinista nowadays. Well, as a parent I am just right beside her supporting what she wants best for her life.

Monday, January 21, 2013

So Cool!

Back when I was young I love dancing and even now. Sometimes there are moments that I really love to dance whatever the beat was. Now, I am glad that my daughter slowly absorb my talents as well. Just thie evening I tried to record her dancing skills through dancing the Gangnam Style which is now very famous in the whole world. I can say that my only child is far better a great dancer that her mother. She moves nice and cool. She has her own taste like the swag move which I don't have ever since. Hopefully she could develop it more until we can finally say that dancing runs in her blood. Goodnight.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Great Quality

It's been a great for my family last year. I thank God for all the blessings that has bestowed by us. I couldn't believed that her in my new place I was able to buy what I want. It means that I saved more compare a year ago. It sounds great and we have a great choice in settling down this place. Last week before my daughter returns to school we are shopping for a new bag. I want something new and best in quality. Lucky enough I found backpacks that perfect and very sturdy in terms of quality at it's best. By next year before we will go to vacation in my hometown, I will surely buy some for my nephews in Philippines and neices as well. I always thank God for the blessings and I also share what I have to others also.