Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't Be Late!

It's tax filing time once again. How about you guys out there did you file already or still hoing to file maybe. Don't you ever be late so that you cannot encounter problems later on. Me and my hubby file our tax returns at the first week of February and indeed got our refund last week. If you don't have time to see an agent or accountant to do your return during office hours, we have a new option for that. We can definitely do it thru H&R block at home . No hassle at all and very reliable. We are under them for five years already and so far they are trusted from many up to now. We are so comfortable dealing with them and looking forward to work with them for more years to come.

New Gadget

While at work my hubby called me up, telling me that I have to go home earlier than my normal schedule. I was wondering what he is up to with. He just said that he has something for me. I don't know what it is but the word surprise makes me trilled honestly. One thing that comes into my mind is a food or something that would satisfy hunger. Definitely I am not right because when I got home, my daughter handed in-front of me the new blackberry celfone. I'm really surprised that finally my hubby made his mind to buy a new one for me. I don't expect him to buy that for me but he really did. I am so happy with my new gadget. it was awesome as I say. Thank you honey.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rest Early

I've been encountering several of my friends online that they are suffering migraine. I feel so lucky then that I don't have those and I deeply thank the Lord for the current health I have. One of my friend in the other country currently undergo a Migraine surgery and it was successful as expected by our trusted doctors. We young women nowadays is very abusive on our health. We don't pay much attention on it until our body will tell us so that we need a break. In the middle of thirtees I feel a lot of body pains already and it's not a good sign or so. Though I have to put more time doing something to make ends meet I still put into consideration that I need rest and time in the family. Anyway, I just want to be stress free in a while.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Loan

Our family friend in the other state share his stories about their present life today. It's been shaking financially when it comes to money. But atleast the relationship between his wife is still strong as ever. I don't have any idea before that even our own property like cars could be put into risk. Since they encountered financial hardships they join the car title loans Massachusetts a month ago. They do this because they wanted to help thei family who is deeply in need financially because of the operation to be done in the other country. There's no way we can question that because it was a great idea on giving to somebody else's lives. What a great job as I say. God bless him more for that.


Hello friends out there, have you shopped today? Well, maybe some yes and maybe some no right? As for myself I didn't able to shop because I am terrible tired from work. I just headed straight back to home. Anyway my hubby shop a polo for his own yesterday and it has big discounts he said. My daughter got toys yesterday as well. I just hope I am paid for an extra today since it's a holiday. Looking forward for the next pay check next week. Well see if there's extra money for shopping. That time it's gonna be my turn to buy something for myself.

Friday, February 10, 2012


My daughter keeps on telling her dad that she wants me to join in their school for yoga session. There's nothing wrong about that because my health would probably benefit at the end. What I am into is that I am lazy for it honestly. Maybe I will be good in the first few sessions and later I will quit for sure. So, since my daughter is so eager for that on my behalf I just wanted to purchased their yoga mats. Those mats is very useful to me. I can have my own exercise at home though it's not daily but yet my household chores is everyday. I couldn't wait to use my yoga mats next week. I think Valentines day is the best day to start my wellness exercise.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

After Shock

It's been in the news few days ago about the earthquake happened between Negros and Cebu. Thanks God nobody hurt with my family in Cebu. The death toll in Negros rises now up to 200 plus. One of my niece ask me about buildings and the capability of the foundation to fall during earthquakes. Well it really depends on how strong the earthquake is whether it's a rock, cement or steel buildings won't matter at all. Everything will gonna be devastating with the strong earthquakes. I always pray to God that he will protect my family here and abroad. Everything will be possible with prayer. Atleast now my family wasn't feared much as compare the day itself of earthquake.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Another affair is fast approaching sometimes on the third week of February. I coudn't believed when my daughter ask me on what she will get on Valentines day. She's pretty funny, it looks like in every occassion she expect something to received. Since she's the only one we have, I am planning for a perfect gift for her. I'm still thinking on what to give. I wanted something different but usable for her. Actually, my hubby give the advance gift for me and so happy to have an additional 300 mm lenses for my DSLR. One thing also this coming celebration I heard with my daughter that her daddy is planning to buy a new celphone for me. I am excited for that and hope it will come so soon. And for my hubby he got it the other day and none other than his favorite and long time dream to have the bass guitar. I think for this valentines day we are all receiving a gift from ourselves and it always sound fun.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hearts Day

February is a love month. This month is very special especially to lovers. Well not only for lovers but for all people like to show their love to everyone. My cousin is very sophisticated in every presents she received from her husband. Just like this coming Valentines day, she wanted flowers in  San Diego gift baskets delivered right up in her workplace first thing in the morning. I cannot blamed her since she was born to be a lucky girl in the family. Her husband is also superb supporter to her likes and wants in her life. I can say that she is lucky enough and I hope that I can share some of her blessings spritually and physically.