Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poor Baby

I received an email and a call with my brother few days ago. We all understand how tough life is nowadays. My younger brother is begging me some extra cash so that he can bring his baby to the pediatrician. I cannot describe exactly what it looks like but one thing for sure is that the baby is experiencing swelling of the eyelids. After too much confrontation and argueng what had happened we ended up on infections because the nanny/babysitter trim the baby's eyelashes without any permission from them. They just found out when my other brother in law told them on the next day when they met. Baby's skin is very sensitive as far as my concern. The tiny eye lashes hair wasn't removed around the eyes and that was the time it started to redness just like skin rashes and a day or two it becomes bigger. What a poor baby girl. I even told my mom to remind the babysitter not to do it again or else she will lose her job earlier as expected. I promise to give money so that they could buy the medicines and the test needed for my baby niece.   

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