Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

Today is the special day of my youngest brother in Philippines. He is celebrating his 25th birthday exactly today. I know everything will ends well with him. Honestly right now his not happy and not celebrating his birthday either. Life is sometimes like that, problems, troubles may come your way. With regards of my brothers problem it's way too personal. So I'll just leave it this way and just want to greet him. Anyway, September month is very special for all of us right? Aside with Mama Mary's birthday, mostly of my family members born this month. Seven of them is going to celebrate this month plus together with my close friends they will become ten all in all. If I'm in Philippines this month, I know there's nothing a day my mouth will munch a lot of foods from the celebrations. Anyway, no matter what it is I'm happy that I have them all. I may be far from them but my mind and hearts are with them.Happy birthday to my brother especially. 

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