Monday, April 30, 2012

Time to Change

I am just staying at the house for almost three days for the reason that I am sick. While staring at some of my appliances and other stuff of the house I stared much of my old hot tub cover. I think this year is a perfect time to by a new replacement because it wasn't pleasant to an eye anymore. The color is much older compare to my other stuff. Hopefully I could have extra money this year to buy new ones. Just crossing my fingers that I could received more blessings from up above. All I want is not only for me but for the benefit of my whole family.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Call Out

Just this morning I planned ahead of time to call out tomorrow morning. I'm not feeling well and I'm shivering  sometimes. It was the virus of my daughter that passes through me. Here I come I'm having a low grade fever this afternoon. I really needs a massage in the mall. Chinese massage is perfect for me. It feels like that my bones throughout the body is aching and painful. It's hard for me to walk either. I even questioning myself on why I feel this way. Is it because I'm almost in the midst of thirtees? Oh my, this is what my mother told me long time ago. I just hope I will feel better on the next few days. Early morning tomorrow I will call our manager and tell him what happened on me. I know he will understand me.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Brother

I am so excited for next year vacation in Philippines. Nobody can blame me because I just missed my parents way back home. We are even wishing that hopefully our elder brother could have a baby next year perhaps. He is married for almost  five years already and until now no siblings yet. We don't lost any hope because technology today is wise active and highly reproductive. My sister is also trying to help and she highly recommended  progene as the best supplements for my brother. Well, let's just crossed our fingers for that for some positive result anytime soon. God will always find a way if we just believe in Him. I wanted to see all my nieces and nephews in one place next year. As for now, the best way for me to do is save an extra money for next years grand vacation.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Belter

Few hours from now my little girl will be awarded and promoted into a red belter. Well, because of that I will be busy shooting every moves she could make tonight at TKD school awarding rites. Way to go my baby girl into black belt. I know it will come so soon. You deserves everything and it's just full of surprises.  I just hope I could find a perfect location for my shooting mode later. Aside for being promoted into a red belt , she will also get the three stars from her academic excellence given by her teacher. I'm so proud of my little one. I'm going to post photos later tonight after the awarding ceremony. Congratulations my baby and God bless your talent.

The Villa

I am so amazed while looking at my friend social site photos. They are building their family villa at one of the nice island in Philippines. How I wish I could have like those. One thing that amazes me is there cabin that was put in the said garden of the villa. I even told my friend that I will surely visit the place next year before it will open for business. Who knows I can buy a little stocks in there. We cannot deny that the place is booming today towards the future. Perfect for business and why not start now to build more  for tomorrow. I have a plan also with our small property and it's going to start soon.Only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Carnival

These are just the few photos that my hubby took last spring carnival where my daughter enjoyed the fun day. I'm not present that time because I was working but nevertheless she's having fun. My daughter requested me to post this photo were lots of lollipops was arranged in a cactus shape stand. It was cute anyway so I agreed with her. I wasn't contented with other photos, maybe because I am so particular when it comes to shooting objects and events. We'll hopefully next time I would be off and present this kind of event.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Bus Stop!

I prefer to ride a bus going home from work. For the reason that I wanted to trim down a little bit by doing that. It's been almost six years that I haven't made a walk like this. This is a perfect exercise for me and for the benefit of my health of course. This afternoon I'm almost late in the bus because I'm almost slide in the  garage floor when I tried to run. I never saw that there is a water spill from the rain. Yet, I'm still very thankful because it never went through and I'm just in time outside at the bus stop. I can say that I am such a lucky bus rider ever since. Just hope everyday would be lucky for me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Friend

I always forget my neighbors request everytime I go home in Philippines for vacation. I don't remember a single time that his wish is granted. My immediate family doesn't smoke so I think that's the reason why I don't have the guts to buy some packs on him. Now that I have a new friend and really do smoke so finally decided to buy some for my neighbor and I could handed him over sometime next year during vacation. Especially next week there is a cigar auction to be held in the city. Why not grab some and enjoy the show. I even planning to but atleast four packs I think so that all my neighbors can have atleast. Just crossing my fingers for next years big thing.

It's Great!

I feel good already. I've been suffering cough and colds for a week. Finally, I can tell myself that I'm okey and nothing to worry much at all. I'm not fussy at work as to compare the past days. Maybe because my body doesn't want or like to consult a doctor. Pretty funny but I guess it's true, my body and mind comes along. Back to reality again from work to home and play with my child just a vice versa for everyday simple living. Nothing too much to ask for as for now. As long as I am happy with my family not too less and not too much as I say. Have a nice Monday everyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Something Real

I encourage my brother to try blogging since I've been here for almost two years already. I thank the lord for the fruitful years that has passed. My brother is very ambitious but not quiet well improving. He wanted something real that fits on his passion. Whatever the job is as long as he is staring at the computer. He is wondering to look for the best cpa network that he can relied on. I just hope I'm helping him through giving him some ideas and advices. I know it will help a lot as a beginner.
My brother is trying to get in the limelight slowly for he wanted to make sure if he's in the right corner. We'll goodluck to him and best wishes for the coming days to come.