Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Best Friend's Good News

My 1st degree cousin happened also to be my best friend. Were at the same age, she is just 4 months older on me. The other day was a big surprise on me for she is two months pregnant and gonna due this coming January of next year. That's really good news for us because unknowingly he is difficult to get pregnant. We share sentiments before, from sadness to laughter jus like a close sister of mine. We have everything in common that is why we survived to stick one another for almost 32 years now. Not bad right? I missed my best cousin far away from here. Hopefully we could pursue our vacation plans next year so that I can see our new addition in our clan sometime next year. New babies are fun in the family. I even prepare already some cute stuff to give for her little one regardless of her gender.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bonding Time

Last Father's day we headed to the church of course, dine out and to bond at the park as what we usually do. The three of us were so dark for we keep on going at the beach to make some walks. There are lots of traits that my husband have that I could be proud of like, giving amful time to bond with us and providing all our wants and needs. Yesterday, he told me that next year we will probably make another baby and hopeful to have a boy next time. I know everyone would agree with me that it's not easy to raise kids here in America especially if you don't have any other relatives near you. I don't like to be grounded inside the house forever that is why we really planning our family. Next year we can petition already our parents so with it it's not difficult for us anymore for somebody will add up and can watch our child while were at work. It's not difficult to petition parents for you will only wait for about 1-1/2 years before they could follow. I just wish for the best, hoping our parents health will go smoothly and excited to be with them.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Treat

Honestly, this is my first time to make a maja blanca. It is because in Philippines I don't have even space to make one, for everyone in the family loves to cook and usually my elder sister always prefer for herself and the rest will just eat. Well, that's what I like either just to relax and see everyones busy. Of course not I'm just kidding. But know what last father's day I surprise my husband with this new treat and he was really surprise because he wasn't used that I make maja blanca. He like the taste and my way of cooking. I just simply told him it is because this is for our own and not for commercial sake. Hmmnn, even myself can tell that my first time in making this is awesome and really taste great. He even compare on why is that some looks so clear while mine is very rich. Well, just like what I say it's the matter of preparations and the ingredients used. People have different styles anyway.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prayer Is The Best Weapon

Nowadays I don't feel much better knowing that my parents in Philippines isn't in good health. Sad to say but father is diabetic and not in good shape. Some people blaming us siblings by not forcing my father before and have been checked earlier by a doctor. Well, my father is very stubborn when it comes to medicine he always prepares some self-medication rather checked at the hospital. We saw some signs and symtoms even before but still my father doesn't like to be checked. Now, I will say that he needs more attention because he's not feeling well anymore and usually gets dizzy once in a day. My husband forced him to go to the doctor so that we will know the status of his health and as expected he is physically ill and must undergo certain medication. He will undergo another test sometime next week and all of us prayed that the result is not too bad and can find remedies. I believed prayer is the best weapon among all else. All of us hoping that my father will gonna have more life to live. Aside from being a diabetic he don't have any vices at all so it's really a big help for his health. We all know how expensive to get sick in Philippines especially for a diabetic patient. As what my brother told me aside from prayer my father well need our assistance financially.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddies!

I wanted to great a Happy Father's Day to the two important man in my life. Wish you both good health and more blessings to come. Thank you my dear papa for always there on me never tired of giving courage and perseverance on how to live my life to the fullest. To the man who bring me here in U.S.A thanks a lot for loving me and giving all I want especially our priceless God's gift baby Althea Meg. Thank you dear daddies for sharing and happened with my life in this world. Enjoy your day and have fun. Happy Father's Day to all dad's out there. ^_^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do or Die

Yes, tonight is the big night. I'm very much excited already for the NBA final season game 7 tonight 9:00 pm @ ABC 07, Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics. I love Kobe Bryant so much for he is very dedicated in his career. Each of his moves thrills and amazed me. Everyone's thrilled for tonights game because it's championship night or as what my father said it's a Do or Die game, lol. Well, whoever will become champion for tonights game is gonna be awesome as expected. The two team is great and always gives their best. I love Lakers but my husband loves the two team he had favorites between the two so it doesn't matter at all for him whoever will won the game. Goodluck to all Lakers fans..How about you guys, whom do you prefer to be the champ?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Miss My Papa In Philippines

Father's Day celebration is on the way. From mother's day to father's day we siblings of six always prepares something for the celebration. Would you believed if I say that I love more my father than my mother? Yes, I love them both but basically because I'm a father's girl since then. I don't usually share problems to my mom as to compare with my dad. Maybe for the reason because my mom is very one sided on opinions. My dad is always there beside me to listen and confide in times of difficulties from financial to emotional problems. I just wish my father will live longer inspite of his health. He is sickly nowadays . Early next year I can submit already a petition to become an American citizen so by then petition of my parents will follow. I want them to live like what I have now and most importantly their health will be strictly monitor here in US.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Flag of the Philippines

June 12, 2010 is the Philippine Independence, a one of a kind celebration in Philippines. When I'm still a kid as far as I remember mostly of the families spend their day at the beach in commemoration of the celebration. A day filled of fun and joy, bonding moments of the whole family.
My 4 years old kid even know the meaning of the flag. Last year I told her that the three stars represents Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao while the sun gives light to the provinces. The blue color on top means joy, peace, happiness, trust and justice while red means war, patriotism, destroyness and defence. If the red color will be on top thats a sign that Philippines is at war in which I don't like that to happen 'til I'm alive. It is easy to teach little children on important current events or any important matter because they can absorb it easily at young age. Peace to everyone and enjoy your day..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Aunt's House

We live at my aunt's house way back 2007 for almost two years before we decided to rent an apartment. Honestly, I wanted and wish for a house of our own but not as big as their house. I'm just a simple person but not a social type of woman. I don't like this house for the reason it was super huge and very expensive. Sometimes way back before we cannot mostly see people inside because they are just staying in each room. Imagine 4 big bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom downstairs ,1 bedroom at the basement and 4 bathrooms . I even feel scared of this house before. I know I'm just too paranoid thinking of those weird things I've seen in the movie. That's the way I feel and it's just normal for a very big house like this. I still prepare for a 2-3 bedroom house just suited for my family and a simple way of living.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Adorable Little Girl

I'm proud to say that I am the mother of this young gorgeous little girl. These photos was taken last Saturday at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania. This is for the celebration of her 4th birthday, a treat from Daddy of course. We did enjoy our trip at Sesame especially my daughter. The best attraction for them is Big Bird's Rambling River. They enjoy floating and playing at the water. Even myself wanted to join them but sad to say nobody will watch our stuff and I just stick my job as my child's official videographer and photographer, lol. I always love taking photos of my baby girl. She is a natural poser at her age and love to pose in-front of the camera.
As our one and only daughter, we just wished her everything great for her until she grow up. We will always be there to guide and protect her from harm. Even now, we slowly explain to her how lucky she is compare to her cousins and relatives in Philippines. Were teaching her how to save money and how important to share some blessings to others. That way, atleast she could absorb a little of filipino values. Good night everyone and see you around..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What About This One?

I don't have nothing much to do than watching my daughter aside from blogging. My celfone and digicam always with me wherever may I go. While playing outside the yard I keep on thinking what to do with my lil' girl. Just then I remember that I didn't able to take photos of her moles, lol. Yeah, this is a simple request from my sisters to do way back then. I was surprised with her moles because we have something in common except the one in the photo above. The one in her foot is the same with my older sister Jovy whose in Dubai right now. They have two common moles while the other one is at her back of the shoulder. We keep on laughing with this one because as what they say these mole represents how "lakwatsira" the person is. Hmmnn, what's the connection in science right? Well, anyway I usually don't believed on whatever they say. Just to tell you a little I just discovered that almost everyday my daughter wanted to go anywhere as long as she can get out the house and shopping is her favorite things to do. How about you mommies what do you think is the real meaning of her mole? Have a nice day :)