Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pretty Cool

I found out that lately I am fun of remembering my past memories and experiences. Maybe because I am trying to reconnect my old high school friends. Not bad at all because through the powerful social media it's been reconnecting as it is going meant to be. Best example that I'd like to remember is when I and my close friends are seriously collecting and personalized stationaries with our name on it. Different styles, unique colors and even the smell has in common as well. Now that I am happily married I told my husband that we will get a personal business cards. I will say that this would be great because I don't have to write on a piece of paper whenever somebody like to get my contact information. Sounds pretty cool and awesome right? Well, I'm trying too to adopt in my real world today. Nothings wrong with it anyway. Hopefully I can follow good vices and only for the best of my self-satisfaction.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Dreaming

Usually I will stay at the living room while spending my time for dropping, adgitizing, blogging, facebook and etc. During my daughter's napping time I suddenly heard her crying hard. Oopps seems like new to me. I didn't hear my daughter cry while sleeping or maybe just awoke. I hurriedly came beside her and ask what happen. She tole me that she had a dream. I ask her on what it is all about but then she didn't replied on me but instead of crying though I'm there already. I just simply hug and offer her a drink so that she would stay calm. Later she join me and finally told me what happened on her dreams. She said ,"Mommy don't leave me and just go to work by the time I will go to school". In short my daughter doesn't want me yet to go to work. She was used that I'm always at her side since I resigned at the hotel. To make her feel comfortable I answer her that "I promise you that I'm always here at your side and I will go work by the time your in school. Probably next year I can continue my job or look another job because Meg will be in kindergarten. I'm so excited for my little girl's new adventure in life. I know everything will go smoothly and all is well hopefully.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Need Additional Dresser

I always remember what my parents told me before I reached in motherhood stage. They never failed to remind me on how to brought up my future children. Just like what my mother said that never buy a lot of clothing stuff for your child especially if they're still at infant stage. It's because they will suddenly grow-up surprisingly one day. Seems like yesterday my little girl has a cutie dresser in our room and now we need another one for her stuff . My husband and I are hopping around to look for the right dresser for my daughter. Its not a problem anymore because I'm good at it choosing the perfect style and color for my girl. We saw rustic bedroom furniture at the particular furniture factory for kids. It's quiet cool and cozy to look at. No wonder since I have a girl. I can choose lot of styles and designs. Nevertheless, I'm happy to be a mommy of one. No competition among siblings and we are just focusing and giving the needs of our one and only daughter.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leche Flan

I feel like my daughter is slowly following one of my habits. Aside from being a kind girl she's into cooking as well. Last Sunday, she never stops begging on me that we are going to cook leche flan for her dad. Yeah, my husband loves to eat desserts especially if I'm the one prepares for it. Everytime I cook my daughter also do her shares just like mixing all the ingredients. She like to hold and the wire whip while putting my prepared ingredients in the bowl. Well, this is a good sign being a kid. By the time she will grow-up it's not hard for her to cook and engaged in the kitchen. Going back in my leche flan, I can say that I'm doin great and the taste was extremely delicious. Since I'm trying to avoid some fatty and sweets foods honestly I managed not to eat it at all for my diet sake. I'm proud because I made not to break my own rules. Awww, quiet sad I forbid myself eating those foods. Well, anyway it must be for my health benefit and maybe someday, somehow I could get a reward on what I am trying to.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The New Pink Shoes

Pretty Pink Shoes

Would you believed that my daughter is pretty much growing nowadays? Yes, she envy already those pretty young lady shoes around or as what we called 'tween' kids around. Though she still 4 yrs old even me can feel already that at a later time I will be just surprised that my one and only daughter will transformed into teen and lady someday. Sounds scary right but I'm just reacting in practically.
One time when we gone at the store I saw this shoes first and likes it. Unknowingly Meg pick it up and carry wherever we go. She forced us to buy it though it doesn't fit her yet. We will count two more years to go until she can wear the pink shoes. No second taught on buying it for even me and my husband likes it as well. That's the smallest size and obviously nothing fits in her age. Anyway it's not expensive better get it and have fun seeing our daughter using the shoes and acted like a model right at our living room.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Best Cousin's Birthday

Yes, last 13th of July was my cousins 33rd birthday. I will say that she is full of blessings and surprises because a week before they found out that she is one month pregnant. What a priceless gift indeed. She is my closest cousin among others and my best friend as well. I knew everything about her and vice versa to me too. I'm so happy of all the things happened to her from past to present. Well, I believed if you are a kind person you will harvest fruits at the end. As for me, I don't expect in return but honestly I expect something better just like our Lord will always guide me whatever my life may bring from day by day.. For you my dear cousin, May the Lord shower and guide you from all trials in life. No matter what happen I will always be the same person as you know me before. Happy Birthday and miss you so. Hope will gonaa bond each other again by the time I visit Philippines sometime next year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awesome Movie

We just came home from the movie house after lunch. Having so much fun inside the theater while watching "Karate Kid". The lead star was so cool, well anyway he inherited that from his famous dad Wil Smith. The story was indeed realistic from your birthplace moving to a stranger place. It's pretty hard in reality right, especially if the language is totally new to you. A feeling like you are a prisoner of your own. A stage on where you will have to adjust and adopt for your sake. My daughter love it so much compare the movie we saw last week which is ''The Last Airbender''. Wow, my little girl is a movie goer now and she is much likely to watch another movie next weekend entitled the ''Toy Story". Just like me and her dad we love to see at the movie house at the big screen because the impact is very much more different compare watching it in DVD's. The only thing we cannot watch are adults movie because my daughter is always with us. So that's the only time we can rent or buy DVD's that we like for ourselves.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Not?

It's been a couple of days already I heard about LeBrons decision in joining Heat. Yeah, people has it's own point of views and criticisms about this. Oh, God it's his decision why can't people accept it? Just like for example in your job," if your not comfortable and happy so let go" as simply like that. LeBron has own reasons why he departed Cleaveland and it must be respected. People give him chance and freedom on where to go, that's his life anyway. We can't just judge a persons decision.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aunt Is Not Feeling Well!

Yesterday the three of us headed at our Aunts house to get some fresh vegetables right from her backyard. Hmmnn, I always smell it for it was very fresh compare the one at the grocery store. Right there and then I miss my family back home in Philippines for it reminds me with our vegetable garden. I remember back when I'm still a child when we go to the market to bring the crops for sale. Yes, it is very memorable for me just like with my sister who almost feel down at the stairs while murmoring. Back to my aunt she physically catch up some mild cough and colds from the patients she taking cared of from hospital. As I look at her face she really needs time to rest for some in awhile and thats what she is doing right now. A one week vacation leave is fun for her to do. Her house is very huge but the problem is she is single at the age of 50 right now. Just as what I'm always tease her to find a man as I believe it's not too late to have fun and enjoy, lol. Being a 100% dedicated from work is a big change of her lovelife before and has been disregarded until present. Well, everyone has it's different call from God whether you will leave as married or single blessedness. Different styles and life but we have to live our life to the fullest whatever what it has meant to be.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

A freedom to one and all. As we joined the mass this morning I observed a lot of vacant seats around. No wonder for today is one of the big celebration of America and surely they spend their day at the beach under the heat of the sun. No fun for us today because my hubby will report for work tonight and thats understandable, right? Anyway, next weekend is his weekend off so probably were going to have a late celebration as what my husband promised to us. I know it's going to be fun for were planning to visit Mountain Creek Water Park just a 1 hour and 40 minutes drive away from home. Last week we are really hooking up on the place that is going have a fireworks display. In our place we missed it for the schedule was last night at 9:30pm and we have in mind is tonight. Well anyway theres nothing we can do with it anymore for it was done and finished.
Hope everyone had a safe Independence day celebration. God bless to each of us and have a nice weekend.