Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Beautiful Friday

Yesterday friday is definitely a fun day for my family since my little daughter  is free from her taekwondo class. It's been a routine for me and my husband to play basketball after dropping off my daughter to school. Suddenly, I wasn't able to play since I was tumble down on the ground while heading to the basketball court. I don't know exactly what happened, it was very incindental for me. I got sprained ankle in my right foot and until now it was swollen badly. Thankful enough that my child was able to understand the situation so even her didn't go to the park later but instead just go to the bookstore to buy couple of books. My baby loves pets but so sorry for her because we cannot buy for the reason that her dad is asthmatic and porn to allergic reaction. Anyway, lots of alternatives in exchange with just like adding her book collections about dogs, cats and some other pets. She just found out a new book entitled Tristan Goes to the Store , sound interesting right? Yes, it is and my daughter likes it very much.

My daughter is a book reader and I'm happy to know that she is like that. Compare to me before at her young age I'm not quiet interested with books. Even now she excited that we can move to a two bedroom unit apartment sometimes next two months. Though we have to move, since she is growing and aside for that she needs more space for all her stuffs. My daughter is making her own library in our unit and I think all books you've found in the bookstore is here already.

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