Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Toy

I was arranging an old stuff of my baby yesterday. Most of them are learning toys which we brought way back she's one year old. One thing that made her teary eyed is the horse toy. Since from the beginning she keep on riding that pretty horse rider. Everything is complete even the saddle pads still looks great as new. Of course thanks to her dad who used to be the keeper of her vintage toys. Hopefully, I could buy her again a doll house were she could get inside or maybe a play pretend kitchen just like when she was still three years old. It's time to buy bigger stuff for my daughter since we are planning to settle down here for many years or forever perhaps.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What A Day!

Oh my goodness. Started last Saturday until now is very busy in the hotel. Sometimes I can even tell that it was too much. Just to be honest I whispered myself this morning that how I wish just for one week the hotel will be slow. It's just a matter of tiredsome you know I don't really mean it. Anyway, only myself heard it and nothing else. The people who came in the hotel is the reason why we have jobs like me. Therefore I should be happy if we are fully book. I said that because I discovered sometimes especially weekend the family made a lot of mess at a very unreasonable scenario. They made the hotel room like garbage can. They throw anywhere like they don't know what suppose to do. Feels like they are eating and throwing messy foods in the floor like the end of the world. God bless us all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm so happy that my one and only child follow the footsteps of her dad. I can say that because in her young age she displayed already her passion and love in music as well. She always go with her day every Sunday to practice with the band. I can't go with them because I always have schedule to work on weekends in the hotel. It's the busiest days in my workplace anyways. My hubby is planning to buy an apple ipods for her daughter this coming Christmas. He really introduced everything to our child. Eventually, next year summer my daughter will start her violin lesson in one of the prestigious music center here in Austin. A little bit expensive yet rewarding for our child. I can't wait my baby girl do her recital on stage. Goodluck my baby girl.