Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

Full of hopes and dreams. We people are known to that line because whatever what life has in store for us we are just around the corner never gives up. I am thinking that year 2012 is great for opening a new business since it a year of the dragon. The big question in my case is to where to get a big amount of financies to start a business. Aside from hardwork and dedication to my upcoming work, I'm also hoping to win a lotto. I don't wish for millions but just a reasonable amount to start my own small business in Philippines. I don't lose hope with regards of winning. Just crossing my fingers that someday it will come. Goodluck everyone hope it will be a great year for all us.

Friday, December 23, 2011

For A New Look

This Christmas season is a big celebration for all of us. I am happy to say that I got my presents from Santa yesterday. It's not something about glitz and glams but an opportunity for a lifetime. I taught I coudn't get a job here in Austin but I was wrong. Anytime next week I will be back in work again. One thing that I am busy right now is to practice putting make up with myself. I am not really into that especially something to enhance my eyes just like putting an eyelash enhancer. By doing the enhancer my eyes will look more impressive than usually I do. Patience has finally over for me throughout the year. It's quiet a worth on waiting anyway. I am so blessed this year and I hope it will continue in the next coming years ahead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something New

I remember a decade ago that I am so scared in front of my classmates while strumming a single note of the guitar. Our high school music teacher is very nice though only me got scared. Maybe because I am shy that I cannot hit the right note. Well, anyway it was done and I did it for just a passing grade on a particular quiz. Not bad at all since i felt nervous at the time. Now that I am a bit late for any extra curricular for myself, but still thinking on having a guitar lessons. Yes, I want to try it this time. I don't think it's too much late as long as I want to do it for curiosity sake. I just hope that I could get a patient instructor so that I could go a long way by not choosing to quit any minute. Who knows I might become a rock star someday.

Fan of Kris TV

Pretty funny to share this but it's true, I am a fan of Ms. Kris Aquino. When Kris and James broke up I don't like kris anymore. Right now, that Kris had a new show which is Kris TV, my heart started to like her again and it really do. I can say that I am a big fan now of Ms. Kris. I love watching Kris TV everyday. I always look forward on who will be the next guest for the next day. It's like a feeling of surprised day by day. I just hope that kris TV will live more years to go.