Monday, June 11, 2012

Aunts Garden

Summer is finally here were all people could do a lots of things. My most favorite part during summer is when we always do grilling and beautifying the flower garden at the patio. No wonder every summer my favorite partner is my one and only aunt here in United States. This time is different because we do a total make-over at my aunts house. First we bought a 54 inch x 78 inch stall shower curtain 9 gromets   to beautify the guest room which was just newly renovated. I love the color and resemblance of this new curtain. The look is very elegant. Of course to match the appearance of the beautiful shower curtain we also changed the door into 36 x 86 shower doors. I cannot imagined if we can change all the door frames in the house because I am so amazed of the quality of the product.

The hard work that my aunt put on it is quiet a worth to buy everything she wants in her house. She never stop working as a nurse in return to buy great stuff. I cannot blamed her anyway, she deserves it. Other thing that is new in her garden is the outdoor furniture slate table perfect for little gathering especially now it's summer. We always love to hang out outside and stay late until dark. While looking the kids playing around, we also busy chatting some good old days of our lives. What a great summer I have.

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