Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Treat

I am glad that I finished earlier from work more than I expected to happened this afternoon. Being a mother, I never forget that aside from working everyday I always set aside that my daughter is my first priority of all. Everytime I'm not busy in the hotel, I see to it that I could possibly go home early to bond and play with my little girl.That is what we are doing now. Before we headed home we had an errands first at the store to purchased xbox wireless adapter. It's gonna be a night for us. My hubby is also off from work so we are complete enjoying together with our games at home. Playing as a team is what my daughter always like to do during weekend where she doesn't have any classes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Allergy Attack!

Oh my, here I go experiencing a bad allergy attack. I feel so exhausted and helpless. Though I take Non-Drowsy Claritin to help me a little but it seems nothing works at all. All I got today is drowsiness while at work. Sometimes I don't believed with medicines anymore. I just hope I will be getting better two days from now beacause I will be back to work again from my days off. Anyway, the most important thing is that my daughter wasn't sick like us yet. I'm not wishing either because it's hard for young kids to be sick. Get well soon for me as well as to my hubby.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brilliant Collections

I remember when my older brother started to work as seaman before. Everytime he comes home he never forget to give me something and of course cash for shopping. The something that I meant is my brother hands on me some bills from different countries they visited. It's my honor to kept those. Before I get married I never forget that he gives me a  Morgan silver dollar to add our family's collection. Right now I handed it over to my other elder sister who is living now in Dubai. She is not a mainstay there just for her assigned job and she visited Philippines every year. Everytime I go on vacations I keep on checking our collections just to make sure it was still kept very well and intact.

It's Hot

I am thinking yesterday while walking from work heading to the bus if we are experiencing spring or summer. I said so because it was indeed hot just like in the middle of summer. Though later in the evening it's not so hot but cool. I am not really surprise anyway because we are now leaving in Texas and the weather here is weird. Now I understand why they call it that way. I am not the only one complaining though because my friend in Canada shared the same. So I think people around the globe feel the same. It doesn't bad at all if it's like that, so it's kinda same weather everywhere. Sounds great anyway.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Time

We are currently enjoying the spring break and later without knowing summer is ticking to come sooner. Since we are living now in Texas, I wanted to experienced dying some stuff for a change. I think it's not too late for the fashion world. I am eager to know on how to dye leather with my own expense. Especially this month Austin is very much busy with live music everywhere. It's perfect to wear something like leather jacket, boots and anything tops that would fit the outfit. This coming weekend I am planning to dress up my little girl and go to downtown and enjoy tha festivities we have here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Security Purposes

Although I wasn't used to it while I'm still in Philippines now I finally knew it exactly. For security reasons it is indeed great and must have for all employeers before they finally accept the applicants. The background check will take a week or more than a week it depends on the needs of the employeers. I just hope that in the other country can have like this for security reasons. It doesn't mean that if you have records you will not be accepted  but only for the employeers to be aware of it. As for myself I wanted to serve a little bit longer in the company i have right now. I'd like to build more relationship with my employeers for future reference in my next endeavor in life.  

Awesome Kid!

Have a pose before the tournaments starts...

Awesome, she is 2nd place winner, tiger cub brown belt division...

I'm one of the proud mom all over the world last March 3rd of this year. My daughter got a second place in the regional Central Texas Tournament. As a proud parents we want her to know that we are so lucky having her as our one and only child. Since from the beginning, we all know that she will excel in the choosen field she have. All the moves and kicks is way ahead almost perfect every execution she shows during TaeKwonDo class. Congratulations to my baby meg and we are so deeply proud of you as always.