Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yummy Dinner

I really have fun on our last short vacation in Houston. I taught at first that it would be a boring days but I was totally wrong because we enjoyed a lot. A total of three days was quiet a worth anyway. We spend our last day at Galveston with friends. We had a scrumptous dinner at crab shack. Yes, I am allergy to crabs and shrimp and sadly I just order fish menu for myself and chicken strips for my daughter. Looking those yummy foods from my friends plate makes me feel so hungry yet I cannot eat it since I'm allergic to it. Miss those foods really way back when I was younger. Hopefully me and my family can go back to Galveston and visit Moody Gardens for we don't visit the place yet. I wish end of this year perhaps while there is reason to celebrate. 

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