Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Break

Everytime I turn on the radio it always reminds us listeners that summer is the coolest time in Texas. Coolest in terms of vacation break, summer getaways and quality time in the family since it's summer vacation. Just a month ago we moved here from New Jersey. Since were new in the place, we are planning a family event called picnic in the park. The most highlight of the picnic is the famous barbecue ribs. We are going to purchase electric grills within this week so that anytime before the school year begins we can pursue our picnic. many of my friends told me that using electric grills is great than those of charcoal grills. Well, it's very understandable because we can shut of the electric in any minute and no need for us to put or use a gas. Safety is the best policy here. Life is crucial and very important to take care.

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