Thursday, December 27, 2012

Great Choice

I congratulate my cousin for receiving an award in school. Her concern now is how to change her name to the real one. It's been a year already that she keeps on looking for somebody to takes care on it. Luckily, there's a school mate on her helping finding the best resource for a San Diego law firm in their town. Hopefully, before the new year starts she could resolve this as soon as possible. I know everything will be just fine.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to my family, relatives, and friends around the world. All I want this Christmas is peace, love and hope for the humankind. I don't ask much for myself as long as I am healthy and family complete. Hoping for more blessings of course and I know God will grant it if it's really for me.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

She Loves It

My colleagues at the office talking about the best things they have for this year. We have uncommon taughts, different lifestyle and experiences. Just like what I recently discovered when I visited my cousin at Oklahoma last week she is very happy seeing and enjoying her new built jacuzzi tubs in her master bedroom. It's everyones dream to have their own jacuzzi in their own convenient. How I wish my daughter could have one as well because that is what she always wanted to have ever since she started in first grade.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cute Creature

 the hole made by the cutie Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crazy Me!

Looks funny! This photo was taken at Apache, Oklahoma last December 7th. The place is very relaxing, far away from traffic in the city of Austin. Honestly, if I have to choose between Austin and Oklahoma particularly in Apache, I'll rather stay here in Austin regardless of those heavy traffics. Their place is too much silent, no fun and simply boring. Perfect for oldies as I can perfectly describe it. I still love to visit their place for quiet sometime. People in the busy place needs to relax and unwind sometimes. Hopefully next year we will stay their a little bit longer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Power Outage

It's been two days already that my daughter doesn't have a taekwondo class for the reason the their building has a power outage started last Sunday. I don't really what happened, I just saw the electrician do the work outside the street while the director send some emails regarding the issue. Not to hide but me as an individual is curious of everything. Last Sunday afternoon while driving around the school I stopped for a while and ask the electrician about the main uses of digital ph meter that he's holding on. It's just normal anyway and the best thing is I want to learn new things. Anyway, hopefully power will be back tomorrow because the school is going to conduct an award ceremony and my daughter is one of them.

Gift Wrapping

Busy as a bee, exactly the best phrase I can describe myself nowadays. As a mom, I wanted atleast perfect in the eyes of my daughter.Today is the best time to finish my gift wrapping activity since I'll be back to work tomorrow from my six days vacation. All days was quiet a worth of relaxing together with my family. It was indeed priceless. I'm waiting for the right time that my child will go to bed so that I can proceed my special chores. Everything I do is intended for my one an only daughter. Christmas is for everyone and most especially for children.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Window Decor

Another holiday cheer is coming our way. Now is the best time to beautify my window by putting new sets of colors to match my team this year. Normally my favorite color is blue, this year I'm still going to put the blue color but mix with other color. It's just a combination of blue, white and pink. Since I put three colors that means it will be more heavier that anyone taught. So, I have to put another curtain rods from which was I recently bought last week. So excited for the coming holiday. Eventually, for me it's the most wonderful time of the year. The season that no one could ever replace in my heart and soul. Hopefully , I could save more this time so that I can share atleast to my family abroad.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank You

Tomorrow is the biggest celebration here in the country. Time to give thanks and be thankful for all the blessings we received. It doesn't mean that we really have to prepare for a party but just simply have good for the family. In today's economy life is tough in job hunting, crisis in budget and lot to mention. Hopefully the country will recover more so that people will be more productive as expected by many. Anyway, let's just pray for the best and give thanks with all the blessings.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Nobody can stop nowadays in a way the technology is rising as fast as the falling star. Lots of ways to do online especially whether you surf, chat, search and even do eoncode web to print online. I cannot imagine what the future of technology lies ahead. Now it was superb cool and high-tech what else tomorrow. Hopefully, it would be for better in the environment and not misuse it. Childrens are the future of the next generation and I believe somewhere out there is eager to do on what's best for our planet earth.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

State Visit

My family is going to Oklahoma first week of December. Finally, I can meet my cousin after fifteen years that we are not seeing each other. Of course I coudn't wait the days to come. I am so excited now and even planning to take notes of the recipe's we plan to cook. I just pray to God that in the coming days He will protect us from sickness so that we can pursue our plan trip. I am very excited now and so my daughter.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am doing a general cleaning in our apartment home today. Gladly I did finished everything except the back log in the vanity. Just few days ago I noticed that the water flows very slow until today it was totally clog. I'm about to try fixing under it until I found out that I don't have enough stuff for repair.  Luckily, I still have acorn nuts in my closet which is very useful during repair session. Hopefully tomorrow it will be done so that my daughter could wash her hands in the sink without having a hard time putting the water in the tub.

Not Well

Two days ago, I am so worried because my baby got sick. I noticed her by the time my hubby goes to work. Unluckily when I'm about to get a medicine I am out of stock which I get worried most. I don't drive and I don't have car because we only have one car were my hubby used everyday to work. What I did is try to call my friend which is a mile away from my home. So happy that they helped me and bring medicine after twenty minutes. It was greatly appreciated and I'm so thankful for having them as our family friend who is so kind. God bless them more!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dream Home

Just like other individual I never fail to hope and dream that someday I can have my own dream home. I know my hubby won't agree with me but yet who knows what would be my lucky days come. I cannot do it by my own whether I will save or maybe wait until it arrives. In short I'm just hoping for miracles. I really wanted to settle down near at my friends community. I love to get a real estate highlands nc because my bestfriend do the same. Everything was truly amazing and I wanted it also for my family. Just crossing my fingers and I know someday it will come without a blink of my eye. Time will come that I my life will shine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Dinner Tonight

I am trying not to eat much. I wanted to loose weight as much as I do. Everything is possible if I will do it seriously. Hopefully God will grant me all my wishes to become more healthier than what I have now. Exactly not only me but for my daughter especially. Go for healthier habit and attitude. Goodluck to us.

I know someday, my goal would come true and hoping to look like this!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Having Fun

Ever since I have my very own laptop few years back I'm embracing lots of time doing online stuff. It's such a relief for me to stop my homesick having far away from my family way from my hometown. In short it helps me as being pre-occupied as much as I want to. Aside doing those farm games I also love action games just like pinball game. I do really like it and believe me I laugh like an insane woman because I'm alone. Well, I think without it my days would be bored and probably could turn to a gloomy days.

Now that I am busy of doing online game and updating it once in a while I think this would be enough for me. Atleast my mom wouldn't feel sick just by thinking of me. We are six in the family but yet I am the most favorite child of my mom. I said that because only me who is very much behave and loyal to her. Whatever my mother is asking me to do, she never got a negative feedback from me. I always follow here as much as I love to. Hopefully, more games to come to kill my boredsome sometimes. How many months come I will visit my family back my birth country.

Simply Mom

As for me, I am the simplest mom in the world. I don't ever care how do I look like as long as my daughter looks great. I don't say that I forget myself but the least I do is just as simple as can be. I'm pretty much okey without any glamorous stuff and I don't even care either. That's what I want with my life to live very simple. All I want is to help my family from my hometown and be healthy all the time. That's all matters to me. I am too much contented with what I have now. I'm having a full time job, taking care my family, a wife and a mommy of a lovely daughter.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Fourteen days more to go for the coming monster mash halloween party in school. As a mom I am honestly looking forward to it. Aside that it's my first time to attend and also my daughter's first time also. Yesterday, me and my daughter was finished shopping for costumes.She got the black ninja attire while I have my black horror robe. Isn't it exciting? Absolutely yes for the two of us. I am glad also that my hubby is off that day so it will not hard for me wearing the attire while busy the photo shoot for my child because my husband will do it for sure. Can't wait the days to come and I am ready for the party!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Love!

It is indeed! My hubby has another love or shall I say we are two in his heart. I am talking about how he loves the music as much as he loves me. To cout everything I think it's only two months that my hubby learn the bass guitar and until now she loves it more. Though he had a bass guitar but still longing to buy those excellent quality of course. He got bass just few days back. I don't mind at all if whether it's expensive or not as long as it is at reasonable cost. I don't know why that few years ago I don't really appreciate bass but now that my hubby plays it I understand more and love it as well. I don't say any word when it comes to music.

Halloween Shopping

Are you ready for halloween party? I think everyone is ready for the end of the month celebration. Just like my daughter she is ready to join the mash monster party in her school. that is why tomorrow we are going to shop for our costume. I'm not so sure yet for myself if I will join the costume party or just for my daughter only. We'll see in the coming days but as for now my daughter is the most important that she could shop as early as now before the stocks will out.

New Television

Atlast, for a very long time of arguing this thing we come up yesterday and finalized. Next month due to high demand of mother and daughter, we are going to purchase another flat screen television. Of course I can't wait the day to come. As of now we prepare the necessary equipment to be used. My hubby got the best chief mount to be used to support our flat screen and it will be probably hang in the wall. Our new t.v will be put in the living room while the old one will be placed in my daughter's bedroom. I'm excite the day to come.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

House Hunting

Just this morning the three of us are having a little stroll at the park. Right after we made a sweat a little bit we decided to visit some houses at the near subdivision. Suddenly we saw a sign saying that they are having a garage sale. Since the weather is nice we go down and have a look with the items on sale. One of the owner approach me and tell me that their other house is for sale as well. Wow, they own bunch of houses just near their subdivision. We kinda interested to look of course especially when I heard the final cost of the house. Before that the man of the house handed me the hayward salt cell which is still in new condition perfect to use in the pool. That was a very nice attitude as I said. Hopefully, we can use it sooner by the time my hubby can made up his mind.

Nice Weather

We are having a nice weather today. Fall is finally here and I really feel it just the way people embrace it.
I'm off duty today as well as my hubby. Therefore it's a perfect day today to unwind together. First thing in the morning we headed to the park to feel the cold breeze while doing the stuff we like. If I could magic the time, how I wish we are rich that I don't need to work and spend more time at the workplace than being with my family. Well, life is like that so I just have to live with it. Enjoy everyone and.....

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tooth Fairy

Does anyone believe with tooth fairy when you are still at your young age? Well, me absolutely not. Everytime my dentist or my so called mama dentist nothing would come at night. Maybe because we are not used to it and doesn't like to practice either. Since I'm in the other country I am glad also to anticipate kids beliefs. Tomorrow my daughter has a rush appointment to her dentist because she keeps on complaining about her tooth and wanting to uproot it as soon as possible. Yes, it's wiggling already but not much at all so me and my hubby agreed to uproot it tomorrow. Goodluck to my baby girl.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Miss My Parents

By hopping and browsing my social network last night I suddenly landed in my relatives page. It was fun because what I saw is the new post of her album celebrating my niece fifth birthday. Through browsing the album I am so happy when I saw my mama and papa. Looking in my papa's appearance made my tears flow. I simply miss them so and feel how my papa tried to be strong for us and to live longer. I wish that the lord will give him more blessings on his health that he will live more as much as I want to. Hopefully, next year we could spend quality time together in one family. Just crossing my fingers that our plan will pursue positively. I am so excited that I even count the months and days past by. All we need is to save for financies of course and still struggling to save more. Goodluck to us.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dream House

Everyday before I go to bed I never forget to give thanks to the Lord the blessings we received everyday. One thing that I feel missing in our family is to have our own house. I don't know when will it be happen. I never loose hope that someday it will come to our lives. I was surprised the other day when our close family friend made mention to my hubby to buy a new house at wilmington nc real estate at It was totally amazing because the costs are very low yet the quality is very nice. A little bit excited because I feel that my partner was convinced though he doesn't tell me but I feel it. Hopefully sooner it will come into reality.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Month of August is mine actually.Until now, I couldn't believed either that my hardwork was finally recognized and honored to be the employee of the month of August. The feeling I have is very special that no one could stole it for a moment. Though I wasn't there to received it yet any days or months coming surely my name will be put in the hanging plaque of the building. Everyday, I could see it from the hallway..Wishing more blessings to come and good health especially for my family.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


To sum up all the days, I think it's been two weeks already that I suffered the low response of my pc. Everytime I open it, It always displayed that the browser cannot be open for some reasons and need to be fix. We didn't do it yet because as far as I knew it is very costly. Through hopping in the net on the solutions I am happy with what I got. This is the answer actually on my problems by speed up computer at Finally, it come before I bring it to the computer repair shop. Right now I am very happy with the outcome. Hopefully, it will not end so soon so that I could save more money for our upcoming vacation plan in Philippines.

First Day!

First day of school is fun of course. Sad to say that I wasn't able to drop my daughter on her first day of 1st grade. The reason was acceptable anyway and the best thing is that she understand why I cannot do it. Anyway, my hubby is there and I even promise that the next three days is my turn since I will enjoy my three days off. So happy that I moved on and got transfered to a new position. Isn't it exciting? That is why I didn't made the first day of school. This is not only for me but for my family. And I'm pretty sure they are very proud of me.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Important Message

Before my sister resigned on her recent job, I haven't heard her anymore and miss her much. I really don't know if whether she doesn't have any connection or maybe just busy looking for a new job. Anyway, though that was the scenario I never failed to contact her and even leave a message on  phone that they currently have in their business office. Hopefully, my sister could made a call for me because we have something to tackle about with regards of my mother's request. Actually, I like the idea on their service because although they don't answer me right away buy yet any important message could be saved and retrieved any time. That all matter's anyway.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Special

I cannot wait for next years happening. My distant niece is going to marry his long time boyfriend. Guess what I am somewhat giggles when I saw the photo of their engagement ring which was a precious ring as a girls bestfriend. How I wish I have those in one of my fingers. Anyway, as long as they are happy that's the most important of all. I am not hoping for it anymore but still wishing for my daughters future that suddenly she could own those kind in the near future. It's free to dream as what others say and I believed it as well.  

Lucky Me!

I am truly proud of myself. Just wanted to tell the whole world that I am an employee of the month. I don't think of any great word than being proud. I am the only employee that has been recognized as early as of seven months since the day I started. Honestly I really don't expect it. It happened when I and my friend are staring at the bulletin and suddenly saw my name two days before the luncheon. I truly dedicate my award to my family here and abroad. Surely theu are proud for me as well. Goodnight everyone..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Health Reasons

I am busy looking for an insurance way back when my daughter's need some since her insurance was expired already. I never knew then how difficult it was because you have to consider a lot of things. You should think twice or thrice before you commit to have one. Honestly, me and my hubby before doesn't care about insurance for the reason that it is very expensive and sometimes unreasonable. I was surprised when my partner enrolled and got interested with term life insurance no medical exam. This is perfect for him because he doesn't like his time to be wasted by waiting in line for check-ups and other exams. When we heared about it, he doesn't have any second taught than grab the opportunity before it knocks out. For health reasons we are comfortable knowing that as early as now we are totally prepared for tomorrow.

Shopping Day

Were back from our early morning shopping for my daughter's school supplies. Finally, I'm almost completed the stuff yet I still have to look for the few things. I am excited for the first day of school. My daughter and I are counting the days to come and it's gonna be ten days more to go. I don't have problems with clothes since we did a total of two days shopping just for her clothes. Even a single stuff for me is nothing, I'll just say it is exclusively for our one and only daughter. I know start of school is gonna be a little expensive and costly. Anyway, that's what it is whether you like it or not. One thing for sure is I'm going to off by the time she will start the day. Starting this day we are having countdown already. Goodluck to all kids and parents out there.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Something For My Friend

Early morning at work last Monday I remember my promised to one of my friend on his birthday. I didn't come on the affair because I am watching my daughter since my hubby is at work. I already have presents preferred for him yet I want something to add on. I got a discount cigars from the finest brand and wanting this to give to him. I know he will be happy for my presents that I am going to give tomorrow morning at work. Anyway, it's the thoughts that really counts and I am still holding that sayings until I get more older. Friendship is important especially if you trust one another. Life is getting tougher each day that is why we should be wiser in choosing our pals. 

Belt Testing

This coming Friday is my child's belt testing for yellow belt in a junior division. How time flies that my tiger cubs turn suddenly into junior. If I'm not mistaken she only got it for one year before proceeding to junior. I am so happy for my daughter's endeavor in life. She is just six years old last June and for us she is a baby. pretty funny but that's a reality for parents like us. Goodluck to my daughter this coming friday and we all know that she could make it at her young age. Infairness, she already possess and performed like a two years more older on her age. We love you so much my baby and God bless. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jewelry Box

As to compare when I was a kid I never experienced doing some projects just like my daughter has. I simply do some coloring and paper sketches. I am amused with my kid because at her early age she loves to design and decorate anything. Last month in her birthday somebody gaves her a jewelry box which has to be design. All the accessories was included especially the Prehnite Beads that would greatly beautify the box to it's final touch. Since I have a hectic schedule doing some stuff we just finished it last week. It was indeed beautiful and you will not think that we made it finally. I took some photos of our projects and even post it in my social network. It really looks expensive and adorable. Looking forward for the next project of my child and of course it will be successful with my help.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yummy Dinner

I really have fun on our last short vacation in Houston. I taught at first that it would be a boring days but I was totally wrong because we enjoyed a lot. A total of three days was quiet a worth anyway. We spend our last day at Galveston with friends. We had a scrumptous dinner at crab shack. Yes, I am allergy to crabs and shrimp and sadly I just order fish menu for myself and chicken strips for my daughter. Looking those yummy foods from my friends plate makes me feel so hungry yet I cannot eat it since I'm allergic to it. Miss those foods really way back when I was younger. Hopefully me and my family can go back to Galveston and visit Moody Gardens for we don't visit the place yet. I wish end of this year perhaps while there is reason to celebrate. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Annual Celebration

Just like a blink of my eye here we go again my hometown is going to celebrate their town fiesta. My colleague send me a message if I can help by sponsoring one of their activities. They knew already what activity I always loved and of course I will help them. I still have time to prepare for the exact amount I have to share for the beauty pageant. First, I have to buy trophies at This will help them a lot. I don't want them to sacrifice too much for finding donors and sponsors. It's a way of saying thank you as well. Without them I wouldn't meet my husband now. I tried my very best that every annual fiesta I can contribute an amount that probably help their activities.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Days Away

Four days more to go to enjoy my three days away from work. The three of us is going to Houston for the first time. We are just going to unwind and relax for sometimes. Of course while visiting Houston we will visit the famous space center first thing in the morning of Tuesday next week. We will make sure that every minute is usable at it's best. Before heading to Galveston, downtown of Houston is our target and the museum perfect  for my child as well. Actually, the second day is more fun since we will meet our couple of family friends there . We are going to celebrate their sons birthday at the park. Finally, our gift is already prepared. I just prepared some clothes to wear to make everyday beautiful for me just like my daughter. So excited, God bless our coming trip.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Here in my place I noticed that drugtores are just the same and scattered in different locations. Anyway,  the brands and quality of drugs are just the same. I just compare it in my hometown wherein drugstores are too many, different names and styles but more or less have the same Pharmacy Design. Before I am very curious why their shelves are like that but luckily now I fully understand. Aside from saving a space in the store, medicines are small and tiny so it has to put in a perfect storage. Drugstore here are the best because you can pick up the things you want especially those over the counter drugs. The place is so clean and manageable. Eventhough you didn't take the medicine just by staying the drugstore you will feel great and fine. Hopefully, drugstores in Philippines will be the same as I wish. 

Dentist Appoinment

As a first time mom for six years I taught I am strong enough in everything but I was wrong. Well, nobody could blame me since even myself has a fear of needles and everything the doctor uses in the hospitals. I don't know why but that's me. Last week of June my daughter told me that her tooth is wiggling. It takes almost two weeks but the tooth wasn't removed yet. The problem now is that the new tooth is present at the back and that is why the old tooth should be removed as soon as possible. That is why today since it's my day off I decided to have dentist appoinment for my child. We agreed to take it out today so that the new tooth could move in it's position. Thanks God it was done and removed already. I am so happy also seeing my baby giggles as she is excited if what would it be the exchange of her loose tooth from tooth fairy. Yeah, of course I did prepare already and hopefully she will like it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have a first cousin leaving in Oklahoma for almost six years if I'm not mistaken.I'm longing to visit her and their place of course. Since we relocate in Texas, I never experienced traveling neighboring state yet. One thing oon my mind lately is to go in Oklahoma especially nowadays that my cousins husband is physically sick and just undergo knee surgery. She even mention to me about the roll about scooter that they had been purchased right after his hubby's surgery. I hope everything is all well for now. It's not easy to be sick here. That is why sometimes I felt guilty with those unhealthy foods that I usually take. Though I know some are too much in oil, salt, sugar and some other harmful ingredients. Slowly by slowly I know I can managed it later on. Goodluck to me.  

Extra Bucks

I am so eager to hide or shall I say save extra bucks in our safety box at home. I don't want to put it in the bank because I want to forget it just like nothing. If I decided to put it in the bank I will get tempted to buy stuff I like though it's not really needed. The most important is I can strive to save more before the month of June next year will arrive. I know it's hard to put up money out of the budget yet I'm positively onto it. Goodluck to me and I just wish all my dreams will do come true. Everyone has freedom to dream and live with it. Just like me, still believing the old fairy tale about rags to riches. Goodnight everyone, till next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Music Lover

Every Sunday my hubby and daughter goes to the church while I goes work. I know I have obligation for Sunday's mass but anyway I do it in another day instead. Since my hubby keeps on playing his bass guitar every mass my child is also interested to have her own. I was thinking on why not let her try his daddy's passion maybe they are the same. This coming week I will buy her guitar since Ernie Ball guitar strings for sale is a huge savings for us. Her dad agreed on me anyway, so why wait for too long to discover hidden talents of my daughter. I am so happy for my child's upbringing, she grow into a fine young little girl.

Back Pain

I feel like I'm abusing myself too much. It's been two days already that I felt pain at my back due to overworked last Sunday in the hotel. Anyway it's not really a big deal because I work for my family as simple as that. I just need a massage I think to alleviate the pain. Hopefully few days from now it will be alright.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Enjoy ^_*

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brand Loyalty

Me and my hubby are planning to buy a new computer next year perhaps. I decided to share my old laptop to my nephew. Finally, my hubby agreed on me that I will stick the same product we have now. Aside from the quality it got I used to it for so long already and like it the most compare to my other one. We slowly purchased the hardware. As of now I got the dell monitors and hopefully I could complete everything before next year. I am so excited for the upcoming vacation. Just hoping for the best of course. I have lots of stuff to give for my family and even them couldn't wait anymore. everything will be fine with the grace of mighty saviour.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I got a huge swollen pimple in my left face. It's not really irritable yet very noticeable among of my friends. I never taught I could still get  this at my age. Feeling teenager isn't it? Anyway I'm hoping that anytime next week it will be healed. I'm in the middle of thirtees so I expect something different than having a pimple.  As what my sister have been said better have pimples than having a serious sickness. I agree on her anyway and she's definitely right. That would be all for today friends and do enjoy the coming weekend. Have fun everyone.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wide Reader

It's summer time for my daughter. Time for her to relax, unwind and do some great stuff aside from school.  We promised her before that we will let her visit and have fun in the famous amusement park her in Texas. Honestly it was our first time since we are just new in the place. As to compare from New Jersey parks infairness the one in San Antonio in way far great and beautiful. Though my daughter is on vacation we don't let her stop studying her lessons. Aside from print lessons we also encourage her through online. It was recommended by top ereaders and I believed them so. Sometimes it's fun studying in front of computer vice versa. My daughter can read some of the words but not too much especially those hard words that they don't take up from kindergarten. I don't forced her anyway because I believed she will learn it by herself as time come. Studying and letting her read sometimes during the day is enough and good start for the coming school year.

Tiger Cub Graduate in TaeKwonDo

 Receiving certificate as TaeKwonDo Graduate

Certificate and the new belt...

I'm so happy last week's awarding in TaeKwonDo. My baby girl has graduated in Tiger Cub and she will be promoted to join in Junior class. Time flies without knowing she's there already. I know time will come my daughter will excel farther in her choosen field. I'm one of the million proud mom around the globe and always will be with my beloved daughter. Hope she will strive more and continue to her academic excellence in academic school as well. Goodluck and God bless my child.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

I remember my grandfather last Sunday when we celebrate father's day. Though we just mingled for a couple of years with each other, those moments deserves to be treasured. I was thinking if it is possible to trace my ancestry by dna. I know it's quiet difficult but I am very curious with regards of my roots. Not to mention my grandfather has a spanish blood. He is handsome infairness and my mom got his looks. Proud to be his grandchild and always will. I truly miss him and I know he is in heaven now. Happy father's day to all dad's out there.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Treat

 tickets for 3

me and my daughter

Finally, we've been at SeaWorld last Wednesday whole day. Honestly, I am so tired yet I enjoy a lot. The decision to purchase the fun card instead of day pass is perfect. This coming September we are going back there to enjoy again some spectacular shows and rides especially in Aquatica. This is another thing that we promised to our daughter together with her birthday celebration. Fun for whole day is not enough and I wanted to enjoy more. I'm looking forward for the next visit. 

New Gadgets

We have an early family giving for this year. It's kinda holiday presents for the three of us. I don't know when did we start but all I remember is we have the new gadgets. Since we have new stuff my husband has to protect them through liability coverage to safe purposes. Though we have a safety deposit box at home yet it woudn't fit inside. So I think it's the perfect decision no more worries whatever might happen on future calls. I couldn't wait anymore for next year's vacation, so that I could use more often and explore other techniques that I haven't experienced yet.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Aunts Garden

Summer is finally here were all people could do a lots of things. My most favorite part during summer is when we always do grilling and beautifying the flower garden at the patio. No wonder every summer my favorite partner is my one and only aunt here in United States. This time is different because we do a total make-over at my aunts house. First we bought a 54 inch x 78 inch stall shower curtain 9 gromets   to beautify the guest room which was just newly renovated. I love the color and resemblance of this new curtain. The look is very elegant. Of course to match the appearance of the beautiful shower curtain we also changed the door into 36 x 86 shower doors. I cannot imagined if we can change all the door frames in the house because I am so amazed of the quality of the product.

The hard work that my aunt put on it is quiet a worth to buy everything she wants in her house. She never stop working as a nurse in return to buy great stuff. I cannot blamed her anyway, she deserves it. Other thing that is new in her garden is the outdoor furniture slate table perfect for little gathering especially now it's summer. We always love to hang out outside and stay late until dark. While looking the kids playing around, we also busy chatting some good old days of our lives. What a great summer I have.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Save on Coupons

I am so proud to share the whole world how grateful I am being a wise mom. Everyone here on earth are struggling in the economy whether you believed it or not. As for me as a mom of one child, I have to do something helpful. I see to it that even in a little way I could help my hubby save for our daily consumption. If I wasn't mistaken it was last year I started collecting coupons from newspapers, magazines and even online stuff. I am more happy receiving free shipping coupons right up in my door. Though not all coupons I used but yet some of it is consumable and helpful in my budget. Way to go for saving and more ways of helping my budget come in my way.

6th Birthday

 My daughter's 6th birthday celebration

Few of her kids visitors

These are the few photos I've took last Sunday during the birthday celebration of my child. It was indeed a success one and spritually meaningful. Aside from celbrating her birthday it was also a launch of the Filipino South Austin Fellowship. Honestly, it's my first time here in USA to attend such kind of praise and worship with the group. I kinda like it very much though it's sad because I cannot attend every Sunday for the reason that I always work especially weekends. So much about it, I am so happy and grateful with my child's six birthday. May the Lord God shine more blessings unto my daughter. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Closet

Everyday as I go to work I never noticed some changes in the walk- in closet. None other than a mess and disorganized coats of my hubby. I'm tired of it so I told him that we have to buy standing coat racks at . I think this is the answer to all my concerns since my hubby doesn't have patience to put properly his coat on hangers. He wanted to hang right away though it wasn't put yet properly on hangers. Thanks God I have work now. Through it I can help a little bit with my husband in our daily financies. Infairness it helps a lot especially to my sick father in Philippines. God bless us all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Toy

I was arranging an old stuff of my baby yesterday. Most of them are learning toys which we brought way back she's one year old. One thing that made her teary eyed is the horse toy. Since from the beginning she keep on riding that pretty horse rider. Everything is complete even the saddle pads still looks great as new. Of course thanks to her dad who used to be the keeper of her vintage toys. Hopefully, I could buy her again a doll house were she could get inside or maybe a play pretend kitchen just like when she was still three years old. It's time to buy bigger stuff for my daughter since we are planning to settle down here for many years or forever perhaps.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What A Day!

Oh my goodness. Started last Saturday until now is very busy in the hotel. Sometimes I can even tell that it was too much. Just to be honest I whispered myself this morning that how I wish just for one week the hotel will be slow. It's just a matter of tiredsome you know I don't really mean it. Anyway, only myself heard it and nothing else. The people who came in the hotel is the reason why we have jobs like me. Therefore I should be happy if we are fully book. I said that because I discovered sometimes especially weekend the family made a lot of mess at a very unreasonable scenario. They made the hotel room like garbage can. They throw anywhere like they don't know what suppose to do. Feels like they are eating and throwing messy foods in the floor like the end of the world. God bless us all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm so happy that my one and only child follow the footsteps of her dad. I can say that because in her young age she displayed already her passion and love in music as well. She always go with her day every Sunday to practice with the band. I can't go with them because I always have schedule to work on weekends in the hotel. It's the busiest days in my workplace anyways. My hubby is planning to buy an apple ipods for her daughter this coming Christmas. He really introduced everything to our child. Eventually, next year summer my daughter will start her violin lesson in one of the prestigious music center here in Austin. A little bit expensive yet rewarding for our child. I can't wait my baby girl do her recital on stage. Goodluck my baby girl.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Time to Change

I am just staying at the house for almost three days for the reason that I am sick. While staring at some of my appliances and other stuff of the house I stared much of my old hot tub cover. I think this year is a perfect time to by a new replacement because it wasn't pleasant to an eye anymore. The color is much older compare to my other stuff. Hopefully I could have extra money this year to buy new ones. Just crossing my fingers that I could received more blessings from up above. All I want is not only for me but for the benefit of my whole family.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Call Out

Just this morning I planned ahead of time to call out tomorrow morning. I'm not feeling well and I'm shivering  sometimes. It was the virus of my daughter that passes through me. Here I come I'm having a low grade fever this afternoon. I really needs a massage in the mall. Chinese massage is perfect for me. It feels like that my bones throughout the body is aching and painful. It's hard for me to walk either. I even questioning myself on why I feel this way. Is it because I'm almost in the midst of thirtees? Oh my, this is what my mother told me long time ago. I just hope I will feel better on the next few days. Early morning tomorrow I will call our manager and tell him what happened on me. I know he will understand me.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Brother

I am so excited for next year vacation in Philippines. Nobody can blame me because I just missed my parents way back home. We are even wishing that hopefully our elder brother could have a baby next year perhaps. He is married for almost  five years already and until now no siblings yet. We don't lost any hope because technology today is wise active and highly reproductive. My sister is also trying to help and she highly recommended  progene as the best supplements for my brother. Well, let's just crossed our fingers for that for some positive result anytime soon. God will always find a way if we just believe in Him. I wanted to see all my nieces and nephews in one place next year. As for now, the best way for me to do is save an extra money for next years grand vacation.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Belter

Few hours from now my little girl will be awarded and promoted into a red belter. Well, because of that I will be busy shooting every moves she could make tonight at TKD school awarding rites. Way to go my baby girl into black belt. I know it will come so soon. You deserves everything and it's just full of surprises.  I just hope I could find a perfect location for my shooting mode later. Aside for being promoted into a red belt , she will also get the three stars from her academic excellence given by her teacher. I'm so proud of my little one. I'm going to post photos later tonight after the awarding ceremony. Congratulations my baby and God bless your talent.

The Villa

I am so amazed while looking at my friend social site photos. They are building their family villa at one of the nice island in Philippines. How I wish I could have like those. One thing that amazes me is there cabin that was put in the said garden of the villa. I even told my friend that I will surely visit the place next year before it will open for business. Who knows I can buy a little stocks in there. We cannot deny that the place is booming today towards the future. Perfect for business and why not start now to build more  for tomorrow. I have a plan also with our small property and it's going to start soon.Only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Carnival

These are just the few photos that my hubby took last spring carnival where my daughter enjoyed the fun day. I'm not present that time because I was working but nevertheless she's having fun. My daughter requested me to post this photo were lots of lollipops was arranged in a cactus shape stand. It was cute anyway so I agreed with her. I wasn't contented with other photos, maybe because I am so particular when it comes to shooting objects and events. We'll hopefully next time I would be off and present this kind of event.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Bus Stop!

I prefer to ride a bus going home from work. For the reason that I wanted to trim down a little bit by doing that. It's been almost six years that I haven't made a walk like this. This is a perfect exercise for me and for the benefit of my health of course. This afternoon I'm almost late in the bus because I'm almost slide in the  garage floor when I tried to run. I never saw that there is a water spill from the rain. Yet, I'm still very thankful because it never went through and I'm just in time outside at the bus stop. I can say that I am such a lucky bus rider ever since. Just hope everyday would be lucky for me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Friend

I always forget my neighbors request everytime I go home in Philippines for vacation. I don't remember a single time that his wish is granted. My immediate family doesn't smoke so I think that's the reason why I don't have the guts to buy some packs on him. Now that I have a new friend and really do smoke so finally decided to buy some for my neighbor and I could handed him over sometime next year during vacation. Especially next week there is a cigar auction to be held in the city. Why not grab some and enjoy the show. I even planning to but atleast four packs I think so that all my neighbors can have atleast. Just crossing my fingers for next years big thing.

It's Great!

I feel good already. I've been suffering cough and colds for a week. Finally, I can tell myself that I'm okey and nothing to worry much at all. I'm not fussy at work as to compare the past days. Maybe because my body doesn't want or like to consult a doctor. Pretty funny but I guess it's true, my body and mind comes along. Back to reality again from work to home and play with my child just a vice versa for everyday simple living. Nothing too much to ask for as for now. As long as I am happy with my family not too less and not too much as I say. Have a nice Monday everyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Something Real

I encourage my brother to try blogging since I've been here for almost two years already. I thank the lord for the fruitful years that has passed. My brother is very ambitious but not quiet well improving. He wanted something real that fits on his passion. Whatever the job is as long as he is staring at the computer. He is wondering to look for the best cpa network that he can relied on. I just hope I'm helping him through giving him some ideas and advices. I know it will help a lot as a beginner.
My brother is trying to get in the limelight slowly for he wanted to make sure if he's in the right corner. We'll goodluck to him and best wishes for the coming days to come. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Treat

I am glad that I finished earlier from work more than I expected to happened this afternoon. Being a mother, I never forget that aside from working everyday I always set aside that my daughter is my first priority of all. Everytime I'm not busy in the hotel, I see to it that I could possibly go home early to bond and play with my little girl.That is what we are doing now. Before we headed home we had an errands first at the store to purchased xbox wireless adapter. It's gonna be a night for us. My hubby is also off from work so we are complete enjoying together with our games at home. Playing as a team is what my daughter always like to do during weekend where she doesn't have any classes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Allergy Attack!

Oh my, here I go experiencing a bad allergy attack. I feel so exhausted and helpless. Though I take Non-Drowsy Claritin to help me a little but it seems nothing works at all. All I got today is drowsiness while at work. Sometimes I don't believed with medicines anymore. I just hope I will be getting better two days from now beacause I will be back to work again from my days off. Anyway, the most important thing is that my daughter wasn't sick like us yet. I'm not wishing either because it's hard for young kids to be sick. Get well soon for me as well as to my hubby.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brilliant Collections

I remember when my older brother started to work as seaman before. Everytime he comes home he never forget to give me something and of course cash for shopping. The something that I meant is my brother hands on me some bills from different countries they visited. It's my honor to kept those. Before I get married I never forget that he gives me a  Morgan silver dollar to add our family's collection. Right now I handed it over to my other elder sister who is living now in Dubai. She is not a mainstay there just for her assigned job and she visited Philippines every year. Everytime I go on vacations I keep on checking our collections just to make sure it was still kept very well and intact.

It's Hot

I am thinking yesterday while walking from work heading to the bus if we are experiencing spring or summer. I said so because it was indeed hot just like in the middle of summer. Though later in the evening it's not so hot but cool. I am not really surprise anyway because we are now leaving in Texas and the weather here is weird. Now I understand why they call it that way. I am not the only one complaining though because my friend in Canada shared the same. So I think people around the globe feel the same. It doesn't bad at all if it's like that, so it's kinda same weather everywhere. Sounds great anyway.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Time

We are currently enjoying the spring break and later without knowing summer is ticking to come sooner. Since we are living now in Texas, I wanted to experienced dying some stuff for a change. I think it's not too late for the fashion world. I am eager to know on how to dye leather with my own expense. Especially this month Austin is very much busy with live music everywhere. It's perfect to wear something like leather jacket, boots and anything tops that would fit the outfit. This coming weekend I am planning to dress up my little girl and go to downtown and enjoy tha festivities we have here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Security Purposes

Although I wasn't used to it while I'm still in Philippines now I finally knew it exactly. For security reasons it is indeed great and must have for all employeers before they finally accept the applicants. The background check will take a week or more than a week it depends on the needs of the employeers. I just hope that in the other country can have like this for security reasons. It doesn't mean that if you have records you will not be accepted  but only for the employeers to be aware of it. As for myself I wanted to serve a little bit longer in the company i have right now. I'd like to build more relationship with my employeers for future reference in my next endeavor in life.  

Awesome Kid!

Have a pose before the tournaments starts...

Awesome, she is 2nd place winner, tiger cub brown belt division...

I'm one of the proud mom all over the world last March 3rd of this year. My daughter got a second place in the regional Central Texas Tournament. As a proud parents we want her to know that we are so lucky having her as our one and only child. Since from the beginning, we all know that she will excel in the choosen field she have. All the moves and kicks is way ahead almost perfect every execution she shows during TaeKwonDo class. Congratulations to my baby meg and we are so deeply proud of you as always. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't Be Late!

It's tax filing time once again. How about you guys out there did you file already or still hoing to file maybe. Don't you ever be late so that you cannot encounter problems later on. Me and my hubby file our tax returns at the first week of February and indeed got our refund last week. If you don't have time to see an agent or accountant to do your return during office hours, we have a new option for that. We can definitely do it thru H&R block at home . No hassle at all and very reliable. We are under them for five years already and so far they are trusted from many up to now. We are so comfortable dealing with them and looking forward to work with them for more years to come.

New Gadget

While at work my hubby called me up, telling me that I have to go home earlier than my normal schedule. I was wondering what he is up to with. He just said that he has something for me. I don't know what it is but the word surprise makes me trilled honestly. One thing that comes into my mind is a food or something that would satisfy hunger. Definitely I am not right because when I got home, my daughter handed in-front of me the new blackberry celfone. I'm really surprised that finally my hubby made his mind to buy a new one for me. I don't expect him to buy that for me but he really did. I am so happy with my new gadget. it was awesome as I say. Thank you honey.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rest Early

I've been encountering several of my friends online that they are suffering migraine. I feel so lucky then that I don't have those and I deeply thank the Lord for the current health I have. One of my friend in the other country currently undergo a Migraine surgery and it was successful as expected by our trusted doctors. We young women nowadays is very abusive on our health. We don't pay much attention on it until our body will tell us so that we need a break. In the middle of thirtees I feel a lot of body pains already and it's not a good sign or so. Though I have to put more time doing something to make ends meet I still put into consideration that I need rest and time in the family. Anyway, I just want to be stress free in a while.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Loan

Our family friend in the other state share his stories about their present life today. It's been shaking financially when it comes to money. But atleast the relationship between his wife is still strong as ever. I don't have any idea before that even our own property like cars could be put into risk. Since they encountered financial hardships they join the car title loans Massachusetts a month ago. They do this because they wanted to help thei family who is deeply in need financially because of the operation to be done in the other country. There's no way we can question that because it was a great idea on giving to somebody else's lives. What a great job as I say. God bless him more for that.


Hello friends out there, have you shopped today? Well, maybe some yes and maybe some no right? As for myself I didn't able to shop because I am terrible tired from work. I just headed straight back to home. Anyway my hubby shop a polo for his own yesterday and it has big discounts he said. My daughter got toys yesterday as well. I just hope I am paid for an extra today since it's a holiday. Looking forward for the next pay check next week. Well see if there's extra money for shopping. That time it's gonna be my turn to buy something for myself.

Friday, February 10, 2012


My daughter keeps on telling her dad that she wants me to join in their school for yoga session. There's nothing wrong about that because my health would probably benefit at the end. What I am into is that I am lazy for it honestly. Maybe I will be good in the first few sessions and later I will quit for sure. So, since my daughter is so eager for that on my behalf I just wanted to purchased their yoga mats. Those mats is very useful to me. I can have my own exercise at home though it's not daily but yet my household chores is everyday. I couldn't wait to use my yoga mats next week. I think Valentines day is the best day to start my wellness exercise.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

After Shock

It's been in the news few days ago about the earthquake happened between Negros and Cebu. Thanks God nobody hurt with my family in Cebu. The death toll in Negros rises now up to 200 plus. One of my niece ask me about buildings and the capability of the foundation to fall during earthquakes. Well it really depends on how strong the earthquake is whether it's a rock, cement or steel buildings won't matter at all. Everything will gonna be devastating with the strong earthquakes. I always pray to God that he will protect my family here and abroad. Everything will be possible with prayer. Atleast now my family wasn't feared much as compare the day itself of earthquake.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Another affair is fast approaching sometimes on the third week of February. I coudn't believed when my daughter ask me on what she will get on Valentines day. She's pretty funny, it looks like in every occassion she expect something to received. Since she's the only one we have, I am planning for a perfect gift for her. I'm still thinking on what to give. I wanted something different but usable for her. Actually, my hubby give the advance gift for me and so happy to have an additional 300 mm lenses for my DSLR. One thing also this coming celebration I heard with my daughter that her daddy is planning to buy a new celphone for me. I am excited for that and hope it will come so soon. And for my hubby he got it the other day and none other than his favorite and long time dream to have the bass guitar. I think for this valentines day we are all receiving a gift from ourselves and it always sound fun.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hearts Day

February is a love month. This month is very special especially to lovers. Well not only for lovers but for all people like to show their love to everyone. My cousin is very sophisticated in every presents she received from her husband. Just like this coming Valentines day, she wanted flowers in  San Diego gift baskets delivered right up in her workplace first thing in the morning. I cannot blamed her since she was born to be a lucky girl in the family. Her husband is also superb supporter to her likes and wants in her life. I can say that she is lucky enough and I hope that I can share some of her blessings spritually and physically.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Looking For Rent

As we all know there are countries right now that is currently looking for some awesome people to migrate their country. It is because they don't have plenty of migrants yet. That is why right now they are giving chances to some hopefuls. One of those are my neighbor who are now prensently residing in the country. They are currently looking apartments for rent in Calgary. This place is indeed beautiful and perfect for sightseeing sceneries. Though you are just leasing an apartment but yet it was truly amazing because the units are great with their reasonable and affordable rentals.

Ever since I arrived in United States, Canada is the second country I choose to live for. Not to mention their affordable and credible healthcare. I made a thorough research with those apartments listed online. Hopefully my friend could find their space somewhere in Calgary. I do hope that one of these days I can visit them and giving a chance as well to relocate maybe.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Highest Allergy Season

Independent Woman

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

My husband is somewhat of a workaholic. He loves what he does, and I love that it provides enough for me to stay home with our kids. The downfall is that recently, he has picked up a lot of new clients and most of them are out of state, so his travel has picked up significantly in the last few months as well. After talking about it last week, we decided we should get a security system installed in our house. Don’t get me wrong, we live in a great neighborhood, and have virtually no crime around us, but I know bad stuff and bad people are out there. It makes me feel just a little better to know we have one. My husband usually takes care of all the things like that for us, but again, he was out of town. Enough was enough so I jumped on the computer, did a quick search, came across security systems saint bonifacius and was ready to get our system installed. I guess I’m going to have to get used to being more independent now.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Safety First

I just simply missed my two brother working in a ship bound for Europe and Asia. Every night before going to sleep Inever failed to pray for the whole family here and abroad. Just like my brothers their job is actually tricky in the ocean. They are both in marine transportation or we simply call it nautical. I remember before when the eyes of my eldest brother got red and under treatment. It happened because he didn't wear the speedglas helmet intended for the job. Thank God it wasn't bad as we thought. That is why my father always consider safety awareness all the time. If we keep on taking chances our lives will be put at risk. With my brother experienced it also led other relatives and friends to wear proper precaution while at work. 

Working Mom

I never taught before how hard to be a working mom of my five year old daughter. She never stops complaining about the days that she's off from school while I'm on duty. I love to spend more time with my child during my off, so what I did sometimes I request days off from my boss. I work not for myself but for my only child. I just hope that someday she will understand all of my efforts, and I know she will. Though Iam tired from work I never fail to give time to my daughter just like by reading, doing homeworks and play with her in a bit. With that she could feel that nothing changed much though I'm working.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buying Stuff For Repair

Just to let my friends know out there that I am not just a sweet person but a carpenter as well. I took that from my father. Before my father got the descent job in the company he also work as a carpenter to sustained the needs of the family. In my case I love to build my own crafts in house. Love to build small stuff and some recycle in any things. Later today I will buy some abrasives in the store. I wanted to complete my collections so that whenever all stuff is complete I will start my own pace. Someday, I can start my own small business in Philippines. Not so sure yet about the level of the business because as for now I will listen the latest trend in business.