Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

Full of hopes and dreams. We people are known to that line because whatever what life has in store for us we are just around the corner never gives up. I am thinking that year 2012 is great for opening a new business since it a year of the dragon. The big question in my case is to where to get a big amount of financies to start a business. Aside from hardwork and dedication to my upcoming work, I'm also hoping to win a lotto. I don't wish for millions but just a reasonable amount to start my own small business in Philippines. I don't lose hope with regards of winning. Just crossing my fingers that someday it will come. Goodluck everyone hope it will be a great year for all us.

Friday, December 23, 2011

For A New Look

This Christmas season is a big celebration for all of us. I am happy to say that I got my presents from Santa yesterday. It's not something about glitz and glams but an opportunity for a lifetime. I taught I coudn't get a job here in Austin but I was wrong. Anytime next week I will be back in work again. One thing that I am busy right now is to practice putting make up with myself. I am not really into that especially something to enhance my eyes just like putting an eyelash enhancer. By doing the enhancer my eyes will look more impressive than usually I do. Patience has finally over for me throughout the year. It's quiet a worth on waiting anyway. I am so blessed this year and I hope it will continue in the next coming years ahead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something New

I remember a decade ago that I am so scared in front of my classmates while strumming a single note of the guitar. Our high school music teacher is very nice though only me got scared. Maybe because I am shy that I cannot hit the right note. Well, anyway it was done and I did it for just a passing grade on a particular quiz. Not bad at all since i felt nervous at the time. Now that I am a bit late for any extra curricular for myself, but still thinking on having a guitar lessons. Yes, I want to try it this time. I don't think it's too much late as long as I want to do it for curiosity sake. I just hope that I could get a patient instructor so that I could go a long way by not choosing to quit any minute. Who knows I might become a rock star someday.

Fan of Kris TV

Pretty funny to share this but it's true, I am a fan of Ms. Kris Aquino. When Kris and James broke up I don't like kris anymore. Right now, that Kris had a new show which is Kris TV, my heart started to like her again and it really do. I can say that I am a big fan now of Ms. Kris. I love watching Kris TV everyday. I always look forward on who will be the next guest for the next day. It's like a feeling of surprised day by day. I just hope that kris TV will live more years to go.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love To Swim

Now that my daughter is five years old we are planning to let her try another activity. One sport that came into our mind is swimming. Swimming is a great activity for my child. It will help her to become fit and healthy at the same time. Before my child will start the swimming lesson, we as parents decided to make a swimming pool in our place. Since she is still little we have to put pool safety fence for security reasons. Especially if there's an affair or parties we will not get any trouble. I just hope it push through as as possible so that my daughter could start her lesson before she will go to first grade.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Job Hunting

What I wish for my coming birthday is to have a job whatever it may be. Since the time we arrived here in Texas I wasn't given an opportunity to have job of any kind. Honestly, I badly need it the most so that I can assist my husband for our financies everyday as well as I can share a little for my father's needs in Philippines. That is why my friend encourage me to have a twist when it comes to job hunting. She introduces me to a  Medical Equipment Repairer Jobs. As for me I don't choose at all as long as it can sustain our daily needs without too much worries. In todays economy jobs is really hard to get and more people is desperate how to get one. Hoping for the coming months these problems will be solved.

Party Everywhere

Holiday parties is in the air. How I wished I can celebrate holiday party with my parents way back home. I missed them a lot if they only knew. It's gonna be six years all in all including this coming holiday season that I'm away at them. I know it's hard to tell but I hope that someday I have a lot of extra time and money to be with them. There's no impossible with God and I truly believed on that. I just wished that all my wishes will do come true. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving to all especially my dearest family, relatives and friends around the globe. I am so blessed having the special people I have now. I just want to give thanks for all the blessings I received from God. May this day and forward will be a fruitful year for me and my family. Thanksgiving is a celebration were people will give thanks for all the blessings they have all throughout the year and for the coming year ahead too. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest celebration here in USA. May all people have safe, peace and prosperous celebrating the big day. Thank you God and bless us more.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Chances

Just to be fair with somebody else who knew me well, I can really tell myself now that I am into with meeting more friends personally and in online as well. By the first time that I found out this famous site a year ago, I actually recommend it first with my aunt since she is still single. Honestly, she enjoy having a free online dating site and it really works for her because she meet a lot of friends locally and even international. It sounds so good for me as well. Doing this online is very much enjoyable, it's like a feeling of getting chances from someone else that we don't know and might even stuck on them longer. It's great and fun not just for singles but for everyone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Gift That Last

I was wondering of the best gift I am going to give with my aunt on her coming birthday. She loves cats and not to mention her five pet cats in her house excluding those who passed away already. I am hesitant to give her some accessories, apparels or gift cards. Apparently, she had everything except the man who will truly love her for eternity. So what I think of is to give her a memorial cat stones as our gifts that she could definitely add her collections. I know she would love it for sure and I even give her a hint about my presents. She's not a typical picky like others I've known. As long as I have something to share with her and of course prayers for good health comes first for my family.

For The First Time

Next week is my time to vote for the first time. Honestly, I don't have any idea on who's to be vote because normally candidate will just give promises to the people but by the time they will won everything will be possible to happened. Just for experience sake I will cast my vote and hope I choose the right person for the perfect position. Will anyway, what we did is to search and understand their political views and their plan on their county. Some is so promising of course and some is merely on political side. We had choosen a party already, just hope they won.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Beautiful Friday

Yesterday friday is definitely a fun day for my family since my little daughter  is free from her taekwondo class. It's been a routine for me and my husband to play basketball after dropping off my daughter to school. Suddenly, I wasn't able to play since I was tumble down on the ground while heading to the basketball court. I don't know exactly what happened, it was very incindental for me. I got sprained ankle in my right foot and until now it was swollen badly. Thankful enough that my child was able to understand the situation so even her didn't go to the park later but instead just go to the bookstore to buy couple of books. My baby loves pets but so sorry for her because we cannot buy for the reason that her dad is asthmatic and porn to allergic reaction. Anyway, lots of alternatives in exchange with just like adding her book collections about dogs, cats and some other pets. She just found out a new book entitled Tristan Goes to the Store , sound interesting right? Yes, it is and my daughter likes it very much.

My daughter is a book reader and I'm happy to know that she is like that. Compare to me before at her young age I'm not quiet interested with books. Even now she excited that we can move to a two bedroom unit apartment sometimes next two months. Though we have to move, since she is growing and aside for that she needs more space for all her stuffs. My daughter is making her own library in our unit and I think all books you've found in the bookstore is here already.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best Surgeon

It's hard to believed yet it's true that I am not in my young age anymore. Long time ago I don't care about health and doesn't want to be bother either. Now that I am married, honestly I have fear already. Especially when I heard about my cousins experienced recently. His husband undergo a laser spinal surgery a few weeks ago. He's okey now but yet not in good shape anymore. The family was happy as well because of the positive result after surgery. No wonder because they got the best surgeon in town so more or less they expect the best of course. That is why now I always take considerations what's best for my health. Until now I still believed the saying that health is wealth.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top Quality

Finally, this coming Wednesday is the signing of the lease contract of not renewing anymore. We decided to relocate the next door apartment complex. I'm very excited because it's the time to purchase our sofa set, tv table at furniture We don't do a lot of furniture buying before because we knew already that we will transfer another apartment. This moved will mean a lot to me because I can arranged all the books we have in the new bookcases and more spacious. I just hope we will settle for this one. It's not easy to moved yet we have to because we need a two bedroom unit since my child is growing fast.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After School

My lovely child goes at the park every friday afternoon after  picking her up at school. It only depends on which park we goes since there's a lot of choices. With regards of this photo, this was taken at South Meadows Park. This is the only day she could enjoy herself at the park since from Monday to Thursday she will spent her whole afternoon in taekwondo. Yeah, weekend could also be her free time yet her dad is on duty sixteen hours in two days. So be it, life is like that here in USA, no choice but to embrace it with open arms.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Wish This Coming Christmas

Few more months before Christmas season. It's the time of giving, sharing of what we have to somebody else especially to our love ones. I was surprised lately when my hubby asked me on what I want to received this coming holiday season. For all I know my hubby is not really into surprises or gift surprises. Since he asked me earlier for what I like so I told him that I wish to have my own  netbook computers. We have her in the house but what I want is to have it as my very own. It's kinda private or just my own self will gonna use it. Surely he will grant it for both of us knew that I am a blogger too aside for crazy loving social media sites across the country and in the whole world. Being in front of my laptop is one of my routine day by day wherever I may go. Maybe if I have my own I can concentrate more on writing and visiting other sites as well.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poor Baby

I received an email and a call with my brother few days ago. We all understand how tough life is nowadays. My younger brother is begging me some extra cash so that he can bring his baby to the pediatrician. I cannot describe exactly what it looks like but one thing for sure is that the baby is experiencing swelling of the eyelids. After too much confrontation and argueng what had happened we ended up on infections because the nanny/babysitter trim the baby's eyelashes without any permission from them. They just found out when my other brother in law told them on the next day when they met. Baby's skin is very sensitive as far as my concern. The tiny eye lashes hair wasn't removed around the eyes and that was the time it started to redness just like skin rashes and a day or two it becomes bigger. What a poor baby girl. I even told my mom to remind the babysitter not to do it again or else she will lose her job earlier as expected. I promise to give money so that they could buy the medicines and the test needed for my baby niece.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Daughter's Bestfriend

I'm so happy with my five year old lovely child. I couldn't believed but it's true my daughter is amazing in a sense that in her seventh week in kindergarten she learned a lot already. Well, proud to say it runs in the blood. She is very up to date in her school activities academically as well as her extra curricular activities. Yesterday, we received a greeting card from her schools bestfriend. Aside from the beautiful card she was also invited for the upcoming costume party to be held in their house during the halloween. It's awesome right? At her young age somebody treasured her friendship already and I'm so glad for my little girl. God bless my little ones.  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Costume Party

My little girl is very excited for the coming activity here in our community. Yesterday, we received a leaflet about the coming Halloween festivities. Aside for the trick or treat of kids they will also conduct a costume party parade for all pets to all tenants. All we have to do is to wait their Halloween invitations that could be send sometime next week. Even me, I am so thrilled and be ready of course with my handycam and DSLR to capture the momentous events. I will not let this acticity surpass in my hands. This is the activity we waited for so long and this time is the right answer with all those questions. Though I don't have a pet for the reason that my hubby is asthmatic but then we will just simply witnessed the special events few weeks from now. So excited for the coming winners.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Mama's Birthday

I'm so happy two days ago because my mother celebrated her 68th birthday in Philippines. I can see that lately we the siblings are very supportive with our parents. I guess it must and have to that way. I cannot imagine the years my beloved parents brought us six siblings and made everyone professional with those little income that my father had in his job before. Now, I think is the perfect time to repay those years just by supporting them on their needs. My mom had a simple party that only includes with my immediate family circle. The only thing I missed is that were not there enjoying the party, eating the famous 'lechon' and all other delicacies. Again, I just wished my mom a very happy birthday and just hope everything is great with their health. God bless all of us.

Looking For Another Job

It's been a year already that I tried to look for a different job as to compare my own passion. A lot of realization nowadays. Well, it's very obvious that economy is still down apparently. Only those healthcare jobs are in demand and never be gone in the limelight. Now, I am interested to start looking for Healthcare Aides Jobs in the jobs site. My hubby made me realized on what field that I have to take into consideration. Yes, I agree on him and lately I am planning to take CNA first as my first step. I am looking for the right school for me that offering those training with minimal cost. I just hope this time I will be succesful in my other field.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Love Sale!

I missed the moment were my daughter is always at my side 24/7. Right now my little girl is at school already and she's having fun in kindergarten. My daughter have her own schedule at school while my hubby is busy in his new weekend schedule. Atleast, once a month the school has a one day no class and that's the time the three of us mingled together in the mall or anywhere else. Just like these, we've been at the mall last week and suddenly I got struck with sale at Old Navy. Yes, it's very cheap and the quality is there. I like it it was just $2.99 for this pretty leggings. My daughter loves it also.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So Memorable

I have a friend who just recently gave birth to her second child  few weeks ago. I find her as one of the cool mom I've known for quite sometime. I found it first through on her post with regards of her coming baby and guess what everything is cool. I couldn't resist but visit her blog daily just in case I could catch some new funny t shirts prints posted on her site. It's kinda something new for me and really makes me feel exciting for her sake. Her baby is so cute wearing those pretty clothes aside from being a model of the clothing line. That's what it is and baby should be made of and as a friend on her I am proud on them as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Right Diet

All my friends and family knew that I have a chubby baby girl. I thank God for giving her to us. She is our one and only child and honestly sometimes we just let her be on what she wants especially on foods. Right now our most concern with her is her weight. She weigh more as to compare her weigh chart when we visited her pediatrician. With it I am very interested to attend nutritional counseling austin area. One good thing also is that it's free. All we have to do is to sit back and listen. Sometimes we parents forgot the good food and instead keep on obeying what childrens want to have on their mouth. Hopefully , my kindergartener will lose some weight sometime soon since she is now busy in school compare staying home and nothing to do.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally It's Raining

Oh my, I am surprised by the time I woke up from my nap this afternoon. Guess what? Finally raining outside, it's not heavy rain though just like a rain shower but atleast it helps a little bit. I still couldn't believed until now that here in Texas rain water is badly needed. Why is that weather is not fair? Anyway, I can't answer that as of the moment. The most important thing happened was that rain is invading Texas finally. This is really a great news from all of us here especially the trees and plants in the surroundings. All people is looking forward for more rain to happen sometime sooner hopefully. There's no impossible by God, so all we have to do is keep on praying for all good things.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road Trip

Way back before I get married, all I wish is to explore the big city where I lived. Luckily now, everything has changed and put into reasons. Even myself couldn't belived until now that I am a migrant in USA and currently become a US citizen. What a blessed life as I say. When this great fortune I have now, I wanted to travel  different states since United States has composed of fifty states. I don't want to travel by plane but by road trip instead. Nothing to worry about because my partner agreed with my plan either. Just to feel safe we get a roadside assistance plan. This is great and perfect for travellers like us. Whenever you encounter road problems atleast there is someone you can call right away for emergency. It applies in all states, so it's a way of feeling happy and comfort while traveling in the country. I may also recommend this to all my friends out there to do the same  before you can meet your road worst nightmare.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

Today is the special day of my youngest brother in Philippines. He is celebrating his 25th birthday exactly today. I know everything will ends well with him. Honestly right now his not happy and not celebrating his birthday either. Life is sometimes like that, problems, troubles may come your way. With regards of my brothers problem it's way too personal. So I'll just leave it this way and just want to greet him. Anyway, September month is very special for all of us right? Aside with Mama Mary's birthday, mostly of my family members born this month. Seven of them is going to celebrate this month plus together with my close friends they will become ten all in all. If I'm in Philippines this month, I know there's nothing a day my mouth will munch a lot of foods from the celebrations. Anyway, no matter what it is I'm happy that I have them all. I may be far from them but my mind and hearts are with them.Happy birthday to my brother especially. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Kindergartener Is Having Colds

It's been one week since the school has been started here in Austin, Texas. For that we expect that one day my child could catch up some colds somewhere from school. There it goes, last friday when my daughter arrived from school she looks not good and feel tired. I found out right away that she had a signs of colds and there's nothing we can do with it because colds is a virus. Inspite of what happened today Monday my baby went to school with a slight of runny nose and coughing. I visit her during lunch so that she could take some colds medicine. She's a little bit okay and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Later today, the two of us is going in their school for the 'Back To School Night' event in school. No daddy later because my husband is on call duty in the rehab. It's okey anyway, there's always a next time. Have great day friends... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Car

As of now we only have one car left since we sell the old one before we moved here. Right now we started to plan for a new car. As of economy falling down, I myself got affected as well. Sonce we moved here I don't get a job yet and nobody even try to call me for any interview either. So what we planned as of now is to buy a customized car under the help of our uncle in California. Our uncle is a great guy and love customizing cars as his business. We think about on getting wheel customized vehicle. This could be perfect for traveling in different states. One of my dream is to travel all fifty states of America. I just hope it will be come true before I will get old. Of course I wanted to enjoy a single pieces I have now and explore the world which I don't have before.

My Big Biker

Gone are the days when my baby girl waived goodbyes to her small bike to a little bit bigger bicycle. Though she's still practicing in her new bike. Sometimes I feel more scared by the time she plays in the park because I don't want her to fell down. That is why, we see to it that she put all her protective gear as what she shows in this photo. As a mom of one and only child, I will be always here to support and cared for her.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Need Exercise

It's been five years that I deliver my one and only child. Right now I don't see any changes that I weight loss. I still have a feeling that I'm still pregnant with all the present fat and bulges I have now. Sometimes, I watch my food and mostly fatty foods. I don't have any descipline when it comes to that part. Right now, I don't feel good anymore and wanted to lose weight. I'm glad that I found the perfect fat burners suited for my self. Hopefully, I could get through with this and be successful afterwards with all the hardships. There's no hard in trying as long as you are really mean on what you want to accomplish. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Awarding Day!

These are just some photos I took during the awarding ceremony held at the TaeKwonDo school. I'm so proud of my daughter. I'm the most happiest mom ever since this girl was given to me by God. She is my everything and my life.


Received the Promotional Certificate

She's tired already with this photo..

Throwing of the old belt and welcome the new belt color...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Medicine Awareness

We are using high technology mostly nowadays. Lots of invented gadgets, discovered sciences and new medicines of it's kind. I already aware about zoloft lawsuit. It's not new to us and reading those events make me scared for myself, friends and family. That is why we should be careful taking certain kinds of medicine. We should be careful and knowledgeable with our doctors advice before taking everything. The consequences is very risky that could led us to trauma afterwards. Just like me, I'm still young and looking forward to have another child. I must admit that sometimes I don't go to my primary care but instead go to pharmacy right away for over the counter drugs. Now, I'm scared enough and somehow learned those lessons from others. Drug awareness is very important and I will keep posted for it. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cutie Baby

This cute baby is the second daughter of my brother. Her name is Anica Nichole, 4 months old. I haven't seen her yet and looking forward for my next vacation. She's very cute isn't she? While I'm doing facebook last night it happened also that my SIL uploaded a new album. I saw this photo, though I ask if this is my newest niece nobody answer my comment. I feel that she is and I am absolutely right, couple of minutes my brother said so because they don't have digicam anymore and no updates of photos since then. What I did is copy the photo and crop it since it's her nanny holding her. I have a lot of things plan from now on  for my next vacation and hoping it will push through. I just cross my fingers and I believed there's nothing impossible with God.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Bonding

My life now is very fine when it comes to stability as to compare my life before. Yet, I cannot escape the reality of being bored and have stressful life. If only I can turn back time, I wanted to modify my life a little bit and prefer to live in my own country. Life is not perfect anyway. Me and my husband just make sure that every week we spend quality time to our daughter. Sometimes we go shopping, playing at the park and stay at home enjoying our home theatre system wireless. It is indeed fun if you are in the house because you can express and do everything you like. It is a way to relieved stress in everyday living. Watching movies in the convenient of your own is way much better from theater. Just like me I am a home body person since when I was young. That's also the asset my hubby like me most. In short I am not capable to waste much money because I have different perspective in life. In which I wanted my daughter can inherit that attitude as well.   

Friday, August 12, 2011

Newest Niece

Few weeks ago, my first cousin deliver a very lovely baby girl named Allyssa. She is my newest niece in town. I'd love to help my cousin preparing all stuff and firstly foremost is the photo birth announcements of the baby. We wanted to announced the whole world about our newly born baby girl. It's been a busy month for all of us. We are going to prepare for the upcoming christening of course. This is gonna be a big day for them and for all of us. Hopefully all my relatives from different states could attend the said affair. Though I know it's not too much fun compare if where living in Philippines. Well, anyway life is like that. What we gonna do now is to make sure that we will probably enjoy in her special day as she enters the world of Christianity. I just wished her luck for everything and for the coming year.


Different states, different schools and different association has it's own styles to deal children that can led them to promotions. As to compare when where still in New Jersey they don't have like this proof before you can register for belt testing. Here in Texas, you have to get all the stripes by day to day classess before you are eligible for testing. meaning if you are doin great, masters/instructors will put stripe in your belt as a proof that you get a great job that day until you collect everything. My daughter is very happy the day she got this because finally she could join the coming testing. We are very proud of my daughter and everyone knows that. I know she could do it and well do great.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great Option

We cannot avoid or escape nature calls like storms and other severe weather that could affect the performance of our televisions. We should be thankful enough to our inventors who never tired of creating something useful for the people. A year ago during heavy storms in New Jersey while I'm watching my favorite t.v shows it was running dull because of the bad weather. After that incident we decided to get a  tv antennas to make sure our t.v performances is great just in case of any weather disturbances. Even before when I'm still in Philippines my family is using antennas. The scenario is different way far ahead here that is using high technology. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Break

Everytime I turn on the radio it always reminds us listeners that summer is the coolest time in Texas. Coolest in terms of vacation break, summer getaways and quality time in the family since it's summer vacation. Just a month ago we moved here from New Jersey. Since were new in the place, we are planning a family event called picnic in the park. The most highlight of the picnic is the famous barbecue ribs. We are going to purchase electric grills within this week so that anytime before the school year begins we can pursue our picnic. many of my friends told me that using electric grills is great than those of charcoal grills. Well, it's very understandable because we can shut of the electric in any minute and no need for us to put or use a gas. Safety is the best policy here. Life is crucial and very important to take care.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can't Go To Mass Today!

It's been our tradition as catholics and other religions to attend mass every Sunday. Starting today it will be uncommon to my family not to attend because my hubby is on duty. Not only that, this is his new schedule 'til then. so sad that we are going to reschedule our responsibility from every Sunday to every Friday as  a change. Well, I know our Lord above could understand this situation and perhaps still appreciated. The most important thing is that we can still go to mass during fridays and other weekdays. have time worshipping and listen the good words of God. What I've done here in the house is to listen the Holy Eucharist at TFC. I'm not physically present in church but yet mentally and spiritually in God's words. Have a  great Sunday everyone.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Safe and Secure

As far as I remembered way back when I'm still a child, I used to be extra careful all household hazards like electric wires, poisonous chemicals and appliances. Everytime we go outside to shop or maybe just to spent outside with the family we see to it that everything in the house is safe and worry free. My father is very particular in wirings with it's surface raceways especially. Even myself sometimes I feel like paranoid because more or less I keep on expecting all the appliances before I sleep and everytime I go somewhere. Anyway, it's better to be sure than unsure of the safety and wellness of my family.  Saving lives is one of my priorities in life as well and I will teach my child with what I learned. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Four Days

Some of you knew that almost two years already I'm stay at home mom. Sounds like a bit boring right? Well, I don't think much about it as long as I keep enjoying my little girl, since the school year isn't started yet. My friend called me up this morning asking if I'm not busy in the coming following weeks. Third week of August is their intense review for the coming LPN licensure exam. For that scenario her friend wanted me to babysit her toddler and it';s going to be four days exactly. Quiet interesting for me because it's been a while that I didn't babysit another child except my own baby girl. Guess what my daughter is more excited because she is looking forward to have fun that day. Well, it;s gonna be fun of course because we will just staying here inside the house since it's terribly hot outside so no hassle for me at all to watch the little kid. Looking forward to meet new kid few weeks from now. Have fun everyone... 

Friday, July 29, 2011

So Hard!

I'm a bit tired of looking and finding jobs online. Yes, it's been a couple months ago I started hunting but still until now, no luck is coming for me. My husband change his schedule in his nursing facility so by now I have a ample time to look for jobs. I'm not a choosy type of job seeker. As long as it will not affect my husband schedule and be it. Now I believed, that unemployment is really rising. Not only here but worldwide problem. Since I am not a quitter, I never miss a day to browse and apply different companies. I believed that if it's really for me, I can get it without any delay. I just hope and pray that someday my dreams and wishes will do come true. Have a good friday everyone. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Gift

As what I've posted few months ago, we celebrate the 5th birthday of my big girl at ChuckECheese. Lots of presence that day. Days, months passes by would you believe that my baby still receive gifts from our friends around the states. Sometimes, I said to my husband that it's not quite good at all because maybe my daughter will expect more and more and become spoiled. Few days from now another gift is coming from California. I know already what it is because my niece called me up and ask the shoe size. I cannot deny the fact the my baby is just too sweet that even my new friends love her so much. Anyway, I'm here to guide her all the way and teach her what the world means for all of us.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Food for the Day!

I was too full with the food I eat at lunch today. I cannot resist but eat seriously during lunch time because of my yummy "lechon paksiw". My friend gave it to me yesterday when we pick him up at the airport just came from vacation at Florida. Hopefully, next year summer my family can get there too and have fun. What I am wanting to enjoy in Florida is there white sand beaches all over the place. Of course number scenic attractions is the famous DisneyWorld. My husband give me an options if next year were are going to California or Florida for vacation. I said maybe Florida first since Meg is turning six years old next year maybe it's the best time for her age to enjoy.We are in between of California and Florida so there's no way we can't visit those places. Looking forward for our next journey and hopefully, our last place to live with is California because I like there and more closer to Asia. If I will travel it will not last too much longer as much as I stayed before in New Jersey going to Philippines.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learning A New Skill

Guest post from: Contance Rodgers

Our business website was such a mess when we hired Jenny, she said she didn't even know where to start. There were photos everywhere, the colors were all off and there was basically no structure to the site itself. Jenny sat us down and talk to us about possibly buying a new domain since our old one wasn't exactly ideal for our business type. Together, we researched options on sites like and finally found one along with a hosting package that made sense for our company and limited budget. Jenny totally understood that we didn't have all the money in the world to spend on a new website that she used the tools we gave her to build a really professional streamlined site. Now were not so embarrassed to tell our clients to visit us online which is a first! I even learned a little HTML from Jenny along the way, so if something comes up perhaps I can try to fix it myself! Then again, maybe that's not such a good idea after all..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Birthday Present

This coming first week of August is the birthday of my nephew currently living in Philippines. Though my family and relatives are far away from me, I never forget to greet or have something on that day. That is how I value family. I am planning to buy some remote controlled cars just right in my budget at reasonable cost. My hubby agreed on me on what kind of cars I'm planning with. Buy cheap RC Cars is a good choice. Not only good in my pocket but also saves in my budget. The most important is I have something that comes in my heart. Well, I know my nephew so much and doesn't need for more. No wonder he is one of my favorite nephews among all because of his nice attitude. I'm just hoping that he will stay that way until he grows up into fine young man.

Gadget Shopping

To those who doesn't know it's been a month already since we relocate from New Jersey to Texas. Well, were find in here as far as I feel it. What I am looking forward for more is to shop my daughter's first ever gadget of her own. Yes, we decided to buy one for her so that we could keep in touch on her while she's in school during break time.  I've been visiting Gadget Website and it's been truly amazing experience comparing one gadget to another. All I want is simply the best for my child. I'm not really into expensive ones as long as I can save a lot at reasonable price. I never forget everyday to look for coupons in the mailed magazines and newspapers from the mail also. Think Geek coupons will probably saves me more because the offer is such wonderful and doesn't hurt bad in my pocket. Office Depot coupon codes will be used to shop for my child's school supplies and will be happen sooner before the school year starts. I think I am more excited than my child for the coming school year. Well, you cannot blamed me because she is my one and only baby.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Little Girl's 5th Birthday

A very happy, happy birthday to our child Althea Meg. We celebrate it last Saturday the very exact day of her birthday. She enjoys a lot and even planning ahead for her next year's birthday. Very funny but true, I'm just telling the truth. Since were here at Austin, Texas already I think we still have to explore more on the sorroundings since were new. Anyway, What we want for our child is to make her happy and enjoy every moment of her life as she grows into fine little girl towards to womanhood in the near future. We love you so much our baby girl and may God bless you all throughout in the coming years. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drug Awareness

I can say that I am a proud mom and wife in my five years of marriage. Well, we cannot avoid all the the trials passed and come in our life. Problems is just elsewhere that needs to be faced and solved. Just like now in my family sometimes I can see a little roller coaster ride and later it will become a limousine. Life is unpredictable. In our early age my husband get an extra life insurance just in case whatever happens  for we don't know the future. He is sickly lately and were not getting any younger anymore. Aside from that I am so eager to know all the medicines or drugs that my husband take. He is an asthmatic and lots of prescription drugs that need to intake. Especially I heard the news about the zoloft lawsuit. The side effects is very scary and it really needs more attention as well as awareness of the drugs we take. We should make sure that we got the rights drugs with the help of our trusted professionals. We must not rely on them only but our self awareness is very important also.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stressful Days

I cannot believed but it's true that next month I will be leaving New Jersey. Surely, I gonna miss a lot of things here like heavy snow, friends and the church choir at St. Joseph's Parish. Well, anyway life is like that full of surprises. Right now I am very stress and pressure for all packings and cleanings of our unit here. I have no choice but to face it. I still have three weeks to do everything and nobody helping me. I just wish and ask the Lord above to shower and give me more strenght to do all these things. Yes, I am very excited to live in a new place, new surroundings and new apartment. Hopefully I could find a job there especially this coming school year that my little girl will be in kindergarten. I'm just crossing my fingers that all my dreams and wishes will do come true. God bless us all. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well Manageable

Sometimes we can ask ourselves on why is that life is unpredictable. It is because of all situations we encounter each and everyday. We can even asnwers all our questions through life itself. Just like for instance as a cigarette smoker. That's a big issue for someone else who don't smoke while others doesn't care. Right now there's nothing to worry much about the issue. I'm glad to know that there's a way how to skip it sometimes and it's a big way help as an alternative. 

Just like with my niece now she started smoking at a very young age. We keep on giving her advices about cigrx side effects. Anyway , it's really up to her whether on what she wants to do in her life as long as she's aware of everything. Anyhow, I'm so happy with this new method and it helps a lot.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Tae Kwon Do Kid

It's been a week already when she started her Tae Kwon Do. We have a lot of purpose on why we enrolled her. My daughter is very eager to learn especially this kind of game. Since last year after we watched Karate Kid in theater she never stop telling us that she wanted to enroll such like that. This is a good choice perhaps because she could lose weight for sure and gain confidence in herself. Hopefully she will pursue her passion for more years. All we have to do is to encourage and support our daughter all the way to success. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Having Fun With My Daughter

 This was taken a day after the blizzard

sledding with her friend Pauline

If I were to choose I rather like cold than warm places. Cold will make our body active and on the go. But sometimes too much cold will make me feel unhappy and can prevent me for going somewhere. Just like the photos above this was taken last  December 27th a day after the severe weather blizzard hit New Jersey. The kids mostly like it but older people doesn't like anymore. That is why my favorite season is Fall and Spring the not so cold season. Probably I don't like summer either for here in NJ is too much humid.