Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Souvenirs

Just to let you know that even though I'm here in another country my tiny little stuff of souvenirs and give-aways in Philippines are still intact. Would you believed if I will say that  even small tingy from high school were there up to now? Yes, with the help of my ever loving mother no one was lost and I'm checking it from time to time. Everytime I visit in the mall here it always reminds me of my stuff way back home especially in the give-aways section store displays. Sad to say that here I don't have enough space to put my new things for the reason that we are still living in the apartment and the space is way far perfect for my childs stuff only. Next year I'm planning to buy a horizontal tower for my stuff to keep in safe and secure. It will add beauty in the living room while looking those cute interesting souvenirs. Hopefully there at Texas it will not cost much as I expected. Looking forward to add beautification in my new apartment sometime next year.

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