Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tooth Fairy

Does anyone believe with tooth fairy when you are still at your young age? Well, me absolutely not. Everytime my dentist or my so called mama dentist nothing would come at night. Maybe because we are not used to it and doesn't like to practice either. Since I'm in the other country I am glad also to anticipate kids beliefs. Tomorrow my daughter has a rush appointment to her dentist because she keeps on complaining about her tooth and wanting to uproot it as soon as possible. Yes, it's wiggling already but not much at all so me and my hubby agreed to uproot it tomorrow. Goodluck to my baby girl.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Miss My Parents

By hopping and browsing my social network last night I suddenly landed in my relatives page. It was fun because what I saw is the new post of her album celebrating my niece fifth birthday. Through browsing the album I am so happy when I saw my mama and papa. Looking in my papa's appearance made my tears flow. I simply miss them so and feel how my papa tried to be strong for us and to live longer. I wish that the lord will give him more blessings on his health that he will live more as much as I want to. Hopefully, next year we could spend quality time together in one family. Just crossing my fingers that our plan will pursue positively. I am so excited that I even count the months and days past by. All we need is to save for financies of course and still struggling to save more. Goodluck to us.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dream House

Everyday before I go to bed I never forget to give thanks to the Lord the blessings we received everyday. One thing that I feel missing in our family is to have our own house. I don't know when will it be happen. I never loose hope that someday it will come to our lives. I was surprised the other day when our close family friend made mention to my hubby to buy a new house at wilmington nc real estate at It was totally amazing because the costs are very low yet the quality is very nice. A little bit excited because I feel that my partner was convinced though he doesn't tell me but I feel it. Hopefully sooner it will come into reality.