Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm On Vacation

I've been out for a couple of weeks and doesn't have time to update my second blog. That's sad you know but I cannot do it timely. But the most important is I'm back, alive and kicking. Hopefully I could catch up as soon as possible. I know I missed a lot of time, reviews and some updates with my friends. Good day everyone, I'll catch you later of the day. ^_*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being Naughty Sometimes

I cannot forget the day we do trick and treating at the mall last October 31st. After we roamed for almost two hours around we go to men's section to buy a formal suit for my husband to used this coming end of the week. It happened that after we choose the suit, my kid is eating one of her treats which is a lollipop. It wasn't an accident or she doesn't mean it because it is very intentional that she wipe her lollipop to the blazer that I'm holding on. That i myself doesn't have a time to stop her because it was happened for a minute that I'm just stared at her and feel mad. When my husband come near me, he accidentally saw it right away because of the sticky rainbow colors of the candy. What he did was walking out without any words to say. I know my four year old was just making some silly things around. I keep on calling my husband's phone but he didn't answer me and even wait at the mall for almost an hour. I admit that sometimes my husband is over reacting over it. He doesn't want it anymore and wanting me to return it. Oh gosh, he needs that suit for the coming weeks. So what I did is to explain what happened just to calm him down. Only a drop of water is the best solution for what happened and he make it big as if no remedy at all. Sometimes life will make me crazy for the two important person in my life.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remembering Those Who Departed

Before I went to bed last night I cannot resist myself to think of one of my friend who sadly departed ten years ago. I cannot blamed him why he ended that tragic moment of her life though people around knew what's goin on with their family. I don't know if you believed me but days after he is dead I saw him in my naked eye watching over us during our youth caroling in our place, not once but several times. I don't want to remember all the things happened before but it really stucked on head last night and I didn't able to sleep until the clock strike at 3:00am. What I did is say a prayer for his souls that he may rest in peace. After I prayed thanks God my eyes closed at 3:45am. I know it's a hard time for him and we don't have nothing to do with it anymore than offer prayers for all departed souls especially to all my relatives and friends that I've known. May all of them will rest in peace..