Monday, September 17, 2012

I Miss My Parents

By hopping and browsing my social network last night I suddenly landed in my relatives page. It was fun because what I saw is the new post of her album celebrating my niece fifth birthday. Through browsing the album I am so happy when I saw my mama and papa. Looking in my papa's appearance made my tears flow. I simply miss them so and feel how my papa tried to be strong for us and to live longer. I wish that the lord will give him more blessings on his health that he will live more as much as I want to. Hopefully, next year we could spend quality time together in one family. Just crossing my fingers that our plan will pursue positively. I am so excited that I even count the months and days past by. All we need is to save for financies of course and still struggling to save more. Goodluck to us.

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  1. Good luck, Leah. I hope you get to visit your family here in Pinas soon. I'm sure they're also aching to spend time with you.

    Miss N of