Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love To Swim

Now that my daughter is five years old we are planning to let her try another activity. One sport that came into our mind is swimming. Swimming is a great activity for my child. It will help her to become fit and healthy at the same time. Before my child will start the swimming lesson, we as parents decided to make a swimming pool in our place. Since she is still little we have to put pool safety fence for security reasons. Especially if there's an affair or parties we will not get any trouble. I just hope it push through as as possible so that my daughter could start her lesson before she will go to first grade.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Job Hunting

What I wish for my coming birthday is to have a job whatever it may be. Since the time we arrived here in Texas I wasn't given an opportunity to have job of any kind. Honestly, I badly need it the most so that I can assist my husband for our financies everyday as well as I can share a little for my father's needs in Philippines. That is why my friend encourage me to have a twist when it comes to job hunting. She introduces me to a  Medical Equipment Repairer Jobs. As for me I don't choose at all as long as it can sustain our daily needs without too much worries. In todays economy jobs is really hard to get and more people is desperate how to get one. Hoping for the coming months these problems will be solved.

Party Everywhere

Holiday parties is in the air. How I wished I can celebrate holiday party with my parents way back home. I missed them a lot if they only knew. It's gonna be six years all in all including this coming holiday season that I'm away at them. I know it's hard to tell but I hope that someday I have a lot of extra time and money to be with them. There's no impossible with God and I truly believed on that. I just wished that all my wishes will do come true. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving to all especially my dearest family, relatives and friends around the globe. I am so blessed having the special people I have now. I just want to give thanks for all the blessings I received from God. May this day and forward will be a fruitful year for me and my family. Thanksgiving is a celebration were people will give thanks for all the blessings they have all throughout the year and for the coming year ahead too. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest celebration here in USA. May all people have safe, peace and prosperous celebrating the big day. Thank you God and bless us more.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Chances

Just to be fair with somebody else who knew me well, I can really tell myself now that I am into with meeting more friends personally and in online as well. By the first time that I found out this famous site a year ago, I actually recommend it first with my aunt since she is still single. Honestly, she enjoy having a free online dating site and it really works for her because she meet a lot of friends locally and even international. It sounds so good for me as well. Doing this online is very much enjoyable, it's like a feeling of getting chances from someone else that we don't know and might even stuck on them longer. It's great and fun not just for singles but for everyone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Gift That Last

I was wondering of the best gift I am going to give with my aunt on her coming birthday. She loves cats and not to mention her five pet cats in her house excluding those who passed away already. I am hesitant to give her some accessories, apparels or gift cards. Apparently, she had everything except the man who will truly love her for eternity. So what I think of is to give her a memorial cat stones as our gifts that she could definitely add her collections. I know she would love it for sure and I even give her a hint about my presents. She's not a typical picky like others I've known. As long as I have something to share with her and of course prayers for good health comes first for my family.

For The First Time

Next week is my time to vote for the first time. Honestly, I don't have any idea on who's to be vote because normally candidate will just give promises to the people but by the time they will won everything will be possible to happened. Just for experience sake I will cast my vote and hope I choose the right person for the perfect position. Will anyway, what we did is to search and understand their political views and their plan on their county. Some is so promising of course and some is merely on political side. We had choosen a party already, just hope they won.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Beautiful Friday

Yesterday friday is definitely a fun day for my family since my little daughter  is free from her taekwondo class. It's been a routine for me and my husband to play basketball after dropping off my daughter to school. Suddenly, I wasn't able to play since I was tumble down on the ground while heading to the basketball court. I don't know exactly what happened, it was very incindental for me. I got sprained ankle in my right foot and until now it was swollen badly. Thankful enough that my child was able to understand the situation so even her didn't go to the park later but instead just go to the bookstore to buy couple of books. My baby loves pets but so sorry for her because we cannot buy for the reason that her dad is asthmatic and porn to allergic reaction. Anyway, lots of alternatives in exchange with just like adding her book collections about dogs, cats and some other pets. She just found out a new book entitled Tristan Goes to the Store , sound interesting right? Yes, it is and my daughter likes it very much.

My daughter is a book reader and I'm happy to know that she is like that. Compare to me before at her young age I'm not quiet interested with books. Even now she excited that we can move to a two bedroom unit apartment sometimes next two months. Though we have to move, since she is growing and aside for that she needs more space for all her stuffs. My daughter is making her own library in our unit and I think all books you've found in the bookstore is here already.