Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wide Reader

It's summer time for my daughter. Time for her to relax, unwind and do some great stuff aside from school.  We promised her before that we will let her visit and have fun in the famous amusement park her in Texas. Honestly it was our first time since we are just new in the place. As to compare from New Jersey parks infairness the one in San Antonio in way far great and beautiful. Though my daughter is on vacation we don't let her stop studying her lessons. Aside from print lessons we also encourage her through online. It was recommended by top ereaders and I believed them so. Sometimes it's fun studying in front of computer vice versa. My daughter can read some of the words but not too much especially those hard words that they don't take up from kindergarten. I don't forced her anyway because I believed she will learn it by herself as time come. Studying and letting her read sometimes during the day is enough and good start for the coming school year.

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