Monday, August 29, 2011

My Kindergartener Is Having Colds

It's been one week since the school has been started here in Austin, Texas. For that we expect that one day my child could catch up some colds somewhere from school. There it goes, last friday when my daughter arrived from school she looks not good and feel tired. I found out right away that she had a signs of colds and there's nothing we can do with it because colds is a virus. Inspite of what happened today Monday my baby went to school with a slight of runny nose and coughing. I visit her during lunch so that she could take some colds medicine. She's a little bit okay and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Later today, the two of us is going in their school for the 'Back To School Night' event in school. No daddy later because my husband is on call duty in the rehab. It's okey anyway, there's always a next time. Have great day friends... 

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