Friday, October 1, 2010

Packing Up

I felt a little fear and excited inside knowing that middle of next year is our schedule of relocation to Texas. I said so because it's a new place, new sorroundings and in short a little of adjustments would takes place. Texas is a huge state that even my beloved country Philippines could be put and fit inside and can even be double as well. Wow, that's amazing right? Well anyway, as of now I slowly packing up those stuff that we haven't used. Time flies so fast and nobody will help me except  hunters creek is the one incharge to travel all our staff to Texas. The sooner to prepared the better for us later. Even my daughter is asking me if we are now ready to vacate because of what she saw in me packing up.
I just hope that by the time we can settling in the new place is as easy for all of us. I don't want to transfer anymore or maybe by different reason. It's very hard to keep on moving from one place to another. I just wish that we are going to be fine in there and safe all the time.

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