Sunday, February 5, 2012


Another affair is fast approaching sometimes on the third week of February. I coudn't believed when my daughter ask me on what she will get on Valentines day. She's pretty funny, it looks like in every occassion she expect something to received. Since she's the only one we have, I am planning for a perfect gift for her. I'm still thinking on what to give. I wanted something different but usable for her. Actually, my hubby give the advance gift for me and so happy to have an additional 300 mm lenses for my DSLR. One thing also this coming celebration I heard with my daughter that her daddy is planning to buy a new celphone for me. I am excited for that and hope it will come so soon. And for my hubby he got it the other day and none other than his favorite and long time dream to have the bass guitar. I think for this valentines day we are all receiving a gift from ourselves and it always sound fun.

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