Thursday, June 28, 2012


I got a huge swollen pimple in my left face. It's not really irritable yet very noticeable among of my friends. I never taught I could still get  this at my age. Feeling teenager isn't it? Anyway I'm hoping that anytime next week it will be healed. I'm in the middle of thirtees so I expect something different than having a pimple.  As what my sister have been said better have pimples than having a serious sickness. I agree on her anyway and she's definitely right. That would be all for today friends and do enjoy the coming weekend. Have fun everyone.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wide Reader

It's summer time for my daughter. Time for her to relax, unwind and do some great stuff aside from school.  We promised her before that we will let her visit and have fun in the famous amusement park her in Texas. Honestly it was our first time since we are just new in the place. As to compare from New Jersey parks infairness the one in San Antonio in way far great and beautiful. Though my daughter is on vacation we don't let her stop studying her lessons. Aside from print lessons we also encourage her through online. It was recommended by top ereaders and I believed them so. Sometimes it's fun studying in front of computer vice versa. My daughter can read some of the words but not too much especially those hard words that they don't take up from kindergarten. I don't forced her anyway because I believed she will learn it by herself as time come. Studying and letting her read sometimes during the day is enough and good start for the coming school year.

Tiger Cub Graduate in TaeKwonDo

 Receiving certificate as TaeKwonDo Graduate

Certificate and the new belt...

I'm so happy last week's awarding in TaeKwonDo. My baby girl has graduated in Tiger Cub and she will be promoted to join in Junior class. Time flies without knowing she's there already. I know time will come my daughter will excel farther in her choosen field. I'm one of the million proud mom around the globe and always will be with my beloved daughter. Hope she will strive more and continue to her academic excellence in academic school as well. Goodluck and God bless my child.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

I remember my grandfather last Sunday when we celebrate father's day. Though we just mingled for a couple of years with each other, those moments deserves to be treasured. I was thinking if it is possible to trace my ancestry by dna. I know it's quiet difficult but I am very curious with regards of my roots. Not to mention my grandfather has a spanish blood. He is handsome infairness and my mom got his looks. Proud to be his grandchild and always will. I truly miss him and I know he is in heaven now. Happy father's day to all dad's out there.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Treat

 tickets for 3

me and my daughter

Finally, we've been at SeaWorld last Wednesday whole day. Honestly, I am so tired yet I enjoy a lot. The decision to purchase the fun card instead of day pass is perfect. This coming September we are going back there to enjoy again some spectacular shows and rides especially in Aquatica. This is another thing that we promised to our daughter together with her birthday celebration. Fun for whole day is not enough and I wanted to enjoy more. I'm looking forward for the next visit. 

New Gadgets

We have an early family giving for this year. It's kinda holiday presents for the three of us. I don't know when did we start but all I remember is we have the new gadgets. Since we have new stuff my husband has to protect them through liability coverage to safe purposes. Though we have a safety deposit box at home yet it woudn't fit inside. So I think it's the perfect decision no more worries whatever might happen on future calls. I couldn't wait anymore for next year's vacation, so that I could use more often and explore other techniques that I haven't experienced yet.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Aunts Garden

Summer is finally here were all people could do a lots of things. My most favorite part during summer is when we always do grilling and beautifying the flower garden at the patio. No wonder every summer my favorite partner is my one and only aunt here in United States. This time is different because we do a total make-over at my aunts house. First we bought a 54 inch x 78 inch stall shower curtain 9 gromets   to beautify the guest room which was just newly renovated. I love the color and resemblance of this new curtain. The look is very elegant. Of course to match the appearance of the beautiful shower curtain we also changed the door into 36 x 86 shower doors. I cannot imagined if we can change all the door frames in the house because I am so amazed of the quality of the product.

The hard work that my aunt put on it is quiet a worth to buy everything she wants in her house. She never stop working as a nurse in return to buy great stuff. I cannot blamed her anyway, she deserves it. Other thing that is new in her garden is the outdoor furniture slate table perfect for little gathering especially now it's summer. We always love to hang out outside and stay late until dark. While looking the kids playing around, we also busy chatting some good old days of our lives. What a great summer I have.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Save on Coupons

I am so proud to share the whole world how grateful I am being a wise mom. Everyone here on earth are struggling in the economy whether you believed it or not. As for me as a mom of one child, I have to do something helpful. I see to it that even in a little way I could help my hubby save for our daily consumption. If I wasn't mistaken it was last year I started collecting coupons from newspapers, magazines and even online stuff. I am more happy receiving free shipping coupons right up in my door. Though not all coupons I used but yet some of it is consumable and helpful in my budget. Way to go for saving and more ways of helping my budget come in my way.

6th Birthday

 My daughter's 6th birthday celebration

Few of her kids visitors

These are the few photos I've took last Sunday during the birthday celebration of my child. It was indeed a success one and spritually meaningful. Aside from celbrating her birthday it was also a launch of the Filipino South Austin Fellowship. Honestly, it's my first time here in USA to attend such kind of praise and worship with the group. I kinda like it very much though it's sad because I cannot attend every Sunday for the reason that I always work especially weekends. So much about it, I am so happy and grateful with my child's six birthday. May the Lord God shine more blessings unto my daughter. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Closet

Everyday as I go to work I never noticed some changes in the walk- in closet. None other than a mess and disorganized coats of my hubby. I'm tired of it so I told him that we have to buy standing coat racks at . I think this is the answer to all my concerns since my hubby doesn't have patience to put properly his coat on hangers. He wanted to hang right away though it wasn't put yet properly on hangers. Thanks God I have work now. Through it I can help a little bit with my husband in our daily financies. Infairness it helps a lot especially to my sick father in Philippines. God bless us all.