Thursday, August 30, 2012


Month of August is mine actually.Until now, I couldn't believed either that my hardwork was finally recognized and honored to be the employee of the month of August. The feeling I have is very special that no one could stole it for a moment. Though I wasn't there to received it yet any days or months coming surely my name will be put in the hanging plaque of the building. Everyday, I could see it from the hallway..Wishing more blessings to come and good health especially for my family.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


To sum up all the days, I think it's been two weeks already that I suffered the low response of my pc. Everytime I open it, It always displayed that the browser cannot be open for some reasons and need to be fix. We didn't do it yet because as far as I knew it is very costly. Through hopping in the net on the solutions I am happy with what I got. This is the answer actually on my problems by speed up computer at Finally, it come before I bring it to the computer repair shop. Right now I am very happy with the outcome. Hopefully, it will not end so soon so that I could save more money for our upcoming vacation plan in Philippines.

First Day!

First day of school is fun of course. Sad to say that I wasn't able to drop my daughter on her first day of 1st grade. The reason was acceptable anyway and the best thing is that she understand why I cannot do it. Anyway, my hubby is there and I even promise that the next three days is my turn since I will enjoy my three days off. So happy that I moved on and got transfered to a new position. Isn't it exciting? That is why I didn't made the first day of school. This is not only for me but for my family. And I'm pretty sure they are very proud of me.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Important Message

Before my sister resigned on her recent job, I haven't heard her anymore and miss her much. I really don't know if whether she doesn't have any connection or maybe just busy looking for a new job. Anyway, though that was the scenario I never failed to contact her and even leave a message on  phone that they currently have in their business office. Hopefully, my sister could made a call for me because we have something to tackle about with regards of my mother's request. Actually, I like the idea on their service because although they don't answer me right away buy yet any important message could be saved and retrieved any time. That all matter's anyway.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Special

I cannot wait for next years happening. My distant niece is going to marry his long time boyfriend. Guess what I am somewhat giggles when I saw the photo of their engagement ring which was a precious ring as a girls bestfriend. How I wish I have those in one of my fingers. Anyway, as long as they are happy that's the most important of all. I am not hoping for it anymore but still wishing for my daughters future that suddenly she could own those kind in the near future. It's free to dream as what others say and I believed it as well.  

Lucky Me!

I am truly proud of myself. Just wanted to tell the whole world that I am an employee of the month. I don't think of any great word than being proud. I am the only employee that has been recognized as early as of seven months since the day I started. Honestly I really don't expect it. It happened when I and my friend are staring at the bulletin and suddenly saw my name two days before the luncheon. I truly dedicate my award to my family here and abroad. Surely theu are proud for me as well. Goodnight everyone..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Health Reasons

I am busy looking for an insurance way back when my daughter's need some since her insurance was expired already. I never knew then how difficult it was because you have to consider a lot of things. You should think twice or thrice before you commit to have one. Honestly, me and my hubby before doesn't care about insurance for the reason that it is very expensive and sometimes unreasonable. I was surprised when my partner enrolled and got interested with term life insurance no medical exam. This is perfect for him because he doesn't like his time to be wasted by waiting in line for check-ups and other exams. When we heared about it, he doesn't have any second taught than grab the opportunity before it knocks out. For health reasons we are comfortable knowing that as early as now we are totally prepared for tomorrow.

Shopping Day

Were back from our early morning shopping for my daughter's school supplies. Finally, I'm almost completed the stuff yet I still have to look for the few things. I am excited for the first day of school. My daughter and I are counting the days to come and it's gonna be ten days more to go. I don't have problems with clothes since we did a total of two days shopping just for her clothes. Even a single stuff for me is nothing, I'll just say it is exclusively for our one and only daughter. I know start of school is gonna be a little expensive and costly. Anyway, that's what it is whether you like it or not. One thing for sure is I'm going to off by the time she will start the day. Starting this day we are having countdown already. Goodluck to all kids and parents out there.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Something For My Friend

Early morning at work last Monday I remember my promised to one of my friend on his birthday. I didn't come on the affair because I am watching my daughter since my hubby is at work. I already have presents preferred for him yet I want something to add on. I got a discount cigars from the finest brand and wanting this to give to him. I know he will be happy for my presents that I am going to give tomorrow morning at work. Anyway, it's the thoughts that really counts and I am still holding that sayings until I get more older. Friendship is important especially if you trust one another. Life is getting tougher each day that is why we should be wiser in choosing our pals. 

Belt Testing

This coming Friday is my child's belt testing for yellow belt in a junior division. How time flies that my tiger cubs turn suddenly into junior. If I'm not mistaken she only got it for one year before proceeding to junior. I am so happy for my daughter's endeavor in life. She is just six years old last June and for us she is a baby. pretty funny but that's a reality for parents like us. Goodluck to my daughter this coming friday and we all know that she could make it at her young age. Infairness, she already possess and performed like a two years more older on her age. We love you so much my baby and God bless. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jewelry Box

As to compare when I was a kid I never experienced doing some projects just like my daughter has. I simply do some coloring and paper sketches. I am amused with my kid because at her early age she loves to design and decorate anything. Last month in her birthday somebody gaves her a jewelry box which has to be design. All the accessories was included especially the Prehnite Beads that would greatly beautify the box to it's final touch. Since I have a hectic schedule doing some stuff we just finished it last week. It was indeed beautiful and you will not think that we made it finally. I took some photos of our projects and even post it in my social network. It really looks expensive and adorable. Looking forward for the next project of my child and of course it will be successful with my help.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yummy Dinner

I really have fun on our last short vacation in Houston. I taught at first that it would be a boring days but I was totally wrong because we enjoyed a lot. A total of three days was quiet a worth anyway. We spend our last day at Galveston with friends. We had a scrumptous dinner at crab shack. Yes, I am allergy to crabs and shrimp and sadly I just order fish menu for myself and chicken strips for my daughter. Looking those yummy foods from my friends plate makes me feel so hungry yet I cannot eat it since I'm allergic to it. Miss those foods really way back when I was younger. Hopefully me and my family can go back to Galveston and visit Moody Gardens for we don't visit the place yet. I wish end of this year perhaps while there is reason to celebrate.