Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road Trip

Way back before I get married, all I wish is to explore the big city where I lived. Luckily now, everything has changed and put into reasons. Even myself couldn't belived until now that I am a migrant in USA and currently become a US citizen. What a blessed life as I say. When this great fortune I have now, I wanted to travel  different states since United States has composed of fifty states. I don't want to travel by plane but by road trip instead. Nothing to worry about because my partner agreed with my plan either. Just to feel safe we get a roadside assistance plan. This is great and perfect for travellers like us. Whenever you encounter road problems atleast there is someone you can call right away for emergency. It applies in all states, so it's a way of feeling happy and comfort while traveling in the country. I may also recommend this to all my friends out there to do the same  before you can meet your road worst nightmare.


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