Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Dinner Tonight

I am trying not to eat much. I wanted to loose weight as much as I do. Everything is possible if I will do it seriously. Hopefully God will grant me all my wishes to become more healthier than what I have now. Exactly not only me but for my daughter especially. Go for healthier habit and attitude. Goodluck to us.

I know someday, my goal would come true and hoping to look like this!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Having Fun

Ever since I have my very own laptop few years back I'm embracing lots of time doing online stuff. It's such a relief for me to stop my homesick having far away from my family way from my hometown. In short it helps me as being pre-occupied as much as I want to. Aside doing those farm games I also love action games just like pinball game. I do really like it and believe me I laugh like an insane woman because I'm alone. Well, I think without it my days would be bored and probably could turn to a gloomy days.

Now that I am busy of doing online game and updating it once in a while I think this would be enough for me. Atleast my mom wouldn't feel sick just by thinking of me. We are six in the family but yet I am the most favorite child of my mom. I said that because only me who is very much behave and loyal to her. Whatever my mother is asking me to do, she never got a negative feedback from me. I always follow here as much as I love to. Hopefully, more games to come to kill my boredsome sometimes. How many months come I will visit my family back my birth country.

Simply Mom

As for me, I am the simplest mom in the world. I don't ever care how do I look like as long as my daughter looks great. I don't say that I forget myself but the least I do is just as simple as can be. I'm pretty much okey without any glamorous stuff and I don't even care either. That's what I want with my life to live very simple. All I want is to help my family from my hometown and be healthy all the time. That's all matters to me. I am too much contented with what I have now. I'm having a full time job, taking care my family, a wife and a mommy of a lovely daughter.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Fourteen days more to go for the coming monster mash halloween party in school. As a mom I am honestly looking forward to it. Aside that it's my first time to attend and also my daughter's first time also. Yesterday, me and my daughter was finished shopping for costumes.She got the black ninja attire while I have my black horror robe. Isn't it exciting? Absolutely yes for the two of us. I am glad also that my hubby is off that day so it will not hard for me wearing the attire while busy the photo shoot for my child because my husband will do it for sure. Can't wait the days to come and I am ready for the party!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Love!

It is indeed! My hubby has another love or shall I say we are two in his heart. I am talking about how he loves the music as much as he loves me. To cout everything I think it's only two months that my hubby learn the bass guitar and until now she loves it more. Though he had a bass guitar but still longing to buy those excellent quality of course. He got bass just few days back. I don't mind at all if whether it's expensive or not as long as it is at reasonable cost. I don't know why that few years ago I don't really appreciate bass but now that my hubby plays it I understand more and love it as well. I don't say any word when it comes to music.

Halloween Shopping

Are you ready for halloween party? I think everyone is ready for the end of the month celebration. Just like my daughter she is ready to join the mash monster party in her school. that is why tomorrow we are going to shop for our costume. I'm not so sure yet for myself if I will join the costume party or just for my daughter only. We'll see in the coming days but as for now my daughter is the most important that she could shop as early as now before the stocks will out.

New Television

Atlast, for a very long time of arguing this thing we come up yesterday and finalized. Next month due to high demand of mother and daughter, we are going to purchase another flat screen television. Of course I can't wait the day to come. As of now we prepare the necessary equipment to be used. My hubby got the best chief mount to be used to support our flat screen and it will be probably hang in the wall. Our new t.v will be put in the living room while the old one will be placed in my daughter's bedroom. I'm excite the day to come.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

House Hunting

Just this morning the three of us are having a little stroll at the park. Right after we made a sweat a little bit we decided to visit some houses at the near subdivision. Suddenly we saw a sign saying that they are having a garage sale. Since the weather is nice we go down and have a look with the items on sale. One of the owner approach me and tell me that their other house is for sale as well. Wow, they own bunch of houses just near their subdivision. We kinda interested to look of course especially when I heard the final cost of the house. Before that the man of the house handed me the hayward salt cell which is still in new condition perfect to use in the pool. That was a very nice attitude as I said. Hopefully, we can use it sooner by the time my hubby can made up his mind.

Nice Weather

We are having a nice weather today. Fall is finally here and I really feel it just the way people embrace it.
I'm off duty today as well as my hubby. Therefore it's a perfect day today to unwind together. First thing in the morning we headed to the park to feel the cold breeze while doing the stuff we like. If I could magic the time, how I wish we are rich that I don't need to work and spend more time at the workplace than being with my family. Well, life is like that so I just have to live with it. Enjoy everyone and.....