Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best Surgeon

It's hard to believed yet it's true that I am not in my young age anymore. Long time ago I don't care about health and doesn't want to be bother either. Now that I am married, honestly I have fear already. Especially when I heard about my cousins experienced recently. His husband undergo a laser spinal surgery a few weeks ago. He's okey now but yet not in good shape anymore. The family was happy as well because of the positive result after surgery. No wonder because they got the best surgeon in town so more or less they expect the best of course. That is why now I always take considerations what's best for my health. Until now I still believed the saying that health is wealth.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top Quality

Finally, this coming Wednesday is the signing of the lease contract of not renewing anymore. We decided to relocate the next door apartment complex. I'm very excited because it's the time to purchase our sofa set, tv table at furniture We don't do a lot of furniture buying before because we knew already that we will transfer another apartment. This moved will mean a lot to me because I can arranged all the books we have in the new bookcases and more spacious. I just hope we will settle for this one. It's not easy to moved yet we have to because we need a two bedroom unit since my child is growing fast.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After School

My lovely child goes at the park every friday afternoon after  picking her up at school. It only depends on which park we goes since there's a lot of choices. With regards of this photo, this was taken at South Meadows Park. This is the only day she could enjoy herself at the park since from Monday to Thursday she will spent her whole afternoon in taekwondo. Yeah, weekend could also be her free time yet her dad is on duty sixteen hours in two days. So be it, life is like that here in USA, no choice but to embrace it with open arms.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Wish This Coming Christmas

Few more months before Christmas season. It's the time of giving, sharing of what we have to somebody else especially to our love ones. I was surprised lately when my hubby asked me on what I want to received this coming holiday season. For all I know my hubby is not really into surprises or gift surprises. Since he asked me earlier for what I like so I told him that I wish to have my own  netbook computers. We have her in the house but what I want is to have it as my very own. It's kinda private or just my own self will gonna use it. Surely he will grant it for both of us knew that I am a blogger too aside for crazy loving social media sites across the country and in the whole world. Being in front of my laptop is one of my routine day by day wherever I may go. Maybe if I have my own I can concentrate more on writing and visiting other sites as well.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poor Baby

I received an email and a call with my brother few days ago. We all understand how tough life is nowadays. My younger brother is begging me some extra cash so that he can bring his baby to the pediatrician. I cannot describe exactly what it looks like but one thing for sure is that the baby is experiencing swelling of the eyelids. After too much confrontation and argueng what had happened we ended up on infections because the nanny/babysitter trim the baby's eyelashes without any permission from them. They just found out when my other brother in law told them on the next day when they met. Baby's skin is very sensitive as far as my concern. The tiny eye lashes hair wasn't removed around the eyes and that was the time it started to redness just like skin rashes and a day or two it becomes bigger. What a poor baby girl. I even told my mom to remind the babysitter not to do it again or else she will lose her job earlier as expected. I promise to give money so that they could buy the medicines and the test needed for my baby niece.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Daughter's Bestfriend

I'm so happy with my five year old lovely child. I couldn't believed but it's true my daughter is amazing in a sense that in her seventh week in kindergarten she learned a lot already. Well, proud to say it runs in the blood. She is very up to date in her school activities academically as well as her extra curricular activities. Yesterday, we received a greeting card from her schools bestfriend. Aside from the beautiful card she was also invited for the upcoming costume party to be held in their house during the halloween. It's awesome right? At her young age somebody treasured her friendship already and I'm so glad for my little girl. God bless my little ones.  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Costume Party

My little girl is very excited for the coming activity here in our community. Yesterday, we received a leaflet about the coming Halloween festivities. Aside for the trick or treat of kids they will also conduct a costume party parade for all pets to all tenants. All we have to do is to wait their Halloween invitations that could be send sometime next week. Even me, I am so thrilled and be ready of course with my handycam and DSLR to capture the momentous events. I will not let this acticity surpass in my hands. This is the activity we waited for so long and this time is the right answer with all those questions. Though I don't have a pet for the reason that my hubby is asthmatic but then we will just simply witnessed the special events few weeks from now. So excited for the coming winners.