Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drug Awareness

I can say that I am a proud mom and wife in my five years of marriage. Well, we cannot avoid all the the trials passed and come in our life. Problems is just elsewhere that needs to be faced and solved. Just like now in my family sometimes I can see a little roller coaster ride and later it will become a limousine. Life is unpredictable. In our early age my husband get an extra life insurance just in case whatever happens  for we don't know the future. He is sickly lately and were not getting any younger anymore. Aside from that I am so eager to know all the medicines or drugs that my husband take. He is an asthmatic and lots of prescription drugs that need to intake. Especially I heard the news about the zoloft lawsuit. The side effects is very scary and it really needs more attention as well as awareness of the drugs we take. We should make sure that we got the rights drugs with the help of our trusted professionals. We must not rely on them only but our self awareness is very important also.