Friday, July 13, 2012

Dentist Appoinment

As a first time mom for six years I taught I am strong enough in everything but I was wrong. Well, nobody could blame me since even myself has a fear of needles and everything the doctor uses in the hospitals. I don't know why but that's me. Last week of June my daughter told me that her tooth is wiggling. It takes almost two weeks but the tooth wasn't removed yet. The problem now is that the new tooth is present at the back and that is why the old tooth should be removed as soon as possible. That is why today since it's my day off I decided to have dentist appoinment for my child. We agreed to take it out today so that the new tooth could move in it's position. Thanks God it was done and removed already. I am so happy also seeing my baby giggles as she is excited if what would it be the exchange of her loose tooth from tooth fairy. Yeah, of course I did prepare already and hopefully she will like it.

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