Friday, September 30, 2011

Mama's Birthday

I'm so happy two days ago because my mother celebrated her 68th birthday in Philippines. I can see that lately we the siblings are very supportive with our parents. I guess it must and have to that way. I cannot imagine the years my beloved parents brought us six siblings and made everyone professional with those little income that my father had in his job before. Now, I think is the perfect time to repay those years just by supporting them on their needs. My mom had a simple party that only includes with my immediate family circle. The only thing I missed is that were not there enjoying the party, eating the famous 'lechon' and all other delicacies. Again, I just wished my mom a very happy birthday and just hope everything is great with their health. God bless all of us.

Looking For Another Job

It's been a year already that I tried to look for a different job as to compare my own passion. A lot of realization nowadays. Well, it's very obvious that economy is still down apparently. Only those healthcare jobs are in demand and never be gone in the limelight. Now, I am interested to start looking for Healthcare Aides Jobs in the jobs site. My hubby made me realized on what field that I have to take into consideration. Yes, I agree on him and lately I am planning to take CNA first as my first step. I am looking for the right school for me that offering those training with minimal cost. I just hope this time I will be succesful in my other field.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Love Sale!

I missed the moment were my daughter is always at my side 24/7. Right now my little girl is at school already and she's having fun in kindergarten. My daughter have her own schedule at school while my hubby is busy in his new weekend schedule. Atleast, once a month the school has a one day no class and that's the time the three of us mingled together in the mall or anywhere else. Just like these, we've been at the mall last week and suddenly I got struck with sale at Old Navy. Yes, it's very cheap and the quality is there. I like it it was just $2.99 for this pretty leggings. My daughter loves it also.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So Memorable

I have a friend who just recently gave birth to her second child  few weeks ago. I find her as one of the cool mom I've known for quite sometime. I found it first through on her post with regards of her coming baby and guess what everything is cool. I couldn't resist but visit her blog daily just in case I could catch some new funny t shirts prints posted on her site. It's kinda something new for me and really makes me feel exciting for her sake. Her baby is so cute wearing those pretty clothes aside from being a model of the clothing line. That's what it is and baby should be made of and as a friend on her I am proud on them as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Right Diet

All my friends and family knew that I have a chubby baby girl. I thank God for giving her to us. She is our one and only child and honestly sometimes we just let her be on what she wants especially on foods. Right now our most concern with her is her weight. She weigh more as to compare her weigh chart when we visited her pediatrician. With it I am very interested to attend nutritional counseling austin area. One good thing also is that it's free. All we have to do is to sit back and listen. Sometimes we parents forgot the good food and instead keep on obeying what childrens want to have on their mouth. Hopefully , my kindergartener will lose some weight sometime soon since she is now busy in school compare staying home and nothing to do.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally It's Raining

Oh my, I am surprised by the time I woke up from my nap this afternoon. Guess what? Finally raining outside, it's not heavy rain though just like a rain shower but atleast it helps a little bit. I still couldn't believed until now that here in Texas rain water is badly needed. Why is that weather is not fair? Anyway, I can't answer that as of the moment. The most important thing happened was that rain is invading Texas finally. This is really a great news from all of us here especially the trees and plants in the surroundings. All people is looking forward for more rain to happen sometime sooner hopefully. There's no impossible by God, so all we have to do is keep on praying for all good things.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road Trip

Way back before I get married, all I wish is to explore the big city where I lived. Luckily now, everything has changed and put into reasons. Even myself couldn't belived until now that I am a migrant in USA and currently become a US citizen. What a blessed life as I say. When this great fortune I have now, I wanted to travel  different states since United States has composed of fifty states. I don't want to travel by plane but by road trip instead. Nothing to worry about because my partner agreed with my plan either. Just to feel safe we get a roadside assistance plan. This is great and perfect for travellers like us. Whenever you encounter road problems atleast there is someone you can call right away for emergency. It applies in all states, so it's a way of feeling happy and comfort while traveling in the country. I may also recommend this to all my friends out there to do the same  before you can meet your road worst nightmare.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

Today is the special day of my youngest brother in Philippines. He is celebrating his 25th birthday exactly today. I know everything will ends well with him. Honestly right now his not happy and not celebrating his birthday either. Life is sometimes like that, problems, troubles may come your way. With regards of my brothers problem it's way too personal. So I'll just leave it this way and just want to greet him. Anyway, September month is very special for all of us right? Aside with Mama Mary's birthday, mostly of my family members born this month. Seven of them is going to celebrate this month plus together with my close friends they will become ten all in all. If I'm in Philippines this month, I know there's nothing a day my mouth will munch a lot of foods from the celebrations. Anyway, no matter what it is I'm happy that I have them all. I may be far from them but my mind and hearts are with them.Happy birthday to my brother especially.