Friday, July 29, 2011

So Hard!

I'm a bit tired of looking and finding jobs online. Yes, it's been a couple months ago I started hunting but still until now, no luck is coming for me. My husband change his schedule in his nursing facility so by now I have a ample time to look for jobs. I'm not a choosy type of job seeker. As long as it will not affect my husband schedule and be it. Now I believed, that unemployment is really rising. Not only here but worldwide problem. Since I am not a quitter, I never miss a day to browse and apply different companies. I believed that if it's really for me, I can get it without any delay. I just hope and pray that someday my dreams and wishes will do come true. Have a good friday everyone. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Gift

As what I've posted few months ago, we celebrate the 5th birthday of my big girl at ChuckECheese. Lots of presence that day. Days, months passes by would you believe that my baby still receive gifts from our friends around the states. Sometimes, I said to my husband that it's not quite good at all because maybe my daughter will expect more and more and become spoiled. Few days from now another gift is coming from California. I know already what it is because my niece called me up and ask the shoe size. I cannot deny the fact the my baby is just too sweet that even my new friends love her so much. Anyway, I'm here to guide her all the way and teach her what the world means for all of us.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Food for the Day!

I was too full with the food I eat at lunch today. I cannot resist but eat seriously during lunch time because of my yummy "lechon paksiw". My friend gave it to me yesterday when we pick him up at the airport just came from vacation at Florida. Hopefully, next year summer my family can get there too and have fun. What I am wanting to enjoy in Florida is there white sand beaches all over the place. Of course number scenic attractions is the famous DisneyWorld. My husband give me an options if next year were are going to California or Florida for vacation. I said maybe Florida first since Meg is turning six years old next year maybe it's the best time for her age to enjoy.We are in between of California and Florida so there's no way we can't visit those places. Looking forward for our next journey and hopefully, our last place to live with is California because I like there and more closer to Asia. If I will travel it will not last too much longer as much as I stayed before in New Jersey going to Philippines.