Thursday, October 18, 2012

Having Fun

Ever since I have my very own laptop few years back I'm embracing lots of time doing online stuff. It's such a relief for me to stop my homesick having far away from my family way from my hometown. In short it helps me as being pre-occupied as much as I want to. Aside doing those farm games I also love action games just like pinball game. I do really like it and believe me I laugh like an insane woman because I'm alone. Well, I think without it my days would be bored and probably could turn to a gloomy days.

Now that I am busy of doing online game and updating it once in a while I think this would be enough for me. Atleast my mom wouldn't feel sick just by thinking of me. We are six in the family but yet I am the most favorite child of my mom. I said that because only me who is very much behave and loyal to her. Whatever my mother is asking me to do, she never got a negative feedback from me. I always follow here as much as I love to. Hopefully, more games to come to kill my boredsome sometimes. How many months come I will visit my family back my birth country.

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