Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Their Getaway Plans

I'm so proud that I am currently living and residing the most powerful country in the world. Now that I'm here I am just a woman with dreams just like everyone else. I wanted also to visit Europe, other countries in Asia and South America. Just like here in America I already have relatives around to visit once in a while in the state they reside. What I am looking forward up to now is to see and visit the norfolk broads in U.K. Hopefully few years from now we could go there because the one and only sister of my husband is currently working there as a nurse also. So it's not quiet far that one of this years we could travel there as per financial permits. That is why I told my husband that we have to set aside a little savings for travel purposes even just have a piggy bank in the house for it will help a lot for any purposes.

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