Saturday, July 28, 2012

Annual Celebration

Just like a blink of my eye here we go again my hometown is going to celebrate their town fiesta. My colleague send me a message if I can help by sponsoring one of their activities. They knew already what activity I always loved and of course I will help them. I still have time to prepare for the exact amount I have to share for the beauty pageant. First, I have to buy trophies at This will help them a lot. I don't want them to sacrifice too much for finding donors and sponsors. It's a way of saying thank you as well. Without them I wouldn't meet my husband now. I tried my very best that every annual fiesta I can contribute an amount that probably help their activities.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Days Away

Four days more to go to enjoy my three days away from work. The three of us is going to Houston for the first time. We are just going to unwind and relax for sometimes. Of course while visiting Houston we will visit the famous space center first thing in the morning of Tuesday next week. We will make sure that every minute is usable at it's best. Before heading to Galveston, downtown of Houston is our target and the museum perfect  for my child as well. Actually, the second day is more fun since we will meet our couple of family friends there . We are going to celebrate their sons birthday at the park. Finally, our gift is already prepared. I just prepared some clothes to wear to make everyday beautiful for me just like my daughter. So excited, God bless our coming trip.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Here in my place I noticed that drugtores are just the same and scattered in different locations. Anyway,  the brands and quality of drugs are just the same. I just compare it in my hometown wherein drugstores are too many, different names and styles but more or less have the same Pharmacy Design. Before I am very curious why their shelves are like that but luckily now I fully understand. Aside from saving a space in the store, medicines are small and tiny so it has to put in a perfect storage. Drugstore here are the best because you can pick up the things you want especially those over the counter drugs. The place is so clean and manageable. Eventhough you didn't take the medicine just by staying the drugstore you will feel great and fine. Hopefully, drugstores in Philippines will be the same as I wish. 

Dentist Appoinment

As a first time mom for six years I taught I am strong enough in everything but I was wrong. Well, nobody could blame me since even myself has a fear of needles and everything the doctor uses in the hospitals. I don't know why but that's me. Last week of June my daughter told me that her tooth is wiggling. It takes almost two weeks but the tooth wasn't removed yet. The problem now is that the new tooth is present at the back and that is why the old tooth should be removed as soon as possible. That is why today since it's my day off I decided to have dentist appoinment for my child. We agreed to take it out today so that the new tooth could move in it's position. Thanks God it was done and removed already. I am so happy also seeing my baby giggles as she is excited if what would it be the exchange of her loose tooth from tooth fairy. Yeah, of course I did prepare already and hopefully she will like it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have a first cousin leaving in Oklahoma for almost six years if I'm not mistaken.I'm longing to visit her and their place of course. Since we relocate in Texas, I never experienced traveling neighboring state yet. One thing oon my mind lately is to go in Oklahoma especially nowadays that my cousins husband is physically sick and just undergo knee surgery. She even mention to me about the roll about scooter that they had been purchased right after his hubby's surgery. I hope everything is all well for now. It's not easy to be sick here. That is why sometimes I felt guilty with those unhealthy foods that I usually take. Though I know some are too much in oil, salt, sugar and some other harmful ingredients. Slowly by slowly I know I can managed it later on. Goodluck to me.  

Extra Bucks

I am so eager to hide or shall I say save extra bucks in our safety box at home. I don't want to put it in the bank because I want to forget it just like nothing. If I decided to put it in the bank I will get tempted to buy stuff I like though it's not really needed. The most important is I can strive to save more before the month of June next year will arrive. I know it's hard to put up money out of the budget yet I'm positively onto it. Goodluck to me and I just wish all my dreams will do come true. Everyone has freedom to dream and live with it. Just like me, still believing the old fairy tale about rags to riches. Goodnight everyone, till next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Music Lover

Every Sunday my hubby and daughter goes to the church while I goes work. I know I have obligation for Sunday's mass but anyway I do it in another day instead. Since my hubby keeps on playing his bass guitar every mass my child is also interested to have her own. I was thinking on why not let her try his daddy's passion maybe they are the same. This coming week I will buy her guitar since Ernie Ball guitar strings for sale is a huge savings for us. Her dad agreed on me anyway, so why wait for too long to discover hidden talents of my daughter. I am so happy for my child's upbringing, she grow into a fine young little girl.

Back Pain

I feel like I'm abusing myself too much. It's been two days already that I felt pain at my back due to overworked last Sunday in the hotel. Anyway it's not really a big deal because I work for my family as simple as that. I just need a massage I think to alleviate the pain. Hopefully few days from now it will be alright.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Enjoy ^_*

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brand Loyalty

Me and my hubby are planning to buy a new computer next year perhaps. I decided to share my old laptop to my nephew. Finally, my hubby agreed on me that I will stick the same product we have now. Aside from the quality it got I used to it for so long already and like it the most compare to my other one. We slowly purchased the hardware. As of now I got the dell monitors and hopefully I could complete everything before next year. I am so excited for the upcoming vacation. Just hoping for the best of course. I have lots of stuff to give for my family and even them couldn't wait anymore. everything will be fine with the grace of mighty saviour.