Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Without Her, I Won't Be Here In This World

Exactly the same I got married with my husband is also the special day or birthday of my mother the 28th of September. She is now celebrating her 68th birthday. I just wanted to share some thoughts about my mother and who she really is. My mom is typically a simple woman that never dream of to become rich and famous individual. Do you know what she always dreamt of? She just wanting us to finish our studies and got successful in our chosen field. With all the hardships of my father sending us 6 siblings in school until college thank God we made it and become all professionals. So I think now is the best time for us to repay their sacrifices that has given to us. Now that my father is physically ill we never give up to support the needs of our dear parents. Yesterday, I just saw my family back home through chat while they are celebrating my mom's birthday. I'm glad that all of us has something for her. I and my sister from Dubai give her cash as gifts, while my other brothers and sisters cook foods for her with their chosen menus. Wow, it's great knowing that until now we are still intact and helping one another. I even made a joke with my mom last night telling her to owe some money because she had a lot of cash gifts from us. She just answered me a big 'laugh out loud'. My wish for her is more years to live and physically healthy with the grace of God.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Dancing Lady

A beautiful orchid - Dancing Lady
Yes, we call it dancing lady flower because as what you saw it really looks like a lady dancing. How about you do have one of this flowers in your garden? Here in USA I don't have it but in my hometown Philippines has lots of it. I miss our garden, where my parents loves taking cared of now. The place where I usually hanging on, reading books/magazines, chatting with friends and favorite place of my visitors.  Eventhough I find hard time watering our garden before but still quiet a worth. It adds beauty in our place especially those hanging plants,ornamental flowers/plants and the whole scenic itself. I just let my brother took some pictures among flowers so that I still have an idea how it looks like nowadays while I'm not there. Missed home  already and hoping any years from now I could spend much time to be with them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transformation of My Living Room

In my present set-up of our living room really looks like an old stuff I have during my childhood days. Well, I will say that I feel bored at it already and need to transform into new look. I was browsing and searching at the net some elite styles that I could follow at the house. I wanted something new just like office furniture, I've seen in my workplace a year ago. There's no need to fill all the space in the area but this time I will make sure the look would be nice, neat and very presentable. That is why in our coming relocation my child will sleep in her own room together with her toys and everything. Surely my living room doesn't look chaos and crowded anymore. Spacious living room with it's unique furnitures and styles will make me feel like winning. I write all my transformation plans in my organizer so nothing to worry much when the time arrives.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love Free Stuff

I never thought that I finally landed a site that everyone would love with regards of their site and services. Before I don't even cared on how much I'm going to pay just to send those pictures through my album in the social site. I am so glad knowing what I have found recently in the net. This is an awesome Free SMS services from . Yes, it's true and people are switching their provider from now and then. Sometimes, I'm busy enough to forget my digicam so right now nothing to worry much because of this. No reason at all buy not bringing cameras for I can take pictures and videos through my phone that is free of charge on SMS . Better try to check this out and have fun on with their remarkable services.

I'm One of Charice Pempengco's Fan

Before I update this blog, I'm watching Glee Season 2 at Fox 5 @8-9pm. I marked my calendar already to watch this every tuesday. How about you, are you a fan of Charice too? Well, I know you are. Since she joined Little Big Star before @ABS-CBN I know already that she will rose to stardom and there she goes.
We are all aware of any speculations about her but that's what showbiz is all about. It is unavoidable to all artists and singers around the globe. I just hope Charice will always put her feet in the ground and change for betterment not for worst. She has a lovely voice, big heart and very determine young lady. Let us all be proud of her in all her attainments. She makes me proud as one of the filipino people.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

So Long Farewell

After how many months of following the story, last friday is the last episode of the said teleseries "Impostor". Starred by one of my favorite young actress/dancer Maja Salvador. Well, just to let you know I always hooking up all ABS-CBN's teleseries with this I'm pretty obvious a big fan of the network. This is a big break to Melay and Jason as well and they made a big impact of the story from the beginning up to the end. I just hope that my favorite network will work for more wonderful movies that would cater people at all ages. God bless Philippines and to all people in the world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids Pastime

Since my child own a Nintendo DS from her daddy I coudn't resist myself from borrowing it once a day. We bought 5 kids games already but the game that attract us most is the super mario bros. latest edition. Both me and my child love it the most that sometimes makes our day busy into it. Just to tell you honestly I've been playing mario games way back before I was a kid using our playstation, I couldn't just believed that until now I'm still a big fan ug mario bros. But the most important thing is were always here to guide our child when is the best time to play and the best time to get rid of it. Especially the distance of staring the DS we make sure that it is not too close in her eyes and she could rest as well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rambutan Fruit

I miss this fruit so much. I just ask this photo in one of my friend who had a vacation in their farm in Davao. This is so yummy and fun, very mouth watering. I forgot to eat this fruit last time I have my vacation or maybe it wasn't on timing for harvest. You know everytime we have our vacation we cannot comply all the plans because of the limited time and leisure spend everyday. Hopefully next time we could visit and stay for more than one month. I'll make sure next time would be more great and fully satisfy myself with the said vacation..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Want I Really Like This Christmas?

Time is almost finally here. We just don't know how time flies so fast without knowing that it is very near. Just to be honest I'm a type of person love jewelries when I'm still single but not to the extend that I prioritize it. Now that I'm married the more I'm not attracted more on jewelry I don't know why exactly or maybe because my husband do the same thing? First, would you believed that my husband class ring in nursing has been put in the drawer since the time it has been given? I know it sounds weird but that's what he is and we even got trouble in his style sometimes. Second, I know you won't believed me with this but I'm just being true and honest that my husband do the same thing with our wedding ring. You cannot find any single ring in his fingers and any other jewelries in the body. Sounds cruel hahaha but reality bites. To get back in what I want this Christmas is to get or to have a Digital SLR. I love photoshooting especially if my subject is my daughter,lol. Hmmnn, I know it will not be given this Christmas because I won't permit it to happen either. Just love to own it by next year. It is better to prioritize my father's medicine needs than getting earlier on what I like. I want my father to live more and be better in his condition. Have a nice weekend everyone...^_*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Come Out and Seek

I believe the saying goes like,' there's nothing impossible if you believe in yourself '. Just like my single aunt here in America she never tired of looking for the perfect guy for her. She doesn't believed that old age will matter for here. Well, she has the freedom for that aspects in life. Couple of weeks ago I tease and told her that bbw want to meet near you thru online. You know what she is 100% interested in dating online. All what she wants is our guidance on what's the best thing to do while having an important conversation with a guy. Yes, we are serious about it too because we wanted her to be happy and feel complete for how many years of busy working as a nurse in the hospital. It's time to give herself an amful of time and dedication. Who knows this time she can find a man for her dreams.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Balikbayan Box

It's our first time sending balikbayan box in my beloved place Cebu. Yes, it's first time because from 4 years of stay here in America we already got a vacation twice from 2008 and 2009. With it we just brought along our 'pasalubong' through our respective families. Unluckily we cannot pursue our plan vacation this coming January 2011 for some very important details that need decision not to travel. We prioritize first our relocation in the middle of next year to Texas and besides we need more money for it. Go back in my box, I just prepare it for 1 week with the help of my financier none other than my hubby of course. The contents of my box are kids used clothes, t-shirts/blouses, lotions, shampoos, parfume, chocolates, cookies, backpack, cane, barbie dolls, stuff toys, shoes, sandals, and medicines. Wow, it's a lot but would you believed that it doesn't fit in my jumbo box that make me feel mad a little. What I did was to take out rather the used clothes. Everyone is aware about the 3-day labor day sale so we went last Saturday at Jersey Shore Premium Outlet and shop beautiful stuff. That's the main reason why it doesn't fit anymore. I bought there 2 pair of Nike shoes, 8 pieces of Nike T-shirts, Nike Socks, Adidas Shoes, 2 bottles of Aerospostale cologne, 4 pieces of Aeropostale T-shirts and Toy'R'Us barbie dolls and baby dolls. That's awesome right? I just informed my family back home that I'm going to send another box anytime next month and I will not buy more because what I have in here is just right for the next shipment.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meg's Presents To My Hubby

Yeah , she wrote the card while I'm not watching...letter 'G' mess up
She draw cartoons represent her family

She gave this to her dad few days back. This is what she called her masterpiece for daddy's birthday, lol. I'm so proud with my child for she can write the alphabeth, can do simple additions and write her name as well. The thing is she doesn't go to school yet and what more the time she will. It's not impossible anyway because the intelligence of the person will run by the genes of by birth. My hubby doesn't like my child to join earlier in school and prepares to start by next year at the age of five. I believe with it anyway. It's a case to case basis in sending a child earlier at school especially if the mom is working. In my case I'm a stay at home mom so no reason to start early. I know my daughter will excel in school and I just hope that the Lord will guide her always in the right path.